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Chapter 3742 - Chapter 3742: Fugitive (1)

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Chapter 3742 - Chapter 3742: Fugitive (1)

Chapter 3742: Fugitive (1)

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However, for the sake of her plan, Feng Wu had no choice but to ask, ‘Mrs. Gao, where are you going?”

Lady Gu smiled bitterly. “All we want is to get to the Northern Yan Kingdom.

Once we’re there, we can stay anywhere. We just want to live.”

Feng Wu cleared her throat. “Can I come with you?”

Before Mrs. Gao could say anything, the third son’s wife, who had come back with some firewood, threw a dirty look at Feng Wu. “No!”

Concerned that Feng Wu would be upset, Mrs. Gao smiled bitterly. “Actually…”

Her sister-in-law rolled her eyes at her. “Don’t be so nice! You can’t pick up a beggar by the side of the road! We’ll have one more mouth to feed!”

Seeing that Mrs. Gao still wanted to say something, the sister-in-law smirked.

“I’ll tell my mother. Just wait and see!”

After that, she threw away her firewood and headed for the slope.

Old Mrs. Gao was on the mountain slope with the kids looking for edible plants. According to her, if they mixed some leaves into the porridge, they would be able to survive for another meal.

“Mom! Mom!” Her third daughter-in-law shouted as she ran.

Hearing her sister-in-law’s exasperated tone, Mrs. Gao was angry. She turned to Feng Wu and sighed. “Miss Feng, I don’t think my mother will agree.”

Feng Wu already knew what was going to happen. She nodded at Mrs. Gao, then quickly walked away.

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By then, Mrs. Gao’s sister-in-law had dragged old Mrs. Gao to her side. “Mom! My dear sister-in-law has agreed to take that little beggar with us! I can’t believe it!”

“I don’t care what reason you have! Get her out of my sight now! If she doesn’t leave, you’re leaving with her!”


Frightened, Xiaoshu and Sanya wrapped their arms around the old lady’s legs, fearing that she would hit their mother again.

Li blushed at the old lady’s words.

Many people were watching, and most of them were her brothers-in -law, sisters-in-law, and their children.

Li was so embarra.s.sed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

Gao Mingjiang walked up to his wife, wrapped her in his arms, and frowned at his mother. “Mother, you’ve crossed the line.”

Seeing that her son had turned against her, old Mrs. Gao was furious..

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