How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 34 - The Rose Will Soon Bloom (2)

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Chapter 34: The Rose Will Soon Bloom (2)

Calian sent for a carriage and brought Alan back to the palace. As Yan predicted, the delegation farewell party and lunch were going to proceed without the princes, which made for some extra time.

Alan, before doing anything else, gave Calian a doc.u.ment. It was a summary of the information that the magicians gathered until now. Calian, with a bright face, received the doc.u.ment and said,

“Thank you. Please tell the a.s.sociation my grat.i.tude.”

“You asked for it, so I brought it… but I doubt that it would be of much help, as you can see.”

Calian smiled.

“It’s always dependent on what purpose you use the doc.u.ment for. This much information is enough.”

Calian, normally would have placed the doc.u.ments in the safe but decided to do otherwise after looking at Alan. That’s because he now has to tell Alan what to do next.

“Let’s take a walk.”

The sky was murky and windy. To prevent others from eavesdropping, Calian left the room, and Alan followed silently.

“It would be obvious.”

Calian spat out his first words while pa.s.sing the Sispanian statue that angered him greatly.

Right as Calian spoke, a thin, invisible membrane was formed around the two. It was a ‘Silent’, which s.h.i.+elds any talk happening inside so that anyone outside couldn’t hear it.

Calian, realizing that there was no need to come out, blushed. But as the two moved, the membrane moved also. If Yan could see the membrane, he would have had something to say to Alan.

“It’s good to have a magician as a master.”

“Please, speak freely.”

Right as Alan was speaking those words, he leaned towards Calian. After nodding, Calian resumed.

“If I begin learning and using magic, Viscount Silike and Brixen would probably consider me an enemy and be on the lookout. They would constantly try to come up with something to disturb me, and as time goes on, it will become more serious. Of course, we could block, to some extent, with the authority of you and the a.s.sociation, but I think it would be better if you can grab some more power.”

Alan smiled slightly. This was because he saw Calian’s intentions.

“Are you planning to use me as a s.h.i.+eld this time?”

“Well, as you know, you have many uses for me. But instead of a s.h.i.+eld…”

Calian thought of how to rephrase it. However, he couldn’t think of something grandiose, so he gave up on the metaphorical tone and just said.

“Weapon. Enough to counter Brixen’s order of knights.”

“Oh well.”

Alan smile again. He figured out that something fun was going to happen.

“It makes me antic.i.p.ate.”

“Yes, you will be quite pleased.”

“How may I be of service?”

Calian, as if organizing his thoughts, remained silent. Soon, they both entered the rose garden, and Calian answered.

“The Order of Magicians.”

Alan was perplexed. That term wasn’t familiar to Alan.

“As the name implies, it is an army made out of magicians.”

Balkan, the Order of Magicians of Kailis.

Recalling that hateful man, Calian was infuriated and his heart beat faster and louder.

How could he forget.

The Order of Magicians that had taken Bern’s life and Secretia as well.

The power of an army created only of magicians.

– the devil in white.

That’s what Secretia’s people called them. When they, with white armor, cloak, and mask, appeared, h.e.l.l broke loose.

They broke the walls of the castle, dried up rivers, and froze knights while burning cities. They were the devil itself.

And it had yet to exist.

“We must create it.”

Calian moved again. For some reason, Alan just quietly followed. It wasn’t like he couldn’t understand Calian or show disapproval for the idea. Alan asked,

“Is it possible?”

It was because a possibility a.n.a.lysis couldn’t take place. It was an understandable reaction; even when Rumein proposed to create the order, everyone laughed at the idea.

“You know magicians. They aren’t used to moving in groups and can’t be trained.”

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Alan shared the same thoughts as Calian.

Calian was quite surprised at how Alan understood straightaway.

How could Alan be fooled?

“Yes, you are right. However, I can’t punish Silike for this. Therefore, I’m going to use another way.”

The testimony of a magician and crimosa dealings couldn’t prove that Silike tried to poison Calian. Also, if it was proven that the poisonous tea was consumed, people near Calian would be harmed. This was why Calian had abandoned the thought of punis.h.i.+ng Silike.

“May I ask what way you are thinking of?”

Calian smiled at Alan’s question. It meant that he wasn’t going to elaborate, at least for now.

“I will bring up a point in which Silike tried to poison me, in return for Silike not interfering with the creation of the Order of Magicians. Frantz’s mistake and Silike’s mistake will lead to a deal that Brissen can’t retaliate to.”

Alan nodded.

“For the tea, I would like to request the help of the a.s.sociation.”

“My pleasure.”

Alan spoke again.

“After the problem with the poisonous tea has ended, Rumein would be less concerned.”

Calian glanced at Alan with an inquisitive eye. He was perplexed as to why the name Rumein came up when talking about the poisonous tea and the magicians’ a.s.sociation. Alan then explained why he was mad at Rumein.

Calian thought for a moment and nodded.

“Thanks to you, I can gain more in this situation. Of course, luck must follow.”

Calian, having said that, returned back to the story.

“I don’t know when they are going to try to kill a prince again. The deal must be made and the Order of Magicians needs to be organized now. Also, please talk with Rumein. He will definitely have many thoughts on this.”

Alan tried to act cute with words that were different from what he actually felt.

“You’re trying to use your old teacher too much.”

“I heard you’re still st.u.r.dy and active, or at least that’s what Yan said. That’s why I’m going to treat you harshly.”

Alan’s soft laugh silently rang against the walls of the Silent.

“As you say.”

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