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Li Qun Xi - 离群戏 著

Chapter 883: Formidable

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Chapter 883: Formidable

No. 3 raised his arms to block the Dark Elf warrior’s attack and looked at him with a cold look in his eyes and let out a low bellow. At this time, the aura around his body had risen to a very terrifying level. 

Although he is still no match for the Dark Elf warrior in front of him in size, his strength seems to be comparable to that of his opponent. It is even possible that No.3 is even stronger.

All 30 Mobile Unit Soldiers had gone through a lot of screening and then survived an unknown number of dangerous enhancement tests before they reached their current level. In addition to being equipped with SHIELD’s most advanced weapons system, each mobile unit soldier is also physically powerful.

It can be said that Captain America, who has Super Soldier Serum would not have been as good as these soldiers in terms of pure strength if he didn’t have the protagonist’s aura. 

Of course, Captain America has the protagonist’s aura. Also, his role is more reflected in his ident.i.ty, not his strength.

“You insignificant Midgardian human!… Th…I… Impossible!!” The hammer in his hand was forcibly pushed up by No. 3, and the Dark Elf warrior couldn’t accept such a result.


No. 3, who had fully exploded with his strength stopped talking. The next moment, he directly raised his foot and kicked the Dark Elf warrior in the chest. This kick directly caused the opponent to fly back, but No. 3 quickly retreated in mid-air because of the power of this kick.


When No. 3 retreated in mid-air, and there was nothing behind him, the armored armor on his legs suddenly lit up. Then, two light blue flames shot out from under No. 3’s feet, pushing No. 3’s backward att.i.tude toward the position where the Dark Elf warrior had flown just now.

Without the Hoverboard, there are still many good things in the armed armor of the No. 3 body. Although it is impossible for Tony Stark to provide SHIELD with his own exclusive Iron Man suit, SHIELD’s own scientific research is enough to develop a similar armor. 

This armor combined with the Hoverboard is there to protect the Mobile Unit Soldier in dangerous times. In addition to the propellers on the legs, each mobile suit armor has a parachute on the back.


No. 3 skillfully used the power of the leg thrusters to charge toward the Dark Elf warrior and the red light in No. 3’s eyes did not fade at all. One would be able to see his exploding muscles and bulging blue veins if No. 3 disarmed his armor at this time. 

No. 3, whose body has been strengthened many times is matched with his own manic belligerent personality. At this time, he is a super warrior, a warrior stronger than the Dark Elf warrior!

“Get the f.u.c.k out of here!!” No. 3 rushed in front of the Dark Elf warrior who hadn’t adjusted himself and yelled as he swept his leg like a whip.


Ka Ka Ka ~

With the addition of leg thrusters, No. 3’s kick is powerful enough to kick through a wall. Therefore, when No. 3 swept his leg toward the Dark Elf warrior’s chest again. 

This attack combined with the previous few attacks and the somewhat damaged skeleton under the foot just made a clicking sound. It sounded like the armor should have been broken by No, 3’s kick.


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And this Dark Elf Soldier was kicked out of his aircraft under continuous attacks by No. 3. With a shocked expression on his face, the Dark Elf fighter tried to rush into the battlefield in the rear. In less than a second, the Dark Elf warrior had been smashed by various energy beams.

“Actually, these monsters are also very powerful. That guy just underestimated me. So, we still have to be cautious!” Hearing No. 7’s words, No. 3 said quickly spoke on their radio. After unleashing continuous attacks just now, No. 3’s strength has also declined a bit.

“Understood! We won’t fight recklessly when it’s time to withdraw!”


Then, the battle between the mobile squad and the Dark Elf individual team continued to a stalemate. However, the Dark Elf s.p.a.ceship, which had been fighting with the SHIELD armed team, seemed to have finally reached the position they wanted and stopped in mid-air.

Then, in addition to sending more soldiers to attack SHIELD’s armed forces, the Dark Elf’s s.p.a.ceship was so stably suspended in the air that no one could guess what they were doing. 

However, SHIELD doesn’t have a particularly good approach to it either. Because their firepower can only leave some damage on the surface of the s.p.a.ceship which is not enough to really hut the important parts of the s.p.a.ceship.

The previous beam that broke the s.p.a.ceship’s defensive energy shield was useless when targeting such a hard deck, and could only be consumed by continuous firepower. But will Dark Elf give them that much time?

“Chief, the opponent’s number is getting bigger and bigger, the mobile squad can hardly hold it anymore, should we pull back?” The Dark Elf s.p.a.ceship stopped and sent more and more soldiers and the a.s.sistant beside the Chief asked in a low voice.


The Chief frowned and was about to issue an order to withdraw the mobile team that was clearly in a dangerous situation when a special and powerful energy wave suddenly came from the Dark Elf s.p.a.ceship suspended in midair.

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