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Chapter 885: Malekith Finally Takes Action

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Chapter 885: Malekith Finally Takes Action

Wong also felt a little helpless when he words the sorcerer’s question. He did know something about the Dark Elf invasion from the Ancient One! However, the Ancient One didn’t mention anything about the Aether, so w.a.n.g didn’t know where this mighty power is coming from.

“No matter what the situation is, let’s hold it up first!” Unable to answer, Wong could only say this while increasing his magic output.

They are four powerful sorcerers so how could they even be unable to stop this unknown energy attack? 

However, if Wong knew that the reddish light that bound them and constantly devoured their magical energy was actually from the power of the Aether which is the Reality Stone then I wondered if he still show such confidence.


Hearing Wong’s words, the three sorcerers had no choice but to increase their magic output. Now they can only hope that the reddish light that surrounds them will not last forever.

Ka Ka Ka!

The three sorcerers and Wong were trapped by the unexpected appearance of the Aether Particle energy while the hatch in front of Dark Elf s.p.a.ceship suspended in mid-air suddenly opened. 

Then, Malekith, who had escaped from Asgard in disarray, came out with great vigor. It seems that Malekith, who had obtained the Aether and could simply use it, had regained his confidence.

“So this is Midgard! The most central position on the World Tree and it is also the planet with the lowest strength and the most depleted resources.” Standing on the hanging platform of the s.p.a.ceship, Malekith glanced at the city center, which had been destroyed by the battle, and said disdainfully.

For Malekith, Midgard is indeed a trivial place. After all, in the history of the Nine Realms, it seems that Midgard has not partic.i.p.ated in any major events involving the Nine Realms. It can be said that Midgard has always been a backward place in the  Nine Realms.

And just now, SHIELD’s attack on the Dark Elf’s s.p.a.ceship and the performance of the mobile unit did not attract any attention from Malekith. The strength of the mobile squad’s soldiers is really strong but it didn’t have any effect on Malekith because those Dark Elf out there are just cannon fodder.

After scanning the situation in the heart of London with disdainful eyes, Malekith retracted his gaze and looked at the place shrouded in red light not far below, where the four sorcerers including Wong were still trapped inside.

“If it wasn’t for the Convergence time, I would have taken care of you sorcerers.” Looking at the four sorcerers trapped by the Aether Particle energy, Malekith muttered to himself with cold eyes.

Malekith also knows about the sorcerers of Earth. After all, the name of the Sorcerer Supreme, the Ancient One, is also well-known in the Nine Realms, and his reputation is no worse than Odin. It’s just that although Ancient One is powerful, he generally doesn’t get involved in Nine Realms’ affairs, and has always remained on Midgard.

And the target of the Earth’s Sorcerer is actually not a threat from within the Nine Realms, but a threat from other Dimensions. Therefore, Malekith is feeling more puzzled that his invasion of Midgard caused the Sorcerers to appear this time. 

However, the Dark Elf’s plan has developed to this point and Malekith will not stop even if the Ancient One appears himself.

“Algrim, keep an eye out while I take care of this annoying magic circle.” After confirming that the four sorcerers couldn’t break through the blockade of the Aether  Particle energy for a while, Malekith calculated the time and instructed The Kursed, who was standing beside him.

“Yeah.” Algrim simply agreed when he heard Malekith’s words.

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Then, under the surprised eyes of Wong and the SHIELD team who had already retreated, the magic circle that had originally enveloped the entire battlefield was silently shattered into crimson Particles that filled the sky. Then, the particles quickly gathered together and fluttered back to Malekith’s hand.

“I didn’t expect this magic circle to contain so much energy. It seems that after being sealed for more than a thousand years, the Aether has indeed lost a lot of energy. However, starting from today, I will use your most primitive power!” Malekith muttered to himself as he felt the change in the Ather Particle in his hand.

Then Malekith jerked his head up, and his gaze seemed to see through the thick atmosphere of the Earth to the boundless s.p.a.ce above. In Malekith’s gaze, the nine planets located in the world tree were now about to run in a straight line. This is a rare celestial phenomenon that happens once in a thousand years, and his plan would officially begin in the next few minutes.

“It’s almost time, then… Let’s get started!” Undeterred by anyone, Malekith’s eyes almost burst out with a frenzied light.


In the next moment, Malekith raised his hands and the Aether floating in front of him was constantly changing into various forms, and the energy fluctuations emitted from it became stronger and stronger.

Hum! Hum! Hum! ~~

“Wong!! Where’s our support?! Didn’t you say that there are guys who can deal with the invaders?!” Watching the strong energy fluctuations emanating from the invader, the sorcerers couldn’t help but ask.

“They… have arrived!!”

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