How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 55 - It’s Very Nice To Meet You

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Chapter 55: It’s Very Nice To Meet You

Then, Allan pulled out yet another thing from his pocket. It was the doc.u.ments for the selection of a location site for the magic school, its costs for construction, initial operating cost, appointment fee for the professors, and so on. It simply meant that he needed payment for all of these.

Calian read through all the doc.u.ments carefully and nodded.

“He said that he is going to rely on you for the first payments, prince. Is that not a bit too much?” as the payment was an exorbitant amount, Allan asked with worry in his voice.

“The cost is nothing to worry about. Baron Pollun is planning to run the magic school personally without relying on the finances of the royal family. Only then I will be able to involve myself in it, after all. Even though it may not be as much as what you have, teacher, but I should at least have something for myself as well, don’t you think?”

Allan nodded after understanding what Calian meant by that, agreeing to what he was saying. Soon afterward, Calian stood up and brought out a bundle of checks from the safe and handed it to Allan.

“Please give it to him in my stead.”

“It’s a large amount of money. Are you sure you can just give it to the baron like this?”

He was asking whether he needed to keep an eye on Baron Pollun to make sure that he uses the money for its proper use.

Calian leisurely nodded his head. “Yes. You can leave it to him.”

Even though it was a large sum of money, to Melfir, he was used to dealing with this much. On top of that, Calian knew that he’s not someone that would throw away trust just for that amount of money.

“But because Baron Pollun is just a merchant, he doesn’t know anything about magic. I’m sure he is probably going to be repeatedly seeking advice from the union or from you directly, so please help him out while I’m gone.”

“You need not worry about that.”

Afterwards, Calian asked Allan a number of questions about magic schools rather than continuing his magic lessons. He requested for Allan to also inform Melfir about things that would help him out.

After conversing like that for a while, they heard a knock from the outside.

It was Yan.

“Your highness, I apologize but you have the next appointment coming up.”

It meant that Yan was asking them to finish the conversation for now.


After hearing that, Allan stood up from his seat and started to head out.

“I will come back in the afternoon,” said Allan.

It meant that he was going to come back to give him magic lessons. Calian replied to Allan after hearing that.

“The appointment’s about having to greet the knights of Siegfrieds for a moment. It won’t take too long, so unless you have other appointments to attend to, why not stay here and talk with me for today?”

Calian was asking Allan to just do away with the lessons and chat all day. As Calian was leaving to go meet the Sispanians tomorrow, Allan won’t be able to see Calian again for a while. Therefore, Allan laughed and agreed to his suggestion.

In front of the main gates of Chermil Palace were twenty knights wearing black armor lining up and waiting for Calian. Of course, these were handpicked knights chosen by Slayman and came to the Chermil Palace to greet Calian before heading off.

Kyrie, who was already at the location ahead of Calian, was staring at the knights with eagerness to prove he was better than them. As Kyrie was someone that also specialized in swords, he was feeling eager to see and judge the difference between them and himself. Of course, the knights of Siegfried also felt that way towards Kyrie as well.

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As the Duke’s knights and the prince’s bodyguard silently battled each other in their mind, Calian, Allan, and Yan came outside of the palace.

Standing next to Calian, Allan saw their feelings as well and smiled, as if finding this was all very interesting to him. Allan actually wished these knights would get a chance to see the demonstration of the prince’s sword techniques.

Of course, since he couldn’t see into the future, they might possibly be able to see it during the proceedings of Roselita as well. He was curious about how their expression would change once they saw it.

Since Kyrie would be able to see the prince’s demonstration of sword techniques, he couldn’t completely hide away his giddiness.

Meanwhile, Yan who wasn’t able to understand the situation at all tilted his head and asked. “Is there something bothering you, Your Highness?”

Calian made a broad smile.

Instead of saying that he felt uncomfortable since the knights would pound him into the ground as soon as they left Kailis, Calian spoke to the knights while staring at them back directly into their eyes.

“Yan, go bring something to drink.”

Hearing Calian say that, a huge amount of jealousy emanating from the knights was felt by Calian.

As the people he would be traveling with would be treating him this way the whole time, he felt that he won’t have any time to worry about Franz.

Allan, who was watching this staring contest and finding much joy from it, said, “What a shame that I am not able to accompany you for this journey.”

Calian, who was staring at each and every one of the knights and declaring war upon them all, finally opened his mouth and spoke to them.

“Well then, I hope you can all help me safely arrive there.”

Yet again, a deep smile came to his face, practically becoming a habit.

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