How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 111

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Chapter 111

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That say, the skies above the duchy of Siegfried were covered in birds flying in all different directions.

Though the origin of these birds were different, as were their destinations, they all delivered the same information.

‘When Prince Calian entered Sispanian’s empty nest, a bright light flooded out. This light was visible even outside the Siegfried’s land.’

That was the news aristocrats received from their retainers. There was nothing else known about why it happened or what the origin of that light was so no other information would be added about the matter.

The only person who could provide more information about the matter, Calian, exited the mountain crevice with the expression of someone who has simply returned from a casual stroll. He simply declared that he had completed the Coming-of-Age ceremony and immediately returned to Seigfried Castle.

Duke Slayman did not question Calian about anything.

After Calian declared that he would be having dinner separately in his room, Slayman saw to it that his orders were followed then came out to the terrace connected to the reception room and enjoyed leisurely enjoyed the evening breeze.

While standing on the terrace, Slayman laughed as he saw the number of swiftly flying birds above the castle and said with pure surprise,

“I didn’t know there were so many loose mouths in my home.”

In other words, he hadn’t known about the sheer number of people who had been planted in Seigfried for the sole purpose of delivering news outside to their Masters. Which is why the person next to Slayman scolded him,

“Is that really something to admire?”

It was Yan’s younger sister and the heir of the Siegfried Duchy, Dymireia.

Dymireia had a cute face with round innocent eyes like Yan, which seemed slightly mismatched with the slightly stern att.i.tude she held.

Slayman sighed softly, looking at his daughter who had grown up so much and had even started nagging him.

“Wouldn’t it be alright to just admire the sight and move on?”

Dymireia shook her head resolutely.

“Are there not people who are jealous of great power everywhere? Do you think they will never clash with our House? I think we need to know in advance which Houses have sent their spies here and be vigilant.”

As she stood by her opinion and clearly explained the reasons for her thoughts, Slayman watched her with a pleased smile. It was truly heart-warming to see Dymireia grow little by little, into the next Master of Seigfried.

“Good. You don’t look much like me. It looks like I married well.”

Slayman was probably the only person who was pleased because his children didn’t look like him. He always had a thoughtful smile as he thought of the d.u.c.h.ess of Seigfreid while looking at Dymeria, but continued,

“But Reia, if we become vigilant of others, that become politics. We are defenders, not rulers or opponents. Isn’t the reason this House built up it’s strength so we can raise the s.h.i.+eld when the time comes?”

Dymeria did not immediately respond, since her views seemed to differ from Slaymans.

A quiet moment later, she pointed to the window in the distance, it was the guest wing that Calian was staying at.

“But things may be different this time, dad.”

Yan was at the palace.

And he was in a position that deeply ingrained him with Calian.

So while Dymeria understood what her father was saying, Yan had already used the Seigfried name once in the palace.

Even Slaymen could not guarantee if what Yan would need next was the Seigfried name or the sword.

“Even if you aren’t on guard, aren’t we already preparing?”

As he answered so, he glanced towards the training grounds of the castle, where numerous knights were relentlessly training their swordsmans.h.i.+p.

“I’m not that clueless you know!”

Although he spoke like a fool, he sounded more confident than conceited.

Even so, Slayman was not someone inflexible, he didn’t stubbornly stick to his own thoughts and instead, reached forwards to gently brush Dymireia’s hair and continued.

“But I suppose it can do no harm to find out whose retainers are here.”

Only then did Dymireia nod. She was about to thank Slayman for taking her opinion into account but the terrace door opened and Yan came out to join them.

“Wow! There are so many messenger birds!”

There was one more person who was purely admiring the scene.

Dymeria’s expression stiffened and Slayman responded with a big smile,

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“Aren’t there a lot? I saw a hawk too!”

“It’s not that kind of interest.”

He wasn’t thinking about romance.

Yan, who nodded at the remark glanced back towards Hina again and laughed. It was because she had placed the poodle in front of her and was gesturing with her hands in front of it’s eyes.

“She’s even using sign language for the dog. How cute.”

Calian, who became momentarily curious at his words, asked,

“How do you know sign language?”

It was a question he had asked without much thought but there was no answer from Yan.

Realising that he might have asked something he shouldn’t have asked, Calian was about to change the subject but Yan opened his mouth once again and with his eyes glued outside to the window, he said,

“I had an older brother.”

‘Had’ – that word alone was enough to explain things.

But Yan didn’t stop talking and continued.

“Because he wasn’t healthy, I had to learn a few things so we could stay together. It all ended up being useless though.”

Yan took a sip of tea and glanced at Calian’s face. He couldn’t find the words to respond so Yan said with a smile,

“It was a long time ago, so it’s okay. Plus I have your highness now as well.”


Yan then pointed to the puppy outside the window and said in a clear voice,

“He’s a wimp. And he barks a lot. If you raise him in Chermil, Prince Franz won’t stand by. Nor Prince Randell.”

He didn’t seem to want to talk about depressing subjects and was clearly trying to change topics.

Maybe he was doing it for Calian, who was clearly feeling awkward. Anyway, it was clear that he wanted to move on form the topic of his dead older brother now so Calian answered with a new topic, without asking further.

“Then I’ll have to go to Camillon.”

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