Hokage: Ryo's Path


Chapter 530

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Chapter 530

"Ryo, it's still too early to say that! We just solved Edo Tensei, and there are still a lot of White Zetsu on the battlefield. Rather than worry about the final battle, it is better to find a way to solve White Zetsu's Henge no Jutsu first!" Nara Shikaku said.

"To solve White Zetsu's Henge no Jutsu, it's just…."

Before Ryo finished, his words were cut by Yamanaka Inoichi.

"Ryo! Something's wrong!"

"what's going on? Say it!" Ryo asked anxiously.

"Well, just now, I received news from Hokage-sama's coalition. After the black-robed man learned the sudden dismissal of Edo Tensei, he suddenly went wild. He used large-scale NNinjutsu. and Hokage-sama's side… Ninja's army was almost completely wiped out."

The news from Inoichi was so amazing that everyone at the coalition headquarters was stunned.

After recovered from the news, Ryo asked, "Inoichi ni-san, did Minato say how many people survived?"

"That… Hokage-sama said that when Otsustsuki Momoshiki used ninjutsu, he could only teleport people around him. Now, there are fewer than a hundred people alive."

"less than a hundred people? Minato-sama has 30,000 ninja coalition…." Pakura was stunned.

Hearing Pakura's words, everyone made even more ugly faces. Those 30,000 ninjas are the elite of each village and know that only less than a hundred of them survived; everyone feels distressed.

"We should do something! who knows if these crazy people will run to other battlefields to do the same!"

Yamanaka Inoichi immediately sent a message to the captains of the various battlefields to let them count the number of casualties.

"Naruto, you create a few Shadow Clone Jutsu to go to each battlefield and use Kurama's ability to help the coalition find the hidden White Zetsu! Other people, always keep an eye on Uchiha Madara and Otsutsuki Momoshiki. Mark their positions! Don't let this happen again!"

"Yes, Ryo-sama!"

The action began immediately after the order was received, and the entire coalition headquarters was busy in an instant.

After issuing the order, Ryo turned to Senju Hashirama and said, "Shodai-sama, can you please help me with something?"

"Of course," Without the slightest hesitation, Senju Hashirama answered.

Hearing this, Ryo smiled and pointed to a forest on the map, "Shodai-sama, please go to this location with Naruto and Sasuke."

“Ryo-sama, why we go there?” Sasuke asked.

"Because when I went to meet you in that cave, I could feel the aura of Gedo Mazo… I guess the Gedo Mazo should be there…."

Ryo hadn't finished his words when Senju Tobirama suddenly appeared in the coalition headquarters, "Boy, you can be wrong this time! It's not just Gedo Mazo!"

Senju Hashirama looked very happy when he saw his younger brother. He walked over and put his hand on Tobirama's shoulder, "Tobirama? Why are you here!"

"Big brother, shut up first. I'm talking about serious business right now!" Tobirama said seriously.

Hearing this, Hashirama's mood suddenly became very low.

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Everyone present was speechless. –For whatever reason, the ninja G.o.d doesn't look majesty.

Ryo briefly described the situation with Kyuubi.

"So.. that means Gedo Mazo has gathered Eight Bijuu Chakras, correct?" Kyuubi asked.

Ryo nodded: "Well, that's why I'll take you over. In case your ident.i.ty is known to them, you and the village will be in danger."

"Actually, I don't think they're interested in me anymore. After gathering eight Bijuu Chakras, it will only take a little bit of strength to wake up Juubi. You, too, should know it best." Kyuubi looked at Ryo and said.

"But with your power, Juubi should be more powerful. That's why I have to guard you!"

"Well, then I'll follow you. By the way, your people don't seem to know anything about Juubi, aren't you going to explain it?" Nine tails pointed to the finger-pointing crowd and said indifferently.

Yamanaka Ryo thought of this and then told everyone about Rikudo Sennin and Juubi; however, he kept Kaguya secret.

"It's really an unknown history! I Didn't expect the nine tail beasts originally to be one. But how do you know about this?" Senju Hashirama asked.

"Uchiha Clan has this slate…." Ryo continued pushing things to that slate.

"Hmph! Uchiha Clan actually hides this kind of thing!" Senju Tobirama said with dissatisfaction.

Others were shocked when they heard it. Meanwhile, Naras Shikaku showed a look of sudden realization; he had been thinking about the purpose of Akatsuki to collect Bijuu, and finally, he got the answer.

"Everyone! Just now, Nidaime-sama said that Akatsuki has got Eight Bijuu… that is to say, they can revive Juubi at any time. Shodai-sama, Naruto, Sasuke, now please rush to the place I said before. Nidai-sama will also be with you! I will rush over as soon as I finish handling the affairs of the coalition forces."

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