How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

As Calian looked at Yan with a curious face since he was talking about his own family, Yan shook his head and spoke.

“There is a child who was so angry that she didn’t receive a birthday present from her older brother, that she stabbed a sword on him while he was sleeping. Soon, you will be meeting her as well, your highness. Please be careful.”

Calian stopped in the middle of putting the last of the sandwich in his mouth and laughed. It was because he could clearly imagine how it went in his mind. Yan must have cried his eyes out.

Not long after, they finished their meal. Calian got up and was about to get back onto the back of Raven.

But then at that moment, a strange sound was heard.

– Woos.h.!.+ – Whoos.h.!.+

A small sound that seemed to be coming closer, through the bushes.

Along with the sound, Calian saw the lush forest bush shake left and right. At the same time Calian saw that motion, Kyrie appeared quickly and got in front of him in a defensive position.

The knights also formed a defensive formation with Yan and Calian in the middle.

“No, wait……”

Calian was about to say that it didn’t seem to be a situation where they needed to be so cautious, but before he could say that, a human figure even smaller than Hina poked its head out of the shrubs.

The figure then saw the knights and mages aiming towards him and stared back with wide surprised eyes, then started yelling while putting both of its hands in the air.

“Oh, yeah! Save me!”

What on earth was this?

The knights, who didn’t understand the words the child said, frowned. Calian’s face, however, hardened for a different reason.

Although the Siegfried knights would probably be more familiar with their appearance, Calian wasn’t.

The small figure was a young boy with green hair that was on the longer side and a face and ears that were more pointed than a humans would be.

Kyrie, who never really talked, saw the child and couldn’t stop himself from speaking.


As if responding to Kyrie’s words, the young elf boy slowly lifted his body up.

And so the great cascading number of events that would befall onto the peaceful journey of Calian’s group started with just this young elf boy’s sudden appearance.

Before Calian could admire the intact elf ears of the boy, which he was seeing for the first time, the boy spoke.

“Me, Sia.”

Now, everyone was making the same kind of expression. They weren’t able to understand a single thing this elf was saying from the beginning.

The Knight Captain, Yuran’s gaze turned to Calian.

“What would you like to do?”

Whether to put away the swords that were aimed towards this strange boy or to keep being in a defensive position.

Eleves didn’t really attack people nor were they good at telling lies.

Therefore, Calian thought it would be fine to let down their guards slowly. Calian gave a gesture to put away the swords and stepped once towards the elf. He and the knights all put away their swords together.

While lowering his head down a bit and studying the elf’s face, he asked the boy.

“Sia? That’s your name?”

“Yeah. Hungry.”

“You came here to ask for food?”


Although it felt like there was some kind of conversation forming, he still couldn’t understand perfectly.

Calian made a face like it was saying I have no idea what this child is saying, and scratched his cheek.

After wondering for a while, Calian turned his head towards Kyrie. He wanted to ask if all elves were like this to him, but Kyrie was making the same expression to him as well.

Hina, standing beside them, ended up making the same face.

Seeing them make that face, Calian gave a dejected laugh.

“I see. Both of you can’t understand him either.”

Calian scratched his cheek again and then opened his mouth.

“What are you doing here?”

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“Right. Sorry.”

He was a man with long hair. Although Calian wasn’t able to tell which ranks he belonged to, he was wearing a soldier’s uniform. The man stepped forward and looked over the group.

Seeing as how the man didn’t make any strong reaction even after seeing Calian, it seemed that he wasn’t able to tell who Calian was just by his appearance. Calian, therefore, thought that this was a little strange.

‘He must belong to some merchants or a n.o.ble at least. And if he is, then there’s no way he wouldn’t have known that my planned route was this path.’

At that moment, Yuran stepped forward towards him. Thankfully he was smart enough to not do a stupid thing like telling the man who Calian was, especially when the man looked very suspicious already.

“Who are you.”

Hearing that, the man spoke with a stern expression.

“A thief stole something, so I was on my way chasing after them. Have you perhaps seen any peculiar child anywhere?”

What he said wasn’t an answer to the question. Yuran frowned one of his brows and spoke.

“You don’t look like someone that’s chasing after a thief.”

“Is there a face you need to put on to chase after one?”

Yuran didn’t want to waste any more breath and answered with a stern voice.

“The child you speak of is not here, so leave.”

The man looked over the group once more. He then saw a child with a robe over his body standing in a corner. As anyone who saw the child would see them as suspicious, the man smiled wide.

“It looks like he is. I will just look over a bit then take my leave. I am not here to pick a fight with you knights, so please stand aside.”

The man got off the horse and took a step closer.

It made everyone nervous, seeing the man walk into the group without any hesitation when there were twenty knights around him.

As he was a soldier that couldn’t even hide away his feelings of vigor, Calian was sure that he had some backup to rely on and started to look around. He then got a certain feeling in a particular direction.

Looking like he also felt the same thing as Calian did, Yuran made an expression that looked even more stern and defensive. He then lifted his sword, stopped the man, and spoke again.

The corner where the man is relying on. Meaning, the corner of the bush on the opposite side of the group, which Calian realized hid several bows, aiming towards their direction.

Calian looked at Yuran for a moment then stepped forward.


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