Godly Empress Doctor


Chapter 2767

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Chapter 2767: A Possible Level 8 Spiritual Lord

Feng Wu frowned. “What if she won’t sign?”

Gongsun Mu smiled. “Why would she do that?”

Mr. w.a.n.g smirked. “She thinks she can get whatever she wants just because she’s pretty. She’s disrespectful toward Miss Qingluan and slanders Miss Qingluan behind her back. It’s only natural that Miss Qingluan won’t sign her form.”

Feng Wu looked at him in resignation. Would it kill this man to stop criticizing her?


Chen Ziyun said, “I need to go out for a second.”

He was bewildered. He didn’t know what was going on with Zuo Qingluan, whom he hadn’t met so far, and he had to ask Feng Xun what that was about.

He immediately left the academy.

Being the head of the Martial Arts Society not only gave him the right to treat the vice chiefs like his equal, but also gave him the privilege to use the portal at any time.

Northern Feng Mansion.

“Boss Feng! You’re here!”

Chen Ziyun was perplexed when he saw Feng Xun training at home.

Since when did Feng Xun start working so hard?

Feng Xun had no choice. Feng Wu was making such fast progress that if he didn’t hurry up, he would fall behind.

“Boss, you have amazing taste,” Chen Ziyun teased him.

Feng Xun glanced at him in confusion.

“I’m talking about Feng Wu,” Chen Ziyun explained.

He had pulled Feng Wu’s file before he came here, and he almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

What an amazing student!

Given the speed of her progress, she was good enough to be a student of Mu Jiuzhou!

Feng Xun didn’t pay much attention to Chen Ziyun at first, but his eyes lit up when Chen Ziyun mentioned Feng Wu.

It had been over a month since he last saw her, and he missed the girl.

Boss Jun had made him stay at home to cultivate. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be stuck here.

“Of course Feng Wu is amazing.” Feng Xun’s face lit up. “My girl has to be.”

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Chen Ziyun was misled.

Feng Xun’s eyes widened when he read it.

Chen Ziyun didn’t feel so defeated when he saw how shocked Feng Xun was.

It felt good that he wasn’t the only one to feel shocked.

The paper shook in Feng Xun’s hand, and he stared at Chen Ziyun. “Is everything on it true?”

The paper recorded what Feng Wu had achieved so far.

She had been in Cla.s.s E at the beginning of the first month.

She was in Cla.s.ses D, C, and B after that.

She got into Cla.s.s A this month and was halfway through the registration.

She was also making her way into the seeded team.

Overall evaluation: She could be a Level 8 Spiritual Lord.


“A Level 8 Spiritual Lord?” Feng Xun’s eyes widened.

He had been training hard all this time.

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