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Chapter 3271 - 3271 Sun Castle

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Chapter 3271 - 3271 Sun Castle

3271 Sun Castle

After that, Feng Wu was about to take the essence crystals back from Funo.

“Who says it’s not ours?”

Just then, the only girl on the team rushed up and s.n.a.t.c.hed the bag of essence crystals from Feng Wu’s hands.

The other four members of the team looked at one another.


Funo wanted to speak, but the others gave him warning looks.

He shrugged in resignation and stopped talking.

Feng Wu asked innocently, “Are they really yours?”

The girl’s name was Hanae. She darted a look at Feng Wu and snorted. “If it’s not mine, do you think it’s yours?! I embroidered the pattern on the bag myself! Isn’t that right, Sanji?”

Hanae asked her friends.

Sanji’s sense of morality was obviously lower than Funo’s. He immediately nodded. “Yes, it’s Hanae’s. I can prove it.”

Funo was speechless.

The others in the team didn’t deny it either.

Feng Wu chuckled inwardly, but she still put on a sweet smile. “I told you it was yours. Wasn’t I right?”

She grinned, revealing her white teeth. Her smile was sweet and very adorable.

The captain glanced at Feng Wu. “Which team are you from? Why are you here alone?”

Feng Wu had caught quite a few people in the Dayless Woods and had learned about the distribution of the Dongsang Kingdom’s troops.

Dongsang was different from the Junwu Empire.

The Military Academy and Imperial College had always competed in the survival of the fittest.

The Dongsang Kingdom only had one army, and the great general was Xue Zhibei.

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Below Xue Zhibei were two Guardians, followed by 50 Spiritual Overlord generals, who were under Mr. Sakiya’s control.

They felt guilty toward this girl.

They had just deceived such an innocent and kind girl…

Hanae frowned, but before she could say no, Feng Wu said with a smile, “Alright, let’s go back together. I’m scared to go alone. What if I run into bad people?”

Hence, with the help of a bag of essence crystals, Feng Wu managed to infiltrate the team.

Feng Wu’s performance along the way was flawless. She didn’t reveal much about herself but managed to learn a lot about them.

It turned out that the Dongsang Kingdom’s fortress wasn’t a wartime construction like the Junwu Empire’s. Instead, the Dongsang Kingdom was confident enough to build the fortress into a city.

In the middle of the city was the general’s residence. Mr. Sakiya and the crown prince both lived in the great general’s residence.

At the front of the city were 40 brigades led by Spiritual Kings. The other ten brigades led by Spiritual Overlords guarded the great general’s residence.

Between the front line and the great general’s residence was a wide street that connected the north and south.

There were shops on both sides of the street, and behind the shops were residential areas with individual courtyards.

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