How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 112

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Chapter 112

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Camillon Palace.

It was the official residence of the Crown Prince.

Yan whipped his head around and stared at Calian – then asked.

“You’ve never mentioned wanting to become the Crown Prince before.”

“You just said we can’t raise in Chermil. That’s why I’m going to Camillon.”

Yan looked dumbfounded.

“You’re the only one who wants to go to Camillon to raise a dog.”

Calian took a sip of tea and put it down.

He liked the refres.h.i.+ng scent that was unique to mint.

After relis.h.i.+ng in that fragrance that filled his mouth, Calian opened his mouth, his gaze still fixed out of the window, his expression relaxed.

“I’m probably the only prince who has met the real Sispanian too.”

It took a few seconds, before Yan understood what Calian was saying.

The gla.s.s in Yan’s hand fell to the floor.


Siegfried’s inner city was within the reach of Sispanian’s power, so much like the royal palace of Kyris, communication with Alan was impossible.

So Calian asked Yan to take him to a place that was suitable for him to be able to talk to Alan. And Yan, who was still reeling from the shock of hearing that not only was Sispanian really alive, but she had appeared before Calian and had a conversation with him, barely pulled himself together enough to find a suitable place.

It was a deep within the inner castle, a rare corner of the Seigfried’s castle without Sispanian’s power.

“People don’t come here very often.”

Calian looked around and laughed softly.

Even though he laughed as though he was having fun, it didn’t suit the environment he was in. There were many small statues and monuments dedicated to the dead. The place that Yan had guided him to was a mausoleum for the important figures in the Seigfried family.

“Yes there are certainty fewer people here than any other place.”

“Yes, you can relax and talk here.”

At least, when they went to an upper floor, there was a large s.p.a.ce without any monuments and Calian went there to speak to Alan.

Have you finished up with Roselita?

Alan answered the call like he had been waiting for it.

He must have been curious too, since it was Alan who had advised him to go and see Sispanian when they had talked about the Axis of Time.

Yes teacher. The coming of age ceremony is over and I managed to meet Sisipanian.

Calian, who had gotten so lucky, told all the stories he had saved up so far in one.

Alan’s reaction in the beginning was no different to Yan’s. A dumbfounded speechlessness. Calian thought Alan would have been a few times more surprised than Yan though.

After all, if the persists of Tensil wors.h.i.+pped Serenti, then every mage had Sisipanian.

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I can’t believe you met the real Sispanian. I should have accompanied you.

Then Silica will try to find another pair of hands to replace Lennon. Both His Majesty and Silica are in the same boat in that they cannot leave the royal palace at will. I’m sure she’ll start looking for someone soon, so please keep an eye on that.

Instead of answering, Alan simply laughed.

Calian’s eyes widened at that reaction and he asked,

No way, are there already people from Brissen’s side wandering around the palace? I have a letter in my hand right now. This letter will probably cause your highness a headache so I was going to tell you about it anyway. Letter? What do you mean?

Whether he was opening the folded letter, or choosing how to convey the message – for a moment, there was no word from Alan. Calian glanced towards Yan, who was stood far away, while waiting for Alan’s response, which came soon after.

As he was injured in the battle against the barbarians, he will be returning to Kyris for a moment to recuperate and has requested for someone to be sent to relieve him temporarily. That is the request that was sent. Could that be a letter from Margrave Brissen?

Grey Brissen.

The eldest son of Marquis Evan Brissen. He was also the Margrave of a territory adjacent to Tensil.

That’s right. Most likely Silica called for him as soon as she found out Lennon had disappeared. He is trying to come back to the capital under the pretext of an injury. Though he is yet to arrive, I belive he should be frequenting the palace before your highness returns. I see.

Rather than shock or reluctance, there was curiosity on Calian’s face.

It seems I’ll finally get to see his face.

Calian turned his head for a moment and looked in the direction that Kyrisis would be.

He could see another messenger bird flying off into the distance.

It’s another sword master so it sounds fun. I wonder what will happen when we meet.

The news that bird would deliver, Grey Brissen and Calian.

He was already looking forwards to the day when the three would collide.

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