How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 113

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Chapter 113

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Translator: Tani

Editor: _ Oh I have one more thing to tell you, Teacher. Yes, go ahead. Rachel Grace and Veronica Manasil are here. We met briefly today.

Rivern was different from Kyris in that even if one got married, they did not change their family name so Rachel still used her maiden name and not ‘Manasil’.

Alan, who heard the news, responded warmly.

That worked out well. I think we may be heading back to the capital together. You must come together. If you do, though it may not be as quick as the Forest Path of the elves, it will make the journey more bearable. What do you mean? Rachel is also a capable mage. Not only is she a professor at a magic academy, but she also personally researches mobility based magic. Oh of course, is that why Duke Seigfried came back so quickly? Has her help already been needed?

It was only then that he understood how Slayman, who had gone away on an inspection, could arrive back so quickly. It was because Slayman had met Rachel on the way back from the inspection.

Upon hearing the good news from Alan, Calian called Rachel and a.r.s.en to the drawing room as soon as he returned after ending his conversation with Alan.

“There was something I wanted you to prepare, so I called for you two.”

“Yes your highness, what would you like us to prepare?”

“Well, because the land of Kyris is too large,”

That’s how Kyris began this all important conversation – the land of Kyris was wide, far too wide.

As he had travelled to Seigfried’s estate, this fact was truly cemented in his head. It took months to go back and forth from the Duchy to the Capital. It was a land far bigger than one could imagine.

And Sispnaina had told him to ‘come back’.

It wasn’t like he would refute a meeting with Sispanian, but he didn’t want to waste another portion of time on the road to the come back to Seigfried.

“It’s a waste of time, travelling from the Capital to and from other places. It’s not even worth considering meeting the elves again to shorten that path.”

a.r.s.en nodded in silence.

“So I had the thought that I wanted to shorten the travel time between regions.”

If one could use magic to move between regions more quickly then Valkan could also be utilised for effectively.

There was no way of knowing how the fight for succession between the princes would play out, but if it turned to civil war, the one who could travel faster would of course, be in a position that was several times more advantageous.

Calian, who considered his ideas for a moment, continued.

“What we need to do is reduce the travel time from one s.p.a.ce to another and of course, in order to do that we need s.p.a.ce-movement magic. So I’m going to create teleportation teams across Kyris.”

A team that would allow quick movement between the major regions of Kyris – he had been thinking about making something like that and he had found two people who would be qualified in putting that team together.

A mage who studied teleportation magic.

And a mage with nothing to do.


a.r.s.en’s expression looked resigned.

Simply put, it looked like he would be doomed to not get much sleep for the time being.

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In fact, back when Calian had showed interest in teleportation magic, he had already made the uneasy prediction that this would eventually fall on him. That, on top of when he had a chat with Rachel and learned of her specialty, he knew this was coming.

Calian replied with a smile on his face,

“That’s right. After all, it’s better to monopolise good things.”

It was the eternal truth.

Rachel thought that Calian’s smiling face somehow resembled Alan’s.

“I have never tried applying these conditions before. It will be hard to answer right away, but I will try it and let you know, your highness.”

Rachel had come to take charge of the mage academy and was given homework even before she had arrived at Kyrisis – Calian felt a little sorry for her but was grateful for her as well and smiled.

“Of course, thank you.”

After that, he directed his words to a.r.s.en,

“I hope Ser Hertz will also think about it.”

At those words, a.r.s.en asked,

“Won’t there be those in the capital against it? Should we not inform His Majesty first?”

“Of course we must inform him of this, but his Majesty will not object. And it will be alright because other forces won’t be able to oppose it forever either. So even if we don’t proceed with it right away, I think it’s better to plan ahead, so that when the time comes we can start right away.”

I will make it happen no matter what, so you should think about it too. – That’s what he meant.

a.r.s.en, who wanted to say ‘aren’t you a mage too, come and help’ nodded and went to the library of the Siegfried castle.

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