How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 18.1 - This Is Way Too Explicit

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Episode 5: This Is Way Too Explicit – Chapter 18.1

While Calian was starting on his lunch, a strange tension settled amongst the n.o.bles who were gathered in the first floor hall of Ceignes Pavillion. Although it was the last day of celebration, the crowd was even more lively than it had been on the first day.

—On the 2nd day of celebration, Great Mage Alan Mana.s.sil stayed in the Mages’ Union Headquarters all day.

— Mages who are part of the union suddenly began to scurry around, but no reason could be identified.

As such rumours quickly spread, unbelievable pieces of news hopped on the train.

—It was none other than the third prince, Calian, who will be Alan Mana.s.sil’s very first student.

— Apparently Alan Mana.s.sil has already finished talking to King Rumein regarding this issue.

When the n.o.bles weighed the impact of their relations.h.i.+p, their panic gushed out like fierce waves of confusion.

However, there were also a place where this news didn’t reach—namely because the owner of the room hadn’t woken up yet, despite it already being late morning. A loud noise sounded from outside his residence door. At the same time, the door flung open and somebody called him in urgency. It was the senior attendant who was in charge of waking him up every morning.

“Your Highness! You must wake up now, Your Highness!”

The attendant didn’t speak in a soft voice, nor did he ring the bell. He stood outside the bedroom curtains and loudly called for his master.

“Your Highness!”

His eyes fluttered open only after the attendant cried out once again, shedding light to his light green iris. Despite all the things that were out of the ordinary, he slowly raised himself as everything was merely a nuisance. He pressed his hands against his aching forehead and crumpled up his face.

“What… do you think you’re doing?” He glanced at his attendant who was standing on the other side of the curtains, anxiously pacing back and forth.

The attendant frantically spoke up once again. “Prince Franz, you must wake u—”

Just then, another figure appeared behind the attendant and reached their hand forward, pus.h.i.+ng him to the side and pulling on the curtains.

A strong scent devoured the room.

The scent of Ranieri. Franz stood up with a grimace.

“I’m coming in.”

She wasn’t asking if she could come in. It was always like that. She didn’t know how to ask first and be considerate of others.

A set of pale fingers drew the curtain. The hem of a mint-coloured dress and a pair of lemon yellow heels entered Franz’s bedroom. It was Silica.

Franz’s attendant followed behind Silica. He was clearly fl.u.s.tered out of his mind. Although this had happened multiple times before, he seemed to have trouble with becoming accustomed to it. Franz flung his hand at the attendant, gesturing him out, and the attendant bowed deeply to his master before leaving in a hurry.


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As the door closed, Silica covered her face with a fan. Knowing that she would be scowling, Franz didn’t bother looking at her face.

Me? Conversing with him? Franz opened his eyes halfway and scoffed.

“Please leave after stating your business,” muttered Franz as he shakily got out of his bed. He paid no attention to his disheveled clothes. He merely exuded reluctance to speak.

“Calian has enticed a mage. There is unrest amongst the n.o.bles who heard that Alan Mana.s.sil has accepted Calian as his student.”

A mage.

Franz had brushed past Silica and was heading towards the couch when he halted. He lowered his gaze and stared at the gla.s.s in his hand. The liquid inside sloshed around.

However, that was it. Franz showed no further reaction.

“…so what?” he sighed.

Silica turned to face Franz. She knew that Franz had understood what it meant and why she had ran all the way over to see him.

Therefore, rather than spewing a lengthy explanation, she chose to ask: “Do you plan to continue disappointing me?”

“Stop that. Trying, I mean.” Instead of answering Silica’s question, he once again told her what he had always told her. Before Silica could go on, Franz interjected, “It’s annoying.”

Franz raised his hand with which he held his gla.s.s and pointed at the door. Silica stood still and stared at Franz for a long while. However, Franz’s hand did not budge no matter how much time had pa.s.sed.

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