How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

Calian returned to the room and quietly sat back down. The expression on his face didn’t look good so Yan worried asked,

“Is there something else bothering you, your highness?”

“Lenon Brissen. I already don’t like the idea of there being a monopoly on the food trade, but the fact that things can be twisted whichever way they want is worse.”

“Is it because they’ve stopped doing business in this area?”

“Yes. It’s not like it’ll be the Lord who starves if this goes on,”

There were many mines around this this area but it wasn’t fertile enough for large-scale farming. So food had always been dependant on transactions with merchants.

“It’s not good to be careless with matters of food.”

Calian was grumbling like this, when he heard a knock on the door. Even if he didn’t check, it was clear who might have come, so Calian waved a hand to Yan to open the door.

As expected, it was Ger who entered Calian’s room. His displeased expression was worth seeing.

‘He probably didn’t think that someone with the status of a prince would just leave things be with two territories on the verge of war before his eyes.’

Ger stood, looking at Calian for a moment and hesitating.

When there was no word from Ger after waiting for a long while, Calian frowned,

“Are you just here to stare at my face?”

Ger then bowed his head.

“I am sorry. I’ll explain, so please listen to be for a little while.”

“Make it short.”

Ger opened his mouth, and in a very cautious voice – very much unlike how he’d sounded when they’d first met, or even back in his room moments ago – he explained the situation with Brissen Merchantry that Calian had discovered from Sting.

Then he bowed his head again,

“Through Luca, I learned you were involved in the situation with Latran. But I couldn’t tell you at first because the reason this war is happening was because of what happened in Latran. I hid Luca because I thought you wouldn’t’t help if he was involved. I am really sorry.”

Calian didn’t say anything.

“You might call be shameless, but we need your help. This isn’t a problem we can solve ourselves.”

Calian did not immediately give an answer.

He pursed his lips and fell into thought fo a moment, Ger looked on nervously, waiting for Calian to speak.

But there was one name running around in Calian’s head.

‘Lennon Brissen’

He had betrayed Franz and decided to support Randall, which caused the issues in Latran and now, because he was dealing with the fall-out from that poorly and breaking trade deals as he wished, it was causing a war between territories here.

Before that, it was Lenon, who had use petty tricks during Rumein’s birthday festival to try and get rid of Melphir Polun because of the rights to the diamond trade with Tensil and it was also Lenon, who handed the Tacrimosa over to Silica, that she had fed to Calian for so long, almost killing him.

Again and again and again!

It was like he was holding Calian at the ankles trying to drag him down.

After a long time, Calian gave his answer, speaking quietly and quickly.

“I haven’t been to Nerika yet. But it’s probably similar. Go and confirm whether they’re preparing for a fight there too. If it’s the case, then give them my letters. And find out what they need other than wheat. Then I’ll meet the Lords.”

“Does this mean you’ll help us?”

“I’m not doing this to help the elves, so don’t be mistaken,”

He was doing this because he felt like he needed to put a stop to Lennon Brissen first.

Either way, Ger’s expression looked much better, whether Calian continued talking or not.

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“I hate being a p.a.w.n in someone else’s game. And I don’t deal with people who do things like that either – so do it right this time.”

Please give the information to Marquis Brissen and tell him that if he quietly ousts Lennon Brissen without any other problems arising, that you will buy the Brissen Merchantry from him.

Alan was silent for a moment as he tried to process what exactly Calian was suggesting he would buy even as Calian’s explanation continued.

When Silica was rumoured to have poisoned me, the damage to the Brissen Merchantry was the biggest. To the point where Hale, who had been dealing quietly with Lennon, was. .h.i.t by it – the damage would be beyond imagination. There’s no wat that Marquis Brissen wasn’t to keep holding on to that headache of a Merchantry.

From the first place, the House of Brissen was a family of knights.

Brissen Merchantry was something that Lennon, who had no talent with swords, founded and grew.

Lennon’s father, Marquis Evan Brissen, would have left Lennon and the merchantry alone because in the grand scheme of things, it was a small sum of money. However, there was no way he would be pleased with the merchantry now that it didn’t fit the prestige of the knights family and was even losing money.

No matter how much the deficit might be, it’s the biggest Merchantry in Kyris. How on earth will you buy and operate it? Isn’t there already the right person to operate it? Baron Polun, the owner of the Polun merchantry will be enough to operate it. If the name of the merchantry is changed, then the n.o.bles will resume trading so the deficit problem should be resolved. It’s not a matter of whether there is anyone who can run it. Right now, we are preparing to buy a site for the Mage Unit, Valkan to use and build a building there. In addition, the cost of maintaining Valkan is high. No matter how difficult the situation has become for them, it will not be easy for the royal family to pay enough money to purchase the Merchantry.

Calian who understood where Alan might have misunderstood and said,

Teacher, you haven’t opened my safe yet have you?

Rumein had loved Freya very much.

Rumein, who had taken Freya in as a concubine after the death of Queen Aisha, Randall’s mother, gave Freya a decent estate and a.s.sets. Silica didn’t enter as Queen until after that.

The land owned by Freya Whitlin, who pa.s.sed away, was inherited by Calian.

And the Old Calian had never used the money generated from the estate. The Old Calian didn’t spend a single penny – it was to the point where the Brissen’s didn’t even wonder how much money had been acc.u.mulated in that safe.

For 14 years, that money had acc.u.mulated.

Lennon Brissen. Please clean him up, Teacher.

Located in Whitlin, were the largest wheat production farms in Kyris.

And that was the order of, Calian, the Lord of Whittlin.

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