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Chapter 2862 - 2862 The Road of the Human Race (3)

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Chapter 2862 - 2862 The Road of the Human Race (3)

2862 The Road of the Human Race (3)

However, the Venerables of the City of Origin weren’t fools. After a brief observation, they discovered that on the battlefield of the Explorers, many temporary five-person teams had suddenly appeared, making their combat efficiency higher.

This was because when the five humans were combined, there would inevitably be a lot of people from the City of Origin who had no place to fight. They could have fought two or three alone, but when they found that the humans had run away, they naturally gathered together.

Although they didn’t know what the five major professions were, the human race only formed five-person teams, but they could make up ten or fifteen- person teams.

Therefore, as far as the battlefield was concerned, the fighting crowd didn’t change much, but the fighting style was clearly changing.


In just half an hour, about one-tenth of the explorers teamed up.

Furthermore, as time pa.s.sed, more and more people formed teams.

At first, it didn’t seem to have much effect.

However, after there was a certain number of five profession combinations, the combat effect was clearly different. For example, when a five-person team fought more than a dozen enemies from the City of Origin, although the team members were not so familiar with each other that they couldn’t defeat them directly, the five-person team could hold out long.

In particular, when a spirit gatherer was completely responsible for healing and setting up arrays, and a manipulator was completely responsible for precise control, many fatal situations changed. And generally, when facing enemies less than ten, a team could basically kill one or two people in one round.

Unfortunately, after the five major profession combinations accounted for one-fifth of the population, it was difficult to form more profession combinations. Some people didn’t have the concept of the five major profession combinations at all. Some people had no team to join in because others formed teams too quickly.

Furthermore, the people of the City of Origin clearly realized that something was wrong. Someone shouted, “Everyone, hold back the humans. Don’t let them form teams. Don’t let them form teams.”

Han Fei and Luo Xiaobai quietly watched the battle change, and Han Fei frowned slightly and said, “It’s much worse than I imagined.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded slightly. “After all, they’re just temporary teams. Their teamwork is very poor. But even so, it can still increase their overall combat power by more than 30%. It’s already a huge breakthrough.”

Han Fei shook his head. “Not enough. A 30% increase is too little. Look at Yi Xiyan and the others. Their comprehensive combat power has increased by more than several times. And the teams that persist in the five major profession combinations can even resist enemies five times stronger.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “The requirements can’t be too high. If the overall strength is increased by 30%, it will directly crush the City of Origin. Now, that’s all we can do. Retreat!”


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Han Fei frowned. “It wasn’t easy for you to arrange for the battlefields. How can we retreat so easily?”

Someone shouted, “Everyone, listen to the command. Retreat.”

“Retreat! Do you want to defy the war commander’s order?”

The humans were all puzzled, but everyone knew that the Human Emperor and the War Commander were both here. Since they had announced a retreat, there should be a reason for the retreat, right?

The people who formed teams seemed to understand Luo Xiaobai’s meaning, so they all shouted, “Everyone, stop fighting. There’s a reason to retreat.”

Someone echoed, “That’s right. If my guess is correct, retreating this time will be of great benefit to our human race.”

Someone agreed. “My fellow human beings, please trust the judgment of the Human Emperor and the War Commander.”

For a moment, although everyone in the human race was unwilling to retreat, they still retreated.

The City of Origin, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised. Some people even began to cheer.

For most ordinary people, they didn’t commit any crimes. In a race war, there was no right or wrong. If someone rose, there would definitely be someone who was destroyed. The human race had borne the decline of countless years. When they rose, some other races would inevitably begin to decline. This was the price of growth.

Han Fei and Luo Xiaobai were commanding the retreat, unaware that a couple and a girl were watching quietly in the void in the distance. Who else could it be but Han Guanshu and Jiang Linxian?

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