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Li Qun Xi - 离群戏 著

Chapter 884: Surprise Attack

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Chapter 884: Surprise Attack


“Retreat!” Without bothering to a.n.a.lyze what the odd energy emanating from that s.p.a.ceship was, the Chief had given the order to retreat!

“The Helicarrier has arrived from headquarters and has entered British airs.p.a.ce. We’ve just got to keep it under control for a little longer!” Looking at the new casualty figures, the Chief said with a grim look on his face.

Then, SHIELD’s fighting team retreated while fighting, quickly widening their encirclement. In this case, many Dark Elf fighters are rushing out of the s.p.a.ceship, and they can also fight separately. Also, the Dark Elf s.p.a.ceship has stopped moving and had become a huge target, making their attacks easier to hit.

However, SHIELD didn’t know that with the appearance of the special energy fluctuation just now, the entire battlefield was about to undergo huge changes. Because some important people are about to appear here.

“Looks like we can’t underestimate the development of the earth! SHIELD had managed to surprise me once again!” Before that special fluctuation came out from the Dark Elf s.p.a.ceship in mid-air, Wong looked at the mobile soldiers who engaged with Dark Elf warriors and couldn’t help but feel some admiration towards them.

Wong and the other three Sorcerors saw what happened between No. 3 and the Dark Elf warrior just saw now and they also had a new understanding of the strength of this special team of SHIELD. 

Although the sorcerers can attack at close range and at a distance, there is still a big gap between their physical fitness and these strengthened soldiers.

“Depending on how it goes, SHIELD’s teams are going to be stretched too thin soon enough.”

“Well, they should be retreating.”


While the Sorcerers over here were watching the battle, that particular energy fluctuation rushed out from Dark Elf’s s.p.a.ceship. Sensing this special and powerful energy fluctuation, all four sorcerers, including Wong showed surprised expressions on their faces.

“This!… What kind of power is this?!”

“This power… is too powerful! And it has the ability to devour everything! Not good!”

Brush Brush!

Surprised by the special and powerful nature of this energy, Wong quickly started to print out some seals with his hand. The next moment, with the three sorcerers behind him, a pale golden magic shield enveloped the four of them.


The moment Wong and the other three sorcerers completed the magic shield, a reddish light suddenly burst out from the Dark Elf s.p.a.ceship in mid-air. This light red light is exceptionally gorgeous, but it contains a frightening power. Ignoring the retreating mobile unit soldiers, this reddish ray of light directly rushed towards Wong and the other three sorcerors.



Without giving them much time to react, the reddish light slammed on the roof of the building. The building that had been spared from the chaotic battle just now was finally blown up by the red light attack, and the figures of Wong and the other sorcerers also disappeared from the collapsed roof.

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During the melee, both SHIELD and Dark Elf attacks landed on the other side of the building, but they were always blocked for no reason, so SHIELD had already made sure that the person who was building the magic circle was in that building. 

And that red, all-consuming energy was heading that way, so it must have been aimed at someone over there. No one should be able to survive a freak attack like that.

As he was retreating with the bulk of the troops, the Chief caught a glimpse on the screen. It was high up in the air and his eyes suddenly brightened when he saw what was going on in the air.

“En?! That magic circle…” The Chief suddenly whispered as he stared at the screen.

Because, after the building was inexplicably swallowed in half, the magic circle in the sky did not change. According to normal circ.u.mstances, after those who built it died, the magic circle should have disappeared.


Then, the Chief quickly tapped the screen a few times and pulled the battlefield perspective to the half-devoured building again. Then, he saw a golden light shining through from the pale red light.


In the center of the building which was continuously engulfed by the pale red light, a golden circle of light was protecting Wong and the other sorcerers, separating them from the outside pale red light.

“Wong! Do you know anything about this?!” A Sorceror asked as he and the others constantly poured magical energy into the shield to resist the engulfment of the red light from the outside.

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