Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1649: The Legacies' Command

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Chapter 1649: The Legacies' Command

10,000 years pa.s.sed at the 6210th level of Heaven. In a beautiful forest, the couple cultivated and played, luxuriating in their immortality.

Wu Yu had pa.s.sed on all the revelations from the eternal demon emperors to Luo Pin, and she had improved readily in this time.

She was already a 4-heavens immortal king, close on Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi's heels.

When Wu Yu had first met her, she had not even been in the Great Void Immortal Realm yet.

Wu Yu had given her a 9th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. Although it was not as good as Wu Yu's own 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King, but it was already one of the best available, and she was able to improve swiftly in the Great Void Immortal Realm.

Not only that, those who entered the Great Void Immortal Realm with a 9th Grade Mark of an Immortal King were more or less destined to reach eternal immortal emperor realm, as long as no unfortunate accident happened.

After all, a 9th Grade Mark of an Immortal King was considered highly valuable in the sky palaces, and even the children of Primeval Mighty Miracle G.o.d and the Dhrtarastra sought after it.

It was an excellent Mark of an Immortal King that not even the likes of Mighty Miracle G.o.d and the Dhrtarastra could make.

Through the Imparting and the Mark of an Immortal King, Luo Pin improved far beyond what she could have achieved if she had remained at Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

Luo Pin's legacy was from the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon. The dragon was linked in some way to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, Marshal Tian Peng, and the Curtain Lifting General, although Wu Yu was not sure exactly how.

Up till now, besides the one time in Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm when the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had appeared to confront Primeval Mighty Miracle G.o.d and the Dhrtarastra, Wu Yu had not heard anything about the four immortals.

In these 10,000 years, Wu Yu still had not let go of the matter of the Demon Immortal Realm's devastation.

Sometimes, on their leisurely wanderings, he would also snoop around for information, but he found nothing regarding the Demon Immortal Realm. It seemed like not a single immortal in the whole of the sky palaces knew about or spoke of that matter.

Perhaps, like the Great Sage himself had said, they had forgotten it.

But how could such an incident be forgotten?

Especially for those like the Jade Emperor. Could there be a darker secret behind all this?

Wu Yu did not dare to imagine. He could not.

Heavenly Domain, Heavenly Buddha's Domain - Wu Yu knew that these two places existed, but he had no knowledge of Heavenly Buddha's Domain at all. If the entire Heavenly Domain's memory had been wiped, including the Jade Emperor and all the other powerful beings, how insane would that be?

He occasionally went into the Floating Dreams PaG.o.da to play with the little gray macaque.

He could do nothing about the seals on the monkey's body, and so the little gray macaque continued to live a memory-less existence. Wu Yu was still unable to properly deal with it.

As Luo Pin's cultivation realm continued to rise, her Mystiques and immortal techniques continued to improve as well.

For example, her Eight Division Heavenly Dragon Avatar body strengthening technique had reached a new peak, and was almost comparable to Wu Yu's own Invincible Vajra Body now.

As well as her Archaic Divine Dragon Emperor Mantra. This was the Immortality Art which she used, that helped her kingly immortal spirit grow stronger. Her heavenly rule power was also fortified by this immortality art, and was of the finest cla.s.s that they had ever seen as well!

Her four Mystiques continued to grow stronger as well.

First was All Amalgamating Heavenly Flames. It was a purely offensive Mystique. When mastered, one could call upon billions of types of heavenly fires, mixing, fusing, and exploding them in a multifarious and deadly combination. It was even stronger than what her heavenly rule powers were capable of.

The more fires she gained over the course of her cultivation, the stronger her All Amalgamating Heavenly Flames would become. She had already doubled the number over the last 10,000 years, and was more than 10 times stronger than before.

If this Mystique was mastered, how deadly would she be in the end?

The second Mystique was Heavenly Dragon Unification. This was what allowed Luo Pin to merge with Wu Yu, so that he would have the strength of both.

As Luo Pin's powers grew, she took this Mystique to further and further depths. If she used it now, Wu Yu could even defeat an eternal immortal emperor more easily!

Before Luo Pin had reached immortal king level, she would not have made much of a difference if she merged with an 8-heavens immortal king Wu Yu.

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But now, a 4-heavens immortal king merging into Wu Yu could give him a considerable boost in power. It was another startlingly strong move, and would continue to scale as both of them grew stronger.

But he had yet to get to the bottom of things, and he would not act recklessly. It would be extremely disrespectful to the millions of eternal demon emperor ancestors.

Both Wu Yu and Luo Pin had made significant progress in this time.

Both Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi would occasionally send immortal message talisman updates. Neither faced any major problems. Especially Full Moon of Nanshan, who was back in babe-land, winning even Wu Yu's respect for his audacity.

His illusion techniques were sublime, and the sky palaces were his playground now.

On a few occasions, Full Moon of Nanshan had angered some elderly immortals, usually the relatives of certain women that he had romanced. Those he could not beat, he would use Gone from the Skies and vanish, leaving them empty-handed. He had spent the last 10,000 years enjoying himself to the fullest.

However, one day Wu Yu felt a spiritual jolt.

It was a curious feeling that he had never experienced before. The always-silent Ruyi Jingu Bang had finally sent him a jolt. It was a summons, bidding him do something.

"The Ruyi Jingu Bang is responding?"

Wu Yu was overjoyed. Luo Pin came to his side. It seemed like the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon had also sent her a similar message, indicating that there was something to be done.

"Are we to head to an even higher level of Heaven?"

Wu Yu confirmed with her. She nodded. The message that they had gotten was the same.

"What about Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, I wonder?"

Wu Yu mused. Just then, two immortal message talismans flew in. Evidently they had also received the same message.

"This means that we're to go together. Let's find a place to rendezvous first!"

Wu Yu immediately sprang into action, excited that the Ruyi Jingu Bang was finally responding after so long. This must mean that the legacies' secrets were about to be revealed, right?

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