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Li Qun Xi - 离群戏 著

Chapter 882: Mobile Unit Vs Dark Elf Troops

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Chapter 882: Mobile Unit Vs Dark Elf Troops

Howls Whew!

Around the fast-moving s.p.a.ceship, dozens of small “sunflower seed-looking” craft circled it in constant pursuit of the equally fast mobile units.

Without knowing the enemy’s force, SHIELD’s mobile team temporarily adopted a strategy of hide-and-seek attacks. And after a few thrilling laps around the s.p.a.ceship, all the mobile units had a rough estimate of the combat effectiveness of the enemies who were chasing after them.

“How does it feel to be chased?!” The Captain of the team or No. 1 suddenly asked to in the team channel as he dodged an energy beam coming towards him.

“Haha! It’s cool! I haven’t experienced such a thing in my life!” Someone quickly answered with an excited voice.

“No. 3! You are a lunatic! However, I have to admit that this feels really good! We have accepted so many unknown experiments, and we have strengthened our persistence time and time again. So seeing all of that coming to this is really good!” After No.3 answered, another person spoke up in response.

“Haha! It seems that our thoughts are similar! However, it’s time to show them that we are not good at running away! Let’s show them that they just can’t invade the earth whenever they want!”

“That’s right!”

“Then… let’s fight back!”

Brush Brush!

The next moment, the Mobile Units who were still dodging Dark Elf’s small aircraft made an emergency stop in mid-air, and the Dark Elves, who were chasing them showed surprised expressions on their faces. 

Every mobile unit soldier controlled their Hoverboard to flexibly move around them and did a big loop of 360 degrees in the sky. 

Then, many attacks shot toward the Dark Elves soldiers who are chasing behind them, and the counterattack from the mobile team officially started!

The Dark Elf soldiers weren’t afraid when faced with the sudden counterattack. Each Dark Elf fighter controlled their aircraft and rammed them toward the Mobile Unit soldiers. 

It seems that they are very confident in their aircraft and their strength. In other words, they underestimated the force of the earthlings in front of them.

Bang Bang Bang!

The first round of confrontation between the Dark Elf individual flying team and the SHIELD mobile team kicked off with excitement. Every second, dozens of miniature missiles or various energy beams flew around the Dark Elf’s s.p.a.ceship. 

Covering the Dark Elf individual flying team is the huge black s.p.a.ceship and behind the SHIELD mobile team is the support of various armed departments of SHIELD.

Shoo, shoo, shoo!!


In the middle of the chaotic battlefield, No. 3, the most fierce fighter on the mobile team was the first to be hit and that hit damaged his Hoverboard, it lost a lot of power and control and was. .h.i.t several times in a row over the next few seconds. 

Then, No. 3 drove his Hoverboard that was about to fall apart desperately, and rammed into a Dark Elf aircraft in mid-air.

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“No. 3!” Noticing the situation, the other mobile unit soldiers shouted anxiously.

Pū Pū Pū!

When the Dark Elf warrior rushed over, the weapon in No. 3’s hand continuously fired energy beams at him. However, these energy beams only left a scorched black mark on the skeleton armor of the Dark Elf warrior, failing to break his defense!

“Sc.u.m!” With a low voice of disdain, the Dark Elf warrior had already smashed his hammer-like weapon at No. 3. Of course, No. 3 couldn’t understand his curse either, so it didn’t matter to him.


Facing the hammer that was smashing to the top of his head, No. 3 threw away the useless weapon in his hand and raised his arms to block the coming attack. No. 3 wasn’t afraid as he faced the Dark Elf warrior!


In the next second, the hammer of the Dark Elf warrior had already smashed into No. 3’s arm, and a loud sound echoed on the chaotic battlefield. However, the Dark Elf warrior who smashed the hammer was stunned. Because the seemingly weak man on the other side actually blocked his attack with his arms.

“What?!…” The hammer slammed down like a st.u.r.dy alloy, and for the first time, a shocked look appeared in the eyes of the Dark Elf warrior.


Then, the Dark Elf warrior felt the shock of the hammer slamming down with a force and saw No. 3’s bloodshot eyes peeking out of the torn tactical helmet.

“Although I don’t know what you are screaming about?! However, you are nothing more than that!”

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