How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

Evan, who’s entire face seemed strained under the struggle of holding back his anger said,

“So. What do you want to say?”

“Wouldn’t you say it’s about time for Lenon to step away from his position?”

“That is not business for a mere mage to interfere with.”

“…Those are not words that should be coming out of a mere swordsman’s mouth.”

Evan’s energy changed almost instantly when he heard that.

Bloodl.u.s.t so sharp that it felt like he wanted tear Alan limb from limb right there and then shot out.

“Oh my.”

Alan, who felt the bloodl.u.s.t, looked a little fl.u.s.tered.

It was because he didn’t think Marquis Brissen was so emotional that he would display his bloodl.u.s.t at every little word. After all, he was still dealing with Alan Manasil.

“I guess I give off more of an easy impression than I thought.”

Alan said with a slight smile.

He could see what Evan was doing right now. There was no merit to either of them if a fight broke out here right now, so he wasn’t really thinking of attacking. He was just trying to suppress and intimidate Alan, who was making an annoying amount of noise.

“Will you be able to handle it?”

There had been a day when Alan had said the same thing to Rumein – though the meaning had been different.

At the end of his words, the air that hovered around them with heavy energy stopped. And what began to replace it was fear. A fear of death. Evan’s pupils expanded.

Those who wielded knives dealt with the living.

And those who wielded mana were said to peer over the edge of death.

It was the power to elicit fear that was hidden deep in the heart. A childish, chilling fear.

The methods were different, but in the end, what they were doing was no different than seizing each other up. Alan, who had pushed away his bloodl.u.s.t and forced his breath to a halt, said to Evan.

“First, for today, shall we have a quiet conversation? Unlike my student, I’m not so soft in my approach otherwise.”

Alan’s easy smile hadn’t changed.

The fear that had lit up Evan’s eyes hadn’t changed either.

Evan, who examined Alan’s reaction for a moment, withdrew his bloodl.u.s.t and Alan too, returned to his usual somewhat easy-looking mage.

After stepping down from a clash of spirts that he had started, Evan heard Alan’s voice resume the conversation,

“Though I do believe your son will get his dues well enough on his own, I’d like to suggest a way that might be a little less burdensome,”

Evan frowned a little as he listened to Alan’s plan – that he would buy the Brissen Merchantry if Lennon was quietly ousted so that everyone, including Randel, didn’t find out why.

“The merchantry?” Evan asked.

It wasn’t much to think about on the surface. He had always disliked the merchantry that held the Marquis family name. However, Alan – no Calian, was the one who said he would buy it. That was the main problem.

“Why would I do something that would benefit the third prince?”

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Looking at Evan, who had regained his composure and asked such a question, Alan responded with a bemused look, saying,

So how could he not feel good?

Lennon was humming unconsciously and couldn’t stop as he watered the plants he had left by the window. Carefully wiping the leaves himself.

He hadn’t been able to pay attention to it for a few days, the leaves of the plants looked a little less plentiful than what he remembered. Seeing that reminded him of Calian, whom he had seen not long ago and as though he had thought of a hilarious joke, laughed loudly.

“Let’s see, where’s the nutritional supplement?” While muttering under his breath, Lennon turned and froze.

Somehow, two knights were standing directly in front of Lennon. He knew who they were instantly, they the Knights of Pavel who guarded the royal palace.

Because of this, Lennon flinched and took a step back – his back touched the window.

“What? Where do you think you guys are-?”

“Lennon couldn’t finish his sentence.

That was because one of the knights pushed a silver bar into Lennon’s mouth. They tightly tied Lennon up and pulled out a black cloth with which to cover his head.

Lennon struggled to the end and eventually, the knights, who couldn’t deal with his twisting body that resisted to the very end, knocked him out.

As a result of the struggle, the potted plant that Lennon had treasured for a long time fell down off the windowsill.

Would the knights have been a little more disappointed at the loss had they known how much that small potted plant was worth?

That had been Lennon’s last thought before he pa.s.sed out.

And when he opened his eyes again, it was in a dark, deep bas.e.m.e.nt of Marquis Brissen’s mansion.

Lennon’s scream echoed along the empty walls of the bas.e.m.e.nt and faded and roared again and this continued for a long time.

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