Grasping Evil

Wo Shi Mo Shui - - 我是墨水

Chapter 542 - 542: Five Countries, Nine Palaces And Thirteen Sects

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Chapter 542 - 542: Five Countries, Nine Palaces And Thirteen Sects

With Ning Fan around, no matter how arrogant the Four Rain Summoning Elders were, they could not dare to punish Wu Chen.

Wu Chen's expression was filled with anxiety. From what he heard, White-Robed Marquis was a devil lord with terrifying devil prestige who viewed people's lives as gra.s.s. He would usually kill people when he became enraged. Hence, Wu Chen was worried that Ning Fan would kill the four elders.

All cultivators in Vermillion Bird City held their breaths in fear as they got suppressed by the ma.s.sive baleful qi and devil might which covered the entire sky.

The city became as quiet as a grave and only the sound of torrential rain and fierce storms could be heard.

Every cultivator was gulping in trepidation. If Ning Fan desires to commit a large-scale ma.s.sacre, not to mention Vermillion Bird City, the entire Zhao Country would be wiped out.

To him, the World Law of the Rain World existed in name only!

Ning Fan's eyes indifferently scanned past the four elders and s.h.i.+fted toward Wu Chen. When he saw Wu Chen's anxious face, he could not help but laugh.

Wu Chen's conflict against the Vast Heaven Palace was not that serious. Besides, even though he was the victim of the entire incident, he did not plan on going against the Four Rain Summoning Elders. Thus, Ning Fan was not going to kill them here.

The reason why he stood up for him was to return a favor to Wu Chen by helping him sort out the problem. That was all.

With a word from him, even the Vast Heaven Palace Lord would no longer punish Wu Chen.

"Don't worry. I came here today just to get myself drunk. I won't kill anyone... The four of you have ruined my mood for drinking. Excuse yourselves at once."

After Ning Fan said his piece, he returned to his seat again and began to drink by himself. His expression was calm and composed and his presence did not emanate the slightest trace of baleful qi. No one could tell at all that he was a devil lord who could create chaos to heaven and earth.

"This..." The Four Rain Summoning Elders exchanged glances among themselves. Judging from Ning Fan's actions, he was going to protect Wu Chen today no matter what. Thus, they would not be able to capture Wu Chen and bring him back to their palace to punish him.

Wu Chen's mistake was trivial. The reason why the Vast Heaven Palace Lord wanted to punish him was merely because he disliked his defiant att.i.tude of going against his superiors.

Since the dignified White-Robed Marquis wanted to protect Wu Chen, they naturally would not dare to oppose him.

However, if they return empty-handed, the Vast Heaven Palace Lord would surely punish them... The four of them kept hesitating whether to leave immediately or capture Wu Chen and bring him back with them...

"Aren't you all going to leave...?" Ning Fan took a sip of wine and uttered. His tone was extremely flat. To the others present there, they felt nothing amiss other than feeling a gentle breeze blow against them.

But when his voice echoed into the ears of the four elders, it blasted their ears like there were countless claps of thunder, causing them to fall back while coughing up blood!

All of them were overwhelmed with shock. To push them back with just voice, one must be at the very least at the Absolute Void Stage.

They were aware of Ning Fan's great notoriety but they never expected that his cultivation base was actually so terrifying!

Even if the Vast Heaven Palace Lord personally acted, he might not necessarily be able to push the four of them back with just his voice!

"White-Robed Marquis, please appease your anger. We'll leave now!" How could the four of them still dare to defy Ning Fan's order? They hurriedly left and vanished into the rain.


All of a sudden, sighs of relief filled the entire Vermilion Bird City.

Wu Chen, on the other hand, looked at Ning Fan in a strange manner. His eyes suddenly shone and became as deep as the sea, as if he was seeing him for the very first time.

The glow in his eyes vanished after a while and anxiety filled them again. Ning Fan did not notice the slight change in his expression.

Wu Chen got back to his seat again while panting heavily. He awkwardly looked at Ning Fan and said, "*Cough* It almost scared me half to death. I didn't expect little brother's true ident.i.ty to be the White-Robed Marquis... It really scared me..."

All the customers in the bar went silent and quietly nodded their heads. They agreed with what Wu Chen said as they were also nearly scared to death by Ning Fan.

With him around, who else would still have the mood to continue drinking? Everyone wished that they could leave that place immediately. However, they were worried that by recklessly leaving, they might anger Ning Fan. Therefore, each of them was on tenterhooks, looking agitated and anxious.

"Brother Wu's divination technique is truly fascinating. Did you really not find out my ident.i.ty just now?" Ning Fan gave him a meaningful smile.

"I thought you were only a Vein Opening Realm cultivator and did not think about looking into your secrets... If I've foreseen that you are the White-Robed Marquis, I would have directly packed up and run away from the city... Er... I'm sorry for my impolite remarks. Please allow me to drink a jug of wine as punishment!"

Wu Chen was a bold and forthright person. It seemed like he was not afraid of Ning Fan's infamy at all and began to get close to him.

"Is that so...? Even though I've travelled across the world unhindered, I don't have many friends. I supposed it is fate for me to have met you before going to the Central State. Let's become drinking buddies. What do you say?"

"An excellent suggestion! I like having drinking buddies! Just eating and drinking together without any fights and ulterior motives. Hahaha! Hahaha!"

The two of them were next to the window. The rain outside the window was falling heavily like a waterfall. Occasionally, lightning would flash across the vast sky. Even though their clothes were drenched by the scattered droplets of rain which came in through the window, they were still drinking wine calmly.

If the earlier incident did not happen, the customers in the bar would probably be laughing at them for being foolish. Now, however, they began to admire them for their great bearing as they could stay calm even at this time.

"*Sigh* Brother Ning, if it wasn't for your help, I would have been escorted back to the Vast Heaven Palace by the Four Rain Summoning Elders. You should know what I mean. I don't mind getting whipped many times but I wanted to be cleared of blame... Hehe. Of course, I'm also scared of losing face. If I have to get twenty whippings in front of the other revered elders of the Vast Heaven Palace, I will probably become too embarra.s.sed to meet anyone for the rest of my life!"

"Face, huh...?" Ning Fan laughed. Wu Chen's personality was pretty annoying and was quite similar to that of Old Devil.

Wu Chen had helped him divine something and he helped him in return by getting rid of the four Void Glimpse Stage elders. Even though he had yet to fully repay the favor, their friends.h.i.+p was now established.

"Hehe. I won't return to the Vast Heaven Palace temporarily. I want to travel around the eight hundred cultivation countries in Rain the World and lay low for a bit to avoid people who will make things difficult for me. Brother Ning wants to go to the Central State, right? After pa.s.sing through Zhao Country, you will enter the land of the Central State by heading all the way north. I guess I won't be seeing you off then. Haha. Hahaha..."

"Laying low, huh...? I suppose the real reason is because you want to take this chance to travel around the world to comprehend the Dao. Am I right?"

"Haha! Well, I really can't hide anything from you, Brother Ning. Indeed. I want to get deeper insights and achieve a breakthrough in my cultivation!"


Ning Fan stared at the rain outside the window while sipping on his wine without talking anymore, as if he was comprehending the Great Dao of Void from the rain.

Wu Chen was also staring at the torrential rain outside the window while hugging his wine jug and taking a gulp from time to time. His eyes gradually became deep and blank.

"The Great Dao is extremely plain and simple. Every flower and every droplet of rain contains the ultimate principle. Brother Ning must be trying to comprehend the void using the rain. But what I managed to see from the rain, however, isn't the void..."

One day pa.s.sed and the heavy rain finally stopped.

Ning Fan already lost his interest in wine. The sadness within his heart had already lessened. As he gently used his magic power, his wet robes turned completely dry. He stood up and cupped his fists at Wu Chen.

"We'll meet again someday!"

The rain stopped and he had had enough wine. Naturally, he no longer had any reasons to stay in Vermilion Bird City. Hence, he was about to take his leave.

"Brother Ning, please stop for a moment! Take these two jade slips. Read them and obtain some information about the Central State!"

Wu Chen also lost the desire to continue drinking. He rose from his seat and called Ning Fan to give him two jade slips.

Ning Fan took the jade slips and scanned them using his spirit sense. After that, he cupped his fists at Wu Chen and turned around to leave. The feeling of loneliness had already completely vanished from the silhouette of his back.

While looking at Ning Fan who was gradually disappearing into the distance, Wu Chen also stood up. He kept the bamboo hat and the straw raincoat which were beside him and dispersed his magic power to dry his wet clothes.

"The leader of the young talents of the new generation in the Rain World should be none other than this man..."

Just as his voice fell, he burst into laughter and left the bar in a grand manner.

After Ning Fan and Wu Chen left, every person in Vermilion Bird City sighed with relief...

Good. Very good. The fiends are finally gone...


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Ning Fan left the border of Zhao Country and officially entered the Central State.

Is it possible that the fourth prince was the one who harmed Ning Qian...? Or was it someone else?

"The Rain Palace, huh?" Ning Fan's eyes flashed with a cold glint. Before he finds out the truth, he would not do anything reckless.

However, if he discovers that there were members of the Rain Palace who had partic.i.p.ated in that scheme, he would certainly cause a sea of blood in the Central State.

Ning Fan stroked the blue jade pendant around his neck. No one knew what he was thinking.


A ray of travelling light flashed across the sky swiftly. Half a month later, Ning Fan arrived at the Cloud Connecting Country.

It was a country located right next to the Heavenly Cloud Country. Many cultivators of the Rain Palace were garrisoned at the border. When Ning Fan was about to cross the border, someone immediately recognized him and pa.s.sed a jade slip to him containing a secret message from the Rain Sovereign.

"I'm currently in seclusion. You'll stay in the Heavenly Cloud Country for now. I'll summon you after my seclusion is over."

After Ning Fan read the jade slip, it automatically burned on its own.

Ning Fan did not linger in the Cloud Connecting Country. Instead, he instantly flew toward the Cloud Exiting Country.

Upon reaching the Cloud Exiting Country, there was already a group of cultivators from the Rain Palace waiting to receive him at the border.

They were not members of the Scarlet Heaven Palace. Instead, they were cultivators of the Serene Heaven Palace.

The Scarlet Heaven Palace which was a division under Ning Fan's command actually sent no one to receive their palace lord. Was it the intention of the seventh prince who was overseeing the Scarlet Heaven Palace? Was he trying to give Ning Fan a display of his authority?

Even the palace lord and the vice palace lord of the Serene Heaven Palace, Fang Sheng and Fang Si respectively, had come to receive him. It really was beyond his expectations.

He did not have any relations.h.i.+p with the Serene Heaven Palace. In fact, both of them had some conflicts in the past. However, the Serene Heaven Palace was still so friendly toward him...

Was this actually the idea of Chu Chang An or the sixth prince, Yun Youmu?

Fang Sheng and Fang Si greeted Ning Fan with a warm smile. However, when they noticed the Void Inquiry Stage qi which Ning Fan emanated, their expressions changed and they exclaimed, "It has only been ten years and you've already achieved the Void Inquiry Stage!"

Their words immediately filled the other cultivators of the Serene Heaven Palace with surprise.

During the battle in Song Country ten years ago, Ning Fan had clearly just attained the Void Glimpse Stage...

He actually managed to successfully reach the Void Inquiry Stage after spending ten years of effort. He's literally a monstrous talent!

Among the group of elders of the Serene Heaven Palace, many of them looked at Ning Fan with admiration, respect and grat.i.tude in their eyes.

These elders were naturally the group of people Ning Fan had saved from the Blood Dragon Pool in the past. Yu Bai, who had a slightly deeper friends.h.i.+p with him, was also among them. As he sensed Ning Fan's restrained and vigorous qi, embarra.s.sment filled his face as he was ashamed of his own inferiority.

"Revered Ming who had saved us in the past has already become the Scarlet Heaven Palace Lord today. It really is truly impressive!"

"Void Inquiry Stage... After just a few years, he has actually become a Void Inquiry Stage expert... We might be considered to be rare talents in cultivation but compared to him, our progress really is too embarra.s.sing..."

A beautiful young lady who had a ponytail and wore silver armor stared at Ning Fan blankly. With raised graceful eyebrows and eyes which flashed with surprise, she waved her hand at Ning Fan and said.

"Zhou Ming, no. Ning Fan, you've also come to the Central State!? This is really great!"

Great. It's indeed great... I can finally repay him the three favors!

Ning Fan was stunned as his eyes s.h.i.+fted toward that young lady.

"Yu Chong Er?"

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

Orchid Tomb Sect was previously translated as Lan Ling Sect. It has been changed to better suit the context. It is a sect` led by King Lan Ling.

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