Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1650: The Three Lost Sky Palaces

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Chapter 1650: The Three Lost Sky Palaces

After the summons, Wu Yu very readily went to meet up with Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

Of course, Luo Pin accompanied him.

All four were energized at their reunino, especially Full Moon of Nanshan. He said gleefully: "Finally I'll know how handsome Marshal Tian Peng is! I wonder who between us is more handsome?"

Ye Xixi pulled a face. "You narcissist!"

"Hey it's not me who said it. I mean, Marshal Tian Peng chose me as his successor. Part of the reason must be my fretfully good looks." Full Moon of Nanshan beamed, ignoring scathing looks from Ye Xixi and Luo Pin.

How could a legacy's successor be based on this?

In any case, the four were quite hyped up. Finally, something related to their legacies. It was time to go in search of the truth.

Especially since their legacies were probably linked to the destruction of the Demon Immortal Realm, perhaps that question would also be answered along the way.

Given their current strength, they could definitely head for higher levels of heaven. They entered the Well of Eternal Life, headed upwards at the behest of their treasures.

Before long, they reached the 7500th level of Heaven, Sage's Equal Sky!

As they stepped out of the Well of Eternal Life, they were surprised that it seemed deserted. It seemed like no one had been here in a long time, and there were some disused seals at the entrance to Sage's Equal Sky.

These old seals separated this place for the world.

As they arrived, the Ruyi Jingu Bang seemed to glow a little, allowing them through the ancient seals, into a s.p.a.ce that had been neglected for many Yuan.

"It's a deserted s.p.a.ce!"

The four of them pa.s.sed through the old seals, and their eyes widened at Sage's Equal Sky. They almost did not believe what they were seeing.

A scene of devastation much like Demon Immortal Realm was laid out before them. It seemed to have been devastated in similar fas.h.i.+on.

Not just that, but Wu Yu was shocked to realize that Sage's Equal Sky had not appeared in the memory of even a single person out of everyone that he had devoured.

Regardless of sky palace immortal, h.e.l.l ghostly immortal, or Demon Immortal Realm demon immortal, none of them had ever heard of Sage's Equal Sky.

He recalled the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's words - that every single immortal had forgotten the incidents back then.

Amnesia. Across the entirety of heaven and h.e.l.l. None of them remembered what had happened ot the Demon Immortal Realm, nor what had happened to Sage's Equal Sky.

"Sage's Equal Sky... this wouldn't be related to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, would it?"

[TN: Sky is represented by character 天, which is also the Heaven in Great Sage, Heaven's Equal]

Luo Pin suddenly said. "The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal ancestor was also of very high status, and 7500th level of Heaven seems about right. But why would he leave his legacy and disappear, and why would Sage's Equal Sky be this broken......"

None of them had answers.

In this broken land, it seemed like nothing besides empty s.p.a.ce was left. As for Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi's treasures, they continued to beckon towards higher areas.

After a brief discussion, they decided to continue up, since they found nothing in Sage's Equal Sky.

On below Sage's Equal Sky was Marshal Sky, and one below that was Curtain Lifting Sky. These two sky palaces corresponded to the ancestors Marshal Tian Peng and Curtain Lifting General.

[TN: Tian in Tian Peng is also 天 (sky). There is no word link in the Curtain Lifting General's name.]

As they went in to look, Wu Yu and the others found that Marshal Sky and Curtain Lifting Sky were in the same broken state as Sage's Equal Sky.

The three sky palaces seemed a far cry from the other sky palaces. They were utterly smashed, and even the void was absolutely empty. It seemed like the fight here had been even more horrible that the Demon Immortal Realm's.

It was such a thorough destruction that nothing remained in existence behind.

They were struck by shock and fear at these three levels of Heaven, and searched high and low for clues.

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Everywhere it was broken void and signs of devastation. Who had started the war back then, and caused such trouble?

Ye Xixi was first to spot it. She raised an eager hand, pointing at the highest point of the stele.

From the highest point of the stele, vivid images began to unfurl like a beautiful historical tapestry, flowing down to the bottom.

At first, they could only see four blurry silhouettes. These shadows used all kinds of awesome Mystiques and immortal techniques. They were definitely some of the strongest immortal emperors!

However, they were surrounded at this point, attacked by many other figures. THey were pursued in and out of the void.

To Wu Yu, each of the four were fantastic in battle. The void turned to dust beneath their feet, and the destruction in their wake was so thorough that even the void itself was sluggish in its recovery.

If Wu Yu was up against them, he would be snuffed out in one move.

But the countless other figures were chaisng these four, surrounding them, cornering them, until finally they were crowded into a s.p.a.ce so tight that not even a thread's worth of s.p.a.ce remained.

The pictures on the stele grew clearer and clearer, and the four figures drew their attention.

"It's... them?"

All four jaws dropped.

They looked familiar, the figures in their minds when they had received their legacies!

Wu Yu's eyes were locked on to a golden Immortal Ape.

Fiery eyes, a dominating demeanor, and wielding a golden staff in one hand. With a casual twirl the void itself gave way. It seemed like he could pa.s.s through time itself. He beat back the ranks of those closing in on him, killing a few with one swipe!

An immortal ape, incredibly powerful. Clad in golden armor, with auspicious clouds bearing him from below, he weaved in and out of the void, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with golden beams of light that sent his enemies scattering. Those that could not run were burnt to pieces!

Wu Yu immediately recognized that golden ape.

It was his benefactor, the owner of his legacy... Great! Sage! Heaven's! Equal!

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