God of Music

Lee Chang Yeon - 이창연

Chapter 394

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Chapter 394

Outto – Seven years after music Outro – Seven years later “Appa ah !! Wake up! ”

Can I sleep a little longer? I came in at 1 o’clock yesterday. I begged for it, but little hope was made. I feel a heavy body temperature in the abdomen. A tiny demon dresses with a smile on his face.

“Yoon-ah, you.”

I hugged a little boy badly. As always, the child digs deep into me.

Lee Yoon-ah. It was our child who resembled Jin-seo’s face and my eyes.

Oh. Is this you except me? ”

I ran to Jin-seo with an ap.r.o.n. This morning also began this way. Benefits – Tadak Takkak – I hear the sound of cooking rice in the kitchen, and the sound of cutting with a certain rhythm.

“Many baby goats -”

As if to fit, Jin-seo swayed over the chanting. It is a sight to make me feel good every morning.

“I love to play – like sun – bright -”

Yoon-ah. It turns black. please… That bad. It’s time for meals. Jin-seo gave Yoon-ah the cutlery and turned to me.

“We have to get out at ten.”

“Oh, yes.” I looked at my face and Jin-seo gave me a side dish on Yoon-ah’s spoon, saying he knew it.

Anyway. Yesterday, ENTIEN recording came in late, did you forget that? ”

Awkward laughing, Yoon-ah frowned at him.

“Oh, why do not you give me a drink yesterday? Alas … Umma was angry yesterday? I punched in a pancake. “) Bob chews up and tell me. Jin-seo Why do you blush your face? Yoon-ah feeds all of the beamed rice, and Jin-seo hits the salad. Recently I was told that drama came in. A lot of hands go up to actor to my 7 year old daughter Umma. That’s great.

“Hyun-ji Unnie thought I was going to live alone all my life. When did you do romance? I have a lot of age difference. ”

“Jun-yeol is gone, but I am a lieutenant and I can not go.”

Jin-seo laughed. Who knew Jun-yeol would be her Han Joo-yeon. The article was poured over as a singer couple of the century. Uri I’ve done it so well. Anyway today is Lee Hyun-ji, the day we worship the director of World Station Witch. The opponent is Kang Joon-Sub representative who came in as a career employee. Work is good, and it looks like a sprout, and it is the same age. Jin-seo washed Yoon-ah and rushed to dress up while I was washing dishes. When I became a frivolous guest, I told Unnie that I was frustrated. Oh, I’d like to say that it is folly. It’s true. Hee-yoon Lee was arriving first when he arrived at the Uhotel in Seoul where the wedding was held.

Sibling Our Yoon-ah !! How have you been?”

Hee-yoon Lee gleamed Yoon-ah. Yoon-ah also liked Hee-yoon very much. Hee-yoon is a pooh beside him.

“Unoong. Jae-hoon came three seconds .. ”.

Look at the voice, very. Kim Jae-hoon, Mashee pinned Yoon-ah’s ball. They bombed the marriage sometime, when they ate. It’s Jae-hoon. He’s okay. Hee-yoon It’s sad. Rocks. Familiar faces are seen one by two. Kim Ji-min, Humanity and ENTIEN members shook hands. There, Kim Ji-min and Humanities had three times, and Entien had two renewals. Everyone was going beyond China and Asia and spreading to Europe.

“What about the other kids?”

Humanities answered.

“Han-yoo and Sam-soon said it was late. Lilie and Ris almost arrived. ”

Looking at the entrance, the groom was facing the guest. I went down 90 degrees and bowed my head and sweated. I went into the bride waiting room with my party. There is no ordinary woman, and a white bride was sitting.

“What do you see?”

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The witch director was right. No matter how the surface changes, the genus has not changed. Lee Hyun-ji, a singer, said she was happy to celebrate the marriage. She is a woman too. People in the industry came to take pictures and go to the entrance. Han Young-suk, CEO of GNB, and Chu Man-ji, CEO of Yunsul.

– Take a look. I’ll go all the way to the end of the billboard.

On the last day of the contract, Jung Min-ah was on a flight to LA leaving a word with me. There was no mail, nor a phone call. Recently I have been working as a dancer under Shamo. Are you doing well.

“Here comes the bride.”

Seo Han-yoo pointed out that Lee Hyun-ji, a director, was walking by the hand of Choi Chan-yang professor. Yoon Hye-rim’s piano play rang the hall. A short celebration followed and a celebration continued. World studio director wedding, there were many celebrity. It was five songs … I chose the last chorus myself. When all the singers in the world chorused out with me, silver was poured all over the place. Lee Hyun-ji, the shy director, fell into the sea of tears and succeeded. After the wedding, the bouquet was received by Park So-yeon.

“Ohhh…” Hahaha There was no lover, she was sore. I want you to meet a nice person on this occasion. Hee-yoon is now making a lot of songs, I want to meet someone who will fit even if I take a break.

“Shoot !!”

All the people at the World Station stood at the center of the bride and groom frame. Lee Hyun-ji Director wedding was magnificently finished. Kang-yoon walked slowly through the park road holding her daughter Yoon-ah’s hand. Jin-seo grabbed Yoon-ah’s hand by the side and walked slowly, matching the stride. People’s eyes turned to them, but they were familiar. Yoon-ah looked around and pointed to a woman sitting on a bench in the corner of a park.

Huh? geotjimal There’s a song. ”

Kang-yoon and Min Jin-seo’s eyes turned toward you. The woman was sitting on the bench and singing to the accompaniment. A musical note was circling around the woman and a pure white light came out. Kang-yoon’s eyes gleamed as he saw the white glow. Min Jin-seo embraced Yoon-ah.

“Come on.”

Kang-yoon nodded and approached the woman. When she saw the shadow on the ground and asked the woman who was gazing, Kang-yoon handed her a business card.

Kang-yoon smiled as she watched the letter “World Station Lee Kang-yoon”.

“Let’s go together. I will give you a bigger stage. ”

Outto – 7 Years Late

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