How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 53 - It’s Very Nice To Meet You

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Chapter 53: It’s Very Nice To Meet You

A fleeting thought crossed Calian’s mind. He wondered where Randall went off to, noticing his absent presence. He didn’t find him during breakfast prayer early on and his figure was nowhere to be seen in the banquet. It looks like he’ll arrive late.

Calian frowned lightly at the round table erected specifically for the Kailis princes. He did not look forward to sitting next to Franz who was leaning back on the chair with arms resting on the table.

Franz turned his head to Calian and smirked.

“It’s been a long time,” Franz said with a smile.

The place became eerily quiet at the sight of Franz and Calian together at the round table. There was no need to pay mind to the reason. When Calian suffered from a strong bouts of cold Silike pa.s.sed to him, Franz, smirking, drove her away with a single sentence and command.

Now the two princes sat together so closely for the first time after the incident. The n.o.bility grew curious about the status of their relations.h.i.+p. It was not friends.h.i.+p, but they weren’t enemies either. The thought left the n.o.bility in curious wonder.

Calian pursed his lips tight and showed no hints of speaking either. He knew his path would be different from Franz. They’ll only walk a separate road and grow further away from each other. There was no need to pretend.

As the silence dragged on, the gazes from the n.o.bility turned away.


“Hey,” Franz said.

His sudden voice caused the eyes of the n.o.bility in the banquet hall to quickly snap back towards him. They stared intently at Calian while they leaned onto the table with wide eyes.

Calian did not answer.

The n.o.bility wondered again in interest what occurred between them in the past.

“Hey, b.l.o.o.d.y eyes.”

“Calian.” Calian turned his head to Franz, eyes glaring hatefully hearing the nickname he loathed and never wished to hear again. “I’ll let it go this time, brother,” he added with a stiff tone.

At his cold reply, Franz’s light-green eyes lit up jubilantly for a slight second. His eyes looked at his brother and studied him for minutes on end. Then his lips slowly twisted open and a small voice whispered out from his lips, “You won’t.”

You won’t.

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Calian’s eyes flashed and narrowed slightly.

Calian smiled in requiescence. “You say strange things, brother.”

Calian did not need to pull Franz to his side nor gain his trust. There was no need to remain amicable and friendly. And if Franz suspected something off in his sudden change, he’d never dare to reveal his deeply hidden secret.

Calian would simply delay his question.

After that, Calian remained calm and stayed. Despite the noisy ruckus blaring in his mind, his disposition looked calm.

Franz looked at Calian with murderous intent. He gave a sigh later and pushed his seat back, muttering ‘fine’ and stood up thereafter. He turned away and left the banquet hall without a word. He never came back.

Calian’s gaze did not leave Franz’s empty seat.

Watching Calian from afar, Allan donned a face-full of worries. Though he did not hear the conversation from where he stood, he noticed Calian’s stern expression after Franz left the banquet hall.

Seconds later, Calian lifted his head. His gaze locked onto Allan for a moment. Then he gave a light, carefree smile to him, as if saying, ‘I’m fine’.

Instead of hurrying towards the third prince, Allan nodded simply, a sign of his deep worries for the third prince.

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