Godly Empress Doctor


Chapter 2766

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Chapter 2766: She Doesn’t Deserve It

Just then, someone spoke from outside.

“Chief Qingluan is His Royal Highness’s fiancee!”

It was Mr. w.a.n.g, the tutor from Cla.s.s D who had a grudge against Feng Wu.

Chen Ziyun frowned at him. “What? When did that happen? No one told me that.”

Mr. w.a.n.g sounded smug. “You’ve been in Peace Gra.s.sland the whole time, and you wouldn’t have come back if it hadn’t been for the upcoming compet.i.tion. Of course you wouldn’t know about it.”

Feng Wu looked at them in resignation. Fiancee? It had to be one of the rumors Zuo Qingluan was spreading.

Chen Ziyun shook his head. “I don’t buy it.”

Mr. w.a.n.g laughed. “Your opinion doesn’t matter. Miss Qingluan is the crown prince’s future wife, and you can’t change that!”

Chen Ziyun glanced at Feng Wu.

If Zuo Qingluan really was going to marry the crown prince, and Feng Wu was Feng Xun’s girl, then Feng Wu would be inferior to her in status.

He already believed that Feng Wu was close to Feng Xun.

“Feng Wu, do you know if Zuo Qingluan is His Royal Highness’s fiancee?”

All eyes were on Feng Wu.

Mr. w.a.n.g shook his head. “What can she possibly know? You shouldn’t ask her.”

Chen Ziyun said, “Didn’t Feng Wu join us only a month ago? She should know what’s going on outside better than we do. Moreover…”

He looked at Feng Wu. “Moreover, you’re close to Feng Xun. You should have some inside information.”

“You’re close to Feng Xun?” Mr. w.a.n.g gave Feng Wu a strange look.

He remembered Feng Xun as a rebellious heir of an influential family. That boy was supposed to be very proud and hard to get along with.

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Feng Wu nodded. “Yup.”


Everybody in the room stared at her.

Chen Ziyun was intrigued. “Really? His Royal Highness is engaged! To whom?”

Mr. w.a.n.g smirked. “Do you think we should trust you instead of Chief Qingluan?”

Feng Wu frowned. “Is it so important to find out who the crown prince’s fiancee is? I thought we were here to complete my registration.”

Gongsun Mu came back to his senses.

Even he had almost forgotten about their real business here.

After he signed Feng Wu’s form, he told her, “After Chief Qingluan signs it, you’ll be a Cla.s.s A student and a member of the seeded team.”

Feng Wu frowned. “Do I have to ask for her signature?”

Gongsun Mu said, “Yes. That’s the required procedure.”

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