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Chapter 765: Aquarium

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Chapter 765: Aquarium

The trip to Okinawa was a fun thing.

Whether it was the beach, food, or many other attractions, they tried all of them.

Having five days and four nights of travel gave them all that freedom.

As of now, they were on the beach, staring at his figure in a daze.

Shishio wore a pair of shorts, showing his strong and rugged body to the world.

It was like Pandora's Box was opened.

When it opened, it brought disaster.

Fortunately, they were at the beach near his villa.

If they were on the public beach, without a doubt, many people would swarm him like a group of ants that attracted the sweetness of the sugar.

On the third day, they played many things, from going to Kayak and diving, so, at the end of the day, they went to his villa to play on the beach for a while.

Usually, it would be better to pay at the beach at noon, but the UV rays of Okinawa were quite intense for them, so this time should be the best.

Still, unlike before, the number of his girls had increased by one.

Currently, this girl is surrounded by Yui, Saki, and Ebina.

Yumiko was teased to death by the three of them and could only ask Shishio for help since she was afraid she might die from embarra.s.sment.

"Are we going somewhere again after this?" Mai Sakurajima asked.

Shishio didn't answer her question for a moment. Instead, he appreciated her body quietly. An almost ripened body was presented before his eyes. Mai's body might not be so outrageous, and her growth just happened to be in the right place.

In simple terms, her body was gorgeous, especially when her bikini was tightly wrapped around her, which enhanced her charm even more.

"...wait later, okay?" Mai rolled her eyes, but she didn't hate his eyes.

"Cough! Cough!" Shishio coughed, then said, "Well, do you want to visit my aquarium?"

"Your aquarium?"

They felt speechless by his sentence, but without a doubt, they were curious.

With that said, they went to the bathroom in his villa, cleaning up their bodies, but Shishio somehow slipped inside, causing the situation to become even merrier.

Yumiko realized that the pure-pure love that she sought wasn't there. Instead, she knew that her days might be filled with a lot of l.u.s.t and indulgence. Yet, she had to say; she didn't hate it at all.


Their plan was to visit an aquarium, but they were too exhausted to go out. Many of them were sleepy, and they just wanted to lie on their bed. He didn't force them since he knew they had done many things for the entire day.

For a female, the stamina used a night activity was different from the stamina used for a day activity. Usually, some women had succubus-like stamina during the night, yet during the day, they easily got exhausted.

However, this was a normal thing since having s.e.x was a fun thing.

Doing a fun thing made people forget the time, right?

Still, while a female had such a cheating body, the male needed to work hard since if they wanted to have strong stamina for night activity, they needed a strong body for the day activity too.

With that said, even if many of them lay on their bed exhaustedly, few decided to go with him to the aquarium.

"It's like before."

Saki and Nana were the ones who followed him to the aquarium.

"Yeah, it's been a while."

"I remember you only had the two of us as your harem members before."


Shishio could feel their piercing gazes on him, but he decided to hug their waists intimately, which caused them to nestle on his shoulders with a helpless smile.

However, they couldn't help but remember when he was still hesitating and wondering what he should do, thinking about his past, remembering his lover in his previous life.

While he could move on, he still remembered her, and it was impossible for him to forget, yet he wasn't so fixed on her.

Or he might be fixed on her, thinking and wondering whether he could meet her again.

If it was before, he thought that it was impossible.

However, with the system, he felt that it was possible.

His brain, he believed, had become one of the brightest men in the world.

While it might take a long time, he believed that he should be able to create a machine that made him able to travel to another world. Even if he couldn't develop it shortly, he should be able to live long enough to develop it since before he created this machine, he should be able to create a drug, which made him capable of living a long life.

To be honest, the system was too amazing.

The thought that he thought was impossible was possible as long as he wanted to.

However, even if he longed for his previous lover, he wasn't so heartless to leave his lovers in this world. They were the ones who had saved him, and they were also the ones who had given him everything.

Without all of them, he knew that he would become nothing but a second rich generation who relied on his parents.

Was it bad?

Not really. After all, becoming a second rich generation was a great thing.

The only problem was whether one's character was able to become respectable when one was living in such an environment.

That said, he didn't need to think about those matters since he had arrived in his aquarium.

"...this is your aquarium?"


"Isn't this the most popular aquarium in Okinawa?"

"That's right."

"......" 2x

They decided to keep quiet since there were many incredible things about their man, and if they thought too much, they were afraid that they might show a stupid expression. Unfortunately, those expressions were already shown.

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"Close your mouth. Your expressions are a bit idiotic now."

"What do you think of having a wedding in the aquarium?"

"... a wedding in the aquarium?" 2x

They were in a daze.

"What's wrong so suddenly?"

"Are you going to marry us?"

"Huh? You think that I won't?"

"Well, I thought that you would make us your mistress."

"Or a secret lover?"


"Is that okay with you?"

"It's okay."

"Un, as long as I am with you. It's alright." Saki looked at the bright aquarium, watching various colorful fishes swimming as if dancing on the water. "Married... while many say that it is a wonderful thing, I believe that this isn't the only thing that will tie two people who love together. As long as I have you by my side and I know that you love me, then it is fine."

He stared at Saki for a moment and said, "But I want to marry you two, though. Is that not okay?"

"........" 2x

Their eyes became wet as they heard his words.

"You don't want to?"

"I want to!" 2x

If possible, they also wanted to marry him, but they also knew that it would be hard.

"Believe me, okay? This isn't an empty word. While I know that it might take time for me to realize it, I will be sure to marry the two of you, including everyone." He held their hands tightly. "Then, in the future, we'll marry here in the aquarium. I will build a dome where we will be surrounded by many fishes as we walk barefoot on the top of the white sandy ground."

"Shishio..." 2x

Their tears couldn't be stopped anymore, and they hugged him tightly.

For most people, this might be impossible, but for him, he would definitely realize it.

"Should we go back now?"

"Well, let's go back."

Shishio was confused. "Are you tired?"

"No, I want to f.u.c.k you."


Shishio looked into the eyes of the two women quietly and could see their eyes were full of l.u.s.t.

He nodded and thought that his trip to Okinawa was amazing.

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