How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 10.1 - First Meeting

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Episode 3: First Meeting – Chapter 10.1

Calian ascended on to the platform and smiled and waved at the throngs. He was grateful that that was all that was required of him. King Rumein gave a long welcome address to the crowd, thanking them for their visit. The following proceedings involved an awarding of knighthoods, the promotion of several n.o.ble t.i.tles, and the bestowance of wealth.

After the event at the square, Calian waved to the crowd again before returning to the palace.

He knew that people were murmuring themselves throughout the event. He had decided that he wanted to be more noticeable after all.

However, he never expected the words in their mouths to be about what a perfect princely image he was.

When he returned to his room, Calian ate the lunch that Yan had left for him. He hadn’t forgotten his promise to finish his meals, and afterwards he changed into a fresh set of clothes.

The next event was a tea party, not a banquet, and he had insisted on a simpler outfit to wear. However, as a flourish he added a decorative pin chosen with Marilyn’s help.

‘How about the smallest one.’

Calian fastened three rows of delicate chains that connected either side of his collar, with a small pendant in the middle of the shortest chain. Calian deemed the other ornaments too flashy for his tastes, so he decided to wear the other pins only with his other clothes.

Calian would not antic.i.p.ate the reaction this ornament would bring.

Having finished his preparations on time, Calian left Chermil Palace and stepped into the carriage again.

“I’m quite nervous,” he said, his face bleach-white.

Yan nodded, his face looking less vital than usual as well.

a.s.sisting Calian today was as chaotic as a day in battle. It was fortunate that the luncheon had been cancelled.

Next they would go to the Ceignes Pavilion, where Calian had dinner with Viscount Brissen not long ago. Today, however, the pavilion would be host to a tea party, and the Calian and the other princes were to greet the other guests.

“Yan, you said your family was also in Kailis?” Calian asked as he thought about the n.o.bles he was about to meet.

While most n.o.bles in Secretia lived on their own land, Kailisian n.o.bles sometimes resided in the capital city for most of the year and had someone else manage their estates.

Yan’s family seemed the same, and he once told Calian that his family lived in the city. The sudden mention of the attendant’s family caused his eyes to go round.

“You remember, My Prince. My sister and father are at home, and the rest of my family lives in the city.”

Calian smiled awkwardly. He remembered this particular details from the old Calian’s memories, not from his own.

“Then will they come to the palace today?”

This time it was Yan who forced a smile.

“If they’re invited, they will come,” he replied shortly.

He seemed reluctant to speak about them.

The servants who worked in the royal palace did not reveal their names, sometimes using false names or aliases instead.

When Yan first came to the palace, his name was checked and his background strictly investigated to determined whether he was trustworthy or not. After that, he never revealed his true name. Many of the highborn who worked as servants or maids do not want to mention where they came from, because they were a child from an unnamed family.

Knowing that Yan might be in such a situation, Calian nodded and didn’t pursue the topic further.

At last the carriage arrived at the Ceignes Pavilion. Calian descended from the carriage and Yan tidied up his appearance.

The prince straightened his posture once again and walked towards the banquet hall where the n.o.bles were gathered. Calian nodded to the knight standing by the entrance, who opened the door and heralded his arrival.

“The third prince, Prince Calian Rein Kailis, has arrived!”

The n.o.bles who did opted not to struggle in the crowd to see the king were all gathered for the 2 o’clock tea at the pavilion. Their eyes turned to one place, and all at once the same thought entered their minds.

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‘The rumor was true!’

“That’s right.”

They did not know that Calian was secretly pleased that Franz called him “b.l.o.o.d.y eyes”, or that his eyes were also the same color as rubies.

The n.o.blemen, who grasped the statement of Calian’s clothing, felt a chill in their spine. Then, realizing that they had not yet greeted him, hurried to say h.e.l.lo. It was a sharp change.

Calian had turned into a perfect prince, and he looked directly into the eyes of the n.o.bles as they gave their greetings to him.

“Pleased to meet you,” he returned with a slight smile.

After this, he immediately sat down.

He didn’t give much after that, and he felt more relaxed after giving only a brief exchange.

However, his short remarks started to cause problems.

“Pleased to meet you? I’ve never been spoken to like this before! What does this mean!”

Soon the n.o.bles began to try to dig into the hidden meaning of Calian’s short words with silent glances among themselves.

‘Acha,’ Calian blithely scolded himself.

He thought he would draw attention, but he didn’t expect it to be to this degree and had forgotten his proper greetings to the n.o.bles.

“It’s alright, Your Highness. I’ll deal with this!” Yan whispered rea.s.suringly behind him.

If either of them had realized the situation, they would have known the true astounding worth of Kalisian rubies, found from Sispanian’s nests which had been empty for 500 years.

In addition, someone watching Calian would not be in a hurry to look away.

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