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Chapter 794: Dark Skies 2

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Chapter 794: Dark Skies 2

Fitter Cleric was also rus.h.i.+ng along with them, and he executed the active ability of Pandora's Box. This active skill allowed him to gain one random active skill from all in existence depending on his luck. 

This time, he scored big as he poached one of Eva's skills. 

「Fire Phoenix Manifestation – Active Skill 

Effect: Birth a new and true Fire Phoenix from the depths of the sun to serve you for a period of time. 

Duration: 5 days. 

Cooldown: 1 week.」 

Immediately, Fitter activated the skill. The sky which was covered with endless darkness and had gargoyles continually rus.h.i.+ng out like bullets towards the ground immediately became split in half. The gargoyles coming in from the other half of the portal - where the rupture occurred - were instantly burned to ashes as they lead out screeches of pain. 

Half of the entire 9invading gargoyle army were burned to shreds! The experience gained from this was so potent that the four of them instantly hit the Rank cap of Rank 2, something which left them overjoyed and super shocked. 

The Phoenix hadn't even f.u.c.king landed yet, but it was already this OP. Then what would the real thing be like? 

This was something no one in the current era could understand and they weren't at fault for it. The Phoenix race was right below the Dragon race in terms of rank, so their power was obviously off the charts. 

Luxia and co. were mostly used as transport, so one might even end up subconsciously looking down on phoenixes. 

Anyone who did so was surely in for a brutal awakening. 

The shriek of a Phoenix sounded out as a blazing light tore down from the sky, tearing through the atmosphere as it made a beeline towards Fitter. The form was so fast that it was impossible for almost everyone to follow, until it appeared right before fitter and flapped its wings lightly to hover in place. 

It was a Phoenix with delicate tail feathers and scarlet-covered feathers all over its body. It had flaming red feminine hair that glowed with fire element and its eyes were a severe red, looking forceful and violent. 

Tsk, tsk, why does this feel like those fierce Tsunderes who would beat you for the slightest mistake? 

The Phoenix looked Fitter up and down then snorted fire, giving him a disdainful glance. It then turned to the demons and shrieked majestically, sending a wave of flame towards the sky. 

The gargoyles who met this were burned into nothingness immediately, the rest rapidly retreating with panic and fear. 

That's right, demons were actually fleeing! 

Just because the r.e.t.a.r.ds of this era did not understand the power of a top race did not mean the demons didn't. Don't forget that after the end of the old era, it was the demons who kept attacking every millennium, thereby cutting off the world's legacy from ages past. 

However, they - the demons - had been there since the old era and survived by the skin of their teeth. They knew exactly what a Phoenix could do and what it mean. A Fire Phoenix especially would be extremely troubling if it got a way to enter the Demon Realm which was full of flames and lava. 

It would be equivalent to giving a Joestar a tommy gun! 

"CLOSE THE f.u.c.kING PORTAL!" A thunderous voice roared from the other side of the portal, and the rupture in the sky began sealing itself shut rapidly. The four members of Umbra on the ground were rendered speechless as they stood there, not understanding what was going on. 

The Phoenix though, had a look of amus.e.m.e.nt as a glint flashed in its eyes. However, it glanced at Fitter and hesitated before settling down. 

Thanks to the nature of the skill, the Demon Realm had avoided a calamity today! 

「Event Zone Announcement 

All players, congratulations on completing: Dark Skies Emergency Quest 

Time elapsed: 00:12:22 

a.s.sessment: EX+ 


1000 reputation with the War Maniac Pavilion 

1200 reputation with the Church of Light 

4000 reputation with all races 

50,000% experience 

500,000,000 platinum 

12 Epic Treasure Chests 

3 Legendary Treasure Chests」 

The group were even more speechless. An EX ranking? No one had ever gotten that before! All members of Umbra had at best, gotten SSS ranks. Only the Guild Leader and the Lady Boss could likely achieve something like that, right? 

Then those rewards… whew. Let's not talk of the War Manic Pavilion, the author hasn't yet thought up the inner workings of the organization despite writing 800 chapters. 

The 1200 reputation with the Church of Light alone allowed the four members to become extreme VIPs of the church, allowed to take part in any Divine Auction, and even have the Church give them priority for bids. 

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Taking it one step further, one only needed 70 reputation to gain a Divine item from the outskirts of the Church's treasury, 150 would allow you to go into the inner area and 300 was enough to go to the core area. 

"Hm? Don't tell me you guys are dissatisfied with trying to help the guild progress after all that's been done for you?!" Fitter questioned with a dark look. 

The three were now cowed by this, rather surrounding Fitter in a circle, their smiles warping into something evil. Essence manifested some aurora that turned into a barbed whip and cracked it with a smile. 

"Fitter, Fitter, Fitter… you talk big and your words are certainly sharp. But have you forgotten we are in a dungeon where no one can see or hear us?" 

Fitter suddenly woke up from his grandeur and dramatic posing to realize the situation he was in. His lips twitched as he could only say one thing ins response. 



John Smith - The Showman - and Xela Stone were currently with Draco's avatar, learning more about the history of the Lineages and how to bond with their G.o.d Serpents. After all, roughly speaking, these two had the poorest connections to their G.o.d Serpents on paper. 

However, Draco's avatar sighed when dealing with The showman especially. He patted John's shoulder and spoke frankly. 

"Brother, you're extremely… unwise. You have the power of the G.o.d Serpent but want to remain a simple Broker? Brokers aren't even that popular or well respected among devilkind. They can only make deals and cannot defend themselves, nor can they use psychic abilities." 

John smiled carefreely. "I understand the logical flaws of my actions, but I find that this situation benefits me more. While I get to practice brokerage through my cla.s.s, I can focus on using my affiliation with Sir Eden in tandem." 

Draco's avatar nodded. "I understand your idea, and it's not bad. But if your Broker cla.s.s is this good, can you imagine what your cla.s.s would be been if you focused on Eden's power?" 

However, seeing that John wasn't too moved, Draco's avatar dropped the matter. Everyone had their own decisions to make for their lives, and he wasn't one to force them to do otherwise. 

"Well, it doesn't matter. Sit here with Xela and get ready to follow my instructions." Draco instructed with a calm smile. 

John obeyed and sat cross-legged beside a silent and slightly worried Xela who was watching everything with pursed lips. Draco folded his arms behind his back and adopted the air of expert, which made the seated duo share an uncertain look. 

"Begin channeling your bloodline energy!" Draco commanded suddenly, startling the two. However, they channeled their bloodline energy as he said, but did not move it. 

"Now direct it to the left aorta at 3%, then deposit 2% and infuse it into the marrow of your left femur…" 

Draco was giving them the method to activate the Ability Bond technique of the Supreme G.o.d Inheritance. Loving Aunt had done the same once for him way back then, and could likely do it for this lot, but unlike Loving Aunt who knew the general paths, Draco had perfected it. 

She had needed to place her finger on Draco so forehead and directly feel his energy flow and guide him to roughly place it in amounts she couldn't name. However, with Tier 4 Control and the Eyes of Caelo, Draco could literally see into their bodies, so he could see the flow of their bloodline energy and how much they specifically needed to deposit to get a reaction out of their body. 

This was dubbed by him as the 'All eyes, no hands, insightful, wise and Dracotastic method of awakening bloodline abilities!'. 

Of course, when Eva returns, this nonsense will be fixed. 

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