How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

Slayman’s sword had a long crack down it.

Slayman’s mind, staring at the crack, was distracted.

It wasn’t because of the sword – though of course it was regrettable that his Aegum was broken. However Slayman was not petty enough to be heart-broken by such a thing.

He had heard a strange saying once, that it was useless to raise a daughter.

He didn’t agree, but he somewhat understood the logic.


But why was it useless to raise a son too?

What was a parent to do?

His father’s throat was still bleeding! But his son –

“What if you got a scar on your face? Are you hurt anywhere else? Did you break anything?”

Yan, who had thrown open the door of the training room as if he was breaking it and ran to Calian immediately, was worried about Calian and showered him with care and affection as if he was someone that would break at the slightest touch.

Slayman had thought himself to be a fairly broad-minded man but he couldn’t help but grumble at Yan, who restlessly fluttered around Calian, despite the fact that he was healing on his own.

“Who would think he was my kid?”

There was a quiet laugh next to Slayman, it was Hina.

There was a gentle glow around Hina’s hand as he healed the wound on Slayman’s neck.

Of course, it was not only those two who had been surprised by the roar of energy that rang out in the training room. Most of the knights in the inner-palace who had been training with Kyrie had gathered.

Because of that, Slayman’s complaints had increased.

Just now, Slayman had definitely won their match.

He hadn’t even used up all his aura and had won quite leisurely.

But Calian’s sword had not been broken nor was there any proof that his weapon had been destroyed.

However, Slayman’s sword was cracked.

The would on Calian’s face had not been large to begin with, but it was already healing up little by little, thanks to the power of the blessing. Slayman on the other hand had a gash across his neck.

“Perhaps…. did the Duke… lose?”

Therefore, Yuran had no choice but to very cautiously and hesitantly ask like that.

Slayman was speechless and Calian burst into laughter.


That morning, light had shone from Sispanians nest.

That afternoon, there was commotion in Slayman’s training room.

Calian’s visit had only just begun, but the land of elephants, which had always been peaceful, was shaking with excitement.

And that evening, a grand dinner was held.

Not just Calian and Slayman, but Calian’s entire group, Rachel and Veronica and the 20 knights whom had escorted Calain, were gathered together to enjoy themselves.

And finally, Calian was able to listen to Slayman’s violin performance, which he had looked forward to. It was an incredibly good performance, especially considering those were a swordsman’s hands. Or perhaps because of this, Calian was truly impressed.

And after his performance, Slayman put down his violin and came to sit down at Calian’s side.

“I was immersed. I knew you were good at handling swords, but your violin is truly amazing too.”

“Aren’t I a Seigfrid. Even if we handle swords, we can handle a violin.” Slayman said, grinning widely.

Slayman’s wound, which had been treated by Hina’s ability, was well on it’s way to being healed, though there were still traces of it.

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Slayman, who saw Calian examining the wound on his neck, waved his hand dismissively, as if it to say not to worry about it.

It wouldn’t be too much of an issue if Calian simply used the swordsmans.h.i.+p of Secretian Knights, but if you connected his swordsmans.h.i.+p to other factors, like the rapid changes in his personality, his ident.i.ty could but suspected, so he was saying to be careful.

Instead of replying to him straight away, Calian stared at Slayman. Slayman seemed to understand the meaningful gaze, as he smiled and said,

“This is Siegfried. There is no use for the head of the elephants to find out what is contained in the of the princes. Let us spar again later.”

Calain responded briefly.

“Thank you.”

Slayman poured some wine into Calian’s cup.

He didn’t force Calian, who had refused to drink the first time, to drink, it was just to make their conversation look for natural for the eyes that naturally turned to them.

“I’m a little curious about how your situation came to be. Are you willing to speak about it?”

Calian smiled and shook his head.

“Well, things happened so I am living like this.”

Slayman, who laughed at the answer, looked at Yan, then glanced at Calian again.

“Does he know the truth?”

“Well, that would be something I want to even more. Whether he has already noticed and is pretending not to know – I’m not sure either.”

“He probably knows.” Slayman smiled, but the smile disappeared when he recalled what kind of person his son was.

“…Don’t tell me he really doesn’t know…”

That shouldn’t be…

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