How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 45 - The Rose Will Soon Bloom

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Chapter 45: The Rose Will Soon Bloom

Calian lifted his eyes, and looked at his teacher who brought out again the name which had dissapeared in this world. Allan spoke as if it wasn’t such a big deal.

“They had asked for me to give them a surname, so I’ve chosen that one. It was because I thought it was no coincidence that you simply brought them here after meeting them.”

“…….. Thank you so much.”

As the mood became suddenly more solemn, Allan quickly tried to change the topic by pointing at the banana pile as he didn’t like such moods.

“Don’t worry about it and just keep eating. Let me just see how much you’re able to chow down.”

Calian nodded his head, and picked up another banana.

As being emotionally moved and being hungry are two different things after all.

But then, Calian started to wonder how Allan was able to fabricate the ident.i.ty of the two children.

“Wasn’t it difficult to fabricate ident.i.ty for them? I’m sure that you don’t even have any connection with anyone in the Kailisys city to help you make it happen as well and……..”

As Calian stared at Allan while asking him the question, Allan’s expression was quite strange and meaningful.

Realizing from Allan’s expression, Calian changed his question.

“Is this perhaps, made by Rumein himself?”

“As the only people I know in this city is around three people after all. I asked to the person who were seeing them quite often these days in the end.”

Allan talked about the ‘three people’ he knew, which were the king, the prince and the duke.

“As I said that this was the prince’s request, he didn’t ask about anything else and helped right away, which surprised me greatly.”

“That’s unexpected, to think that he was someone that would do something like that for me.”

Allan had a mysterious smile on his face. It was because Calian completely doesn’t know just how much Rumein was worrying about him right now. He thought that perhaps the reason why he didn’t realize was being generated by Calian himself, so Allan asked with curiosity beaming from his eyes.

“There was something curious that happened on that day. Rumein was much more angered than everyone thought he would be, and rumour started to spread about how the king cared about his son that much.”

“Is that so?”

Calian smiled as he thought about what happened that day.

“Looks like I was lucky.”

As the queen forced Rumein to call Calian ‘his son’ making him his rather than only Freya’s, he now had the proof that his peasent origins from Freya would no longer bar him from ascending to the throne. After explaining this, the youngest prince didn’t explain any further.

Of course, this was enough for Allan to understand the situation.

‘Looks like you’re going to get more than you wanted in the first place. Although, luck will have to follow suit as well.’

Allan thought about what he heard just a few days ago, then looked at Calian’s expression and pushed his tongue inside his mouth. Calian was able to gain a lot more than he thought from just eating one poison.

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“Thanks to that, the king Rumein was worried quite a lot about you, prince. He was even wondering whether to delay going to Roselita or not.”

He dreamed for the first time after arriving into this world.

In the dream, he was finally able to meet the child that he was together with this whole time.

And then afterwards went seperate ways forever.

Calian woke from his slumber, and cried for a long time.

In the dark late night where sun was about to rise, one mage with a prince by his side covered in a dark robe brought him out of the palace.

The black horse with only it’s front right leg having a white fur carefully walked towards Ceignes Pavilion as it was afraid that the owner barely sitting on it’s back may fall over.

In the hands of the mage who stood at the riverside closest to Chermil Palace was a red flower that was difficult to obtain in the dead of night, something that was supposed to replace the Annerucia flower, and it was blooming. The color of the flower was similar to the color of the eyes that belong to the child that was departing.

The prince’s head was lowered towards the flower.

Ceignes was a calmly flowing river as always.

The flower of fire that was put on the river flowed downwards with no words.

The prince wished that while the flower was floating down,

that there was no one that was pa.s.sing by the top of the bridge.

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