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1113 Chapter 1113

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1113 Chapter 1113

Song Mian meant that the two things should not be mixed together. The ultimate purpose of the car accident was to kill Yun Xiangxiang.

However, this person was very smart. He found a person who had a grudge against he wei and Xue Yu, set a trap for he wei and Xue Yu, and finally escaped unscathed to carry out his plot.

People’s habitual thinking was to link the things that the same person did. To a large extent, Yun Xiangxiang and he Wei would think that even if Xu Jing had someone behind him, they were also people who did not get along with He Wei. They would completely go astray.

“According to you, this person is very powerful. Why did he leave two people alive?”Yun Xiangxiang could not understand this point. “If the two people that Xu Jing hired were also killed in time, Xu Jing would not be found.”

“If he was killed, he would be exposed more.”Song Mian’s eyes were cold. “If he didn’t do anything, he would only expose Xu Jing, who was cannon fodder from the beginning.”

Xu Jing was still very careful and the person he found was very reliable. Yun Xiangxiang thought that she had to torture him to get him out.

Moreover, at this point, Yun Xiangxiang and he Wei were also confused by Xu Jing’s previous behavior.

Even if song Mian straightened out his train of thought, they would not be able to guess who the person behind it was.

“Why do I feel that...”Yun Xiangxiang looked worried. “This is very similar to Tang Zhiyu’s methods.”

She had witnessed Tang Zhiyu’s death by Song Mian’s gun. Later on, the foreign police cleaned up the scene and disposed of the body. Song Mian also sent reliable people to check and confirm that it was Tang Zhiyu’s body.

How could he be resurrected from the dead? However, at this moment, Yun Xiangxiang thought of how Tang Zhiyu had used Mi Lai to Target Yun Xiangxiang. It was the same case of using someone else to kill someone.

“There’s a fundamental difference.”Song Mian shook her head slightly. “It’s the same as using someone else to kill her. Tang Zhiyu’s goal is me. He wants to start a war between me and the Chai family, but this car accident has no purpose. It’s purely to take your life.”

He Wei nodded in agreement. “I hate you so much.”

Yun Xiangxiang carefully filtered through all her enemies. “Only Lu Huanong would be so unscrupulous and hate me so much.”

The others did not mention whether their hatred had reached such a level, but they still had to have some scruples. For example, Mi Lai also hated her, but Mi Lai wanted to turn over a new leaf. She wanted the future of her and Chu Chen, so Mi Lai chose to endure.

Other than Mi Lai, there was no one else who hated her so much and had the ability to do so.

“Could it be that Cheng Chong found out that Cheng Youzhen set a trap for Mi Lai?”Yun Xiangxiang denied herself after she said that. It was impossible for Cheng Chong to know. “Chang Yuan and I can also be considered to have put the past behind us in the Chang family.”

Other than that, Yun Xiangxiang really could not think of anyone else who had such a deep hatred for her and had such ability at the same time.

“Maybe... My Enemy.”Song Mian said hesitantly.

Yun Xiangxiang rolled her eyes. “You don’t have to be so reluctant. It’s obvious that they are not your enemies. Your enemies are not so small.”

At song Mian’s level, only people like Tang Zhiyu and Lucifer could have a grudge against him. How precious was the time of these people?

Even if he knew that Yun Xiangxiang was song Mian’s treasure and made Yun Xiangxiang Die, Song Mian could still feel pain, but what would happen after the pain?

Other than pain, they had a child. Could Song Mian Sacrifice himself for Yun Xiangxiang?

The song family and even song Mian were still there. Lucifer did not want song Mian to live in pain, but wanted song Mian to be a loser, which meant that the song family would fall. From the looks of it, compared to dealing with Yun Xiangxiang.., they would probably be more willing to deal with Liuliu.

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They would not investigate Yun Xiangxiang just to make song Mian suffer. They would not focus on the personal feud between Xue Yu and he Wei and find a scapegoat like Xu Jing.

If song Yao was capable, he would go to the young master and give her a taste of his medicine. She was now Yun Xiangxiang’s person. She did not believe that the young master would be dissatisfied with her over such a small matter. On the other hand, Song Yao would really dare to complain, the young master might doubt his breadth of mind and ability.

Song Yao, who was continuing to investigate Xu Jing, sneezed a few times for no reason. He kept feeling that there were too many people who were jealous that he was about to end his single life. They kept nagging at him, and it was the kind of nagging that had no good intentions at all!

With the matter in hand, everyone calmed down and began to work on their own matters. Yun Xiangxiang went to the production team the next day. When she was in the production team, she kept a close eye on every message that song Qian sent.

She hoped that she could piece together the enemy that she had no clue about. However, before she could piece them together, he Wei was invited to the police station again. This time, it was not an ordinary interrogation, but a detention.

The reason was that the police had found Xu Jing’s cell phone. There was a very short recording on the cell phone before he jumped off the building. The recording was restored. It turned out that Xu Jing was in a panic as he begged he wei not to force him. He begged he wei not to take him, immediately after, there was a sharp scream.

Just by listening to the recording to imagine a scene, it meant that he wei had forced Xu Jing to the edge of the tall building. Under Xu Jing’s pleas, he wei mercilessly pushed Xu Jing down.

This was a completely different concept from the online speculation that he wei had forced Xu Jing to death. All of a sudden, it became intentional murder!

Yun Xiangxiang received the news and immediately applied for leave from the production team. She asked Song Qian to stop investigating the matter and first go to the police station to find out the source of the recording.

Previously, he wei came to her after questioning from the police station. He did not specifically mention this part. Why was there suddenly so much unfavorable evidence?

Just as Yun Xiangxiang was worried about He Wei, Xu Jing’s side had some clues.

Yun Xiangxiang could not believe that Xu Jing was actually having an affair with her younger sister-in-law and had evidence!

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