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Chapter 68

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As the largest music event in China, every time the Golden Melody Awards is held, there is a lot of bloodshed on the Internet. Fans show their own powers, and there is a fierce struggle on various social platforms. 

This year, however, it was obviously much more peaceful. 

On the entertainment forum, the opinion poll of the Golden Melody Awards was opened as usual. However, compared with the grand opinion poll from the past, it was obviously a little deserted. On the contrary, another post was much more lively.

——This is probably the most suspense-free Golden Melody Awards in history.

LZ watches Golden Melody Awards every year. Seriously, even if there is a Zhuo Tianw.a.n.g, there is not much suspense. Those singers who released in the first half of the year probably did not expect that such a dark horse would emerge in the second half of the year, right?

I think the biggest suspense of this year's Golden Melody Awards is whether Ye Cang can win the Grand Slam, right?

1L: let me a.n.a.lyze it for LZ. After Bai Jiajia got fired, Ye Cang has no rival for the best male singer award and should be easily able to win it. “Rebirth” has recently become popular abroad and it wouldn't make any sense if it couldn't win the best alb.u.m award. That leaves us with the best song award. Do you remember what happened to Ye Cang on music charts before? Anyway, I think there's a lot of hope for a grand slam.

2L: great hope 1

5L: Has LZ become Ye Cang's water army? Bragging doesn't pay taxes! Forget the best male singer and best alb.u.m, the best song does not depend on sales or popularity, but on artistry. You have to get more than 2 / 3 of the votes of the expert team. Don't forget that the last year's Golden Melody Awards would rather leave this award empty than give it to those singers who were not qualified.

7L: 5L is he a water army? Is there no artistry in whatever the public likes? Bulls.h.i.t nm! The high quality of Ye Cang's alb.u.m is recognized by Dean Fang and G.o.d Nick. If you have the guts to say it in front of them!

8L: As far as 5L is concerned, I'm afraid he doesn't even know who Dean Fang and G.o.d Nick are, HHH

155L: What did I just see? Why did Ye Cang just become the best newcomer?? What Golden Melody Awards?! Is this a broadcast accident?! 

156l: LZ wake up, Ye Cang has made his debut this year! It's normal to get the best newcomer award!

166l: I'm stupid. The question is which newcomer is as good as him? This is forcing the old timers in the music industry to have no way out, hhh.

363l: Best male singer!! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t!!! Grand Slam progress 1 / 3

555l: Best alb.u.m!! “Rebirth” has been shortlisted and the sales volume is simply frightening. The sales volume of the of all other shortlisted singers can't beat him, right??

559l: it almost adds up to ½ of his sales. It's stable!!

600L: now the broadcast progress, three finalists, three awards, 2/3 of the Grand Slam progress

621l: ah ah ah ah, I'm already so excited that I am going to cry!! It's burning! Please G.o.d, let Cang Cang win the grand slam!!

622l: to be reasonable, with Ye Cang's current achievement, he can already be called the strongest newcomer in history, right? 

634l: a special G.o.d sent newcomer! I'm afraid that even those great G.o.ds who have made their debut many years ago can't achieve this result

678l: ah, Cang Cang is the best lyricist!!!

690l: I didn't get it, ah ah, what a pity …

754l: got the best composition!!! Now it is shortlisted for four events and got three! Come on! There is also the best arrangements and the best song!!

801l: This is simply killing the whole Golden Melody Awards! Can you save some soup for others to drink [dog head]. 

912l: newspaper!! Got the best arrangement!! Now it's five finalists and four awards, 2 / 3 of the Grand Slam progress, Cang Cang fight!!!

1000L: best song! It's finally here!!

1003l: my nervous heart almost stopped. I don't dare to watch the live broadcast. I'll just wait here for everyone to watch the live broadcast

1042l: me too. I've never experienced watching the awards ceremony with so much tension!! G.o.d bless you !! Cang Cang must win it! 

At the Golden Melody Awards ceremony, all the candidates and the audience were equally nervous.

This year's Golden Melody Awards had almost become a solo show for Ye Cang. Ye Cang continued to go on stage to receive the awards and later, he didn't even give a speech after receiving them, but rather said, “I may have to come back later, let me say it then.”

However, he was indeed qualified to say so, after all compared with other singers with no harvest, the golden trophies beside Ye Cang were really eye-catching.

With the best songs shortlisted on the big screen, Ye Cang's "Long Night" is impressively on the list. 

The award presenter, Fang Zhilan, executive vice president of the Music a.s.sociation and dean of the Beijing Conservatory of Music, walked slowly on stage with an envelope in his hand, and almost everyone stared at the envelope.

For the candidates, this is their last chance tonight, and as for Ye Cang, it also determines whether he can become the first singer in history to win a grand slam as a newcomer at the Golden Melody Awards.

All the media and the audience were eagerly staring at Fang Zhilan, impatiently waiting for the biggest suspense.

In contrast, Ye Cang's response was very dull. He had already pa.s.sed through the process of relying on awards to prove his talent. It felt good to get them but even if he couldn't get them, it was not a big deal for him.

On the contrary, Li Zihang who was sitting next to him looked a lot more nervous.

Ye Cang even comforted him, “Relax, it's no big deal.”

Li Zihang: “…”

Li Zihang said helplessly, “Can't you be a little nervous? Can you at least show some respect for those who accompany you in this award? Or I'm really afraid I'll beat you up out of envy.”

Ye Cang: “Little cla.s.smate, don't be so grumpy, actually you are already very good?”

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Li Zihang rolled his eyes and said, “Where am I good?”

All of a sudden, he missed Shen Huai very much. He hoped that he could stand by his side and share this honor with him.

He looked down the stage and spoke, “This should be the last time I'm standing on this podium tonight.”

As soon as this sentence came out, there was a sudden laugh at the venue and some people even  booed. It was indeed a night when Ye Cang went up and down again, and his harvest was quite abundant. It was really too heart-wrenching for these accompanying award runners.

Ye Cang didn't mind that and even said, “I am very grateful to the team of experts for their recognition. I'm honored to receive this award. I always thought that music contains a very profound knowledge. Those pioneers who explore music are worthy of respect and creators who write songs seriously are one of the most precious treasures of mankind.”

“I am probably the lucky one among them. It is not just my own credit that ‘Rebirth' could achieve such a success, but also the efforts of those behind the scenes creators that cooperated with me. So, I will spend 10% of the profit of the ‘Rebirth' alb.u.m to invest in the cultivation of original music creators.”

As soon as his words came out, there was an uproar at the venue, and even Fang Zhilan, who was waiting for him at the edge of the stage, was shocked. 

This is not a small amount of money. The sales volume of "Rebirth" has already exceeded 50 million yuan, and there is a steady stream of follow-up income. Ye Cang has chosen to donate 10% of it, which was very bold.

Originally, there were still some people who were sour, but now there was only admiration. 

Although some people were saying that he was stupid for donating money to train his own opponents, it was only a small number of people.

Off the stage, Shen Huai looked at Ye Cang with profound eyes. He knew that Ye Cang was not showing off or pretending to be generous but sincerely hoped that there would be more and better original music. 

This quality was not less important than his own talent.

After dropping this bomb Ye Cang added another sentence before stepping down. 

“By the way, I hope my opponents will be able to compete with me better the next time I come back with my agent. Thank you.” 

Everyone: "!!!"

They were moved by his words in vain. This boy really wanted to be thought a lesson!!

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