God Level Demon


Chapter 82 - Arrival at Savage Beast Island

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Chapter 82 – Arrival at Savage Beast Island

A few hours later, the airship finally arrived at Savage Beast Island.

“Finally, Savage Beast Island.”

With a whoosh, Captain Luo Jian’s figure appeared on the large screen again, and he said, “In a moment, take your luggage and alight the airship. The airship will return to this place in five days.”

“When the time is up, no matter what you are doing, you must come back.”


The airship landed slowly on a beach, and then the door of the airship opened and steel stairs appeared.


After a few minutes, the students of the ten schools got off the airship. But the crew and teachers didn’t follow them.

There are now about 200 people standing on the beach. They are carrying packages, suitcases, and so on.


At this time, the airship took off and soon disappeared from sight. It left Savage Beast Island and flew towards a nearby leisure island to stay.

For the students, these five days are a trial by fire period. But for the teachers and crew, it is a vacation. They naturally won’t stay on the desolate Savage Beast Island.

In any case, if they stay on Savage Beast Island, they won’t have anything to do anyway. They just have to return in five days, pick the students up, and go back to Skywater City.


The students watched the airship leave with a sense of loss. Now they are the only people left, since this place is a desolate, isolated island located far away from the mainland

Xia Ping looked at the island. In front of him is a dense jungle full of lush plants. Furthermore, there are mountains, rivers, valleys, and more in the distance.

From time to time, the roars of savage beasts can be heard from the depths of the jungle, causing people’s hearts to beat wildly.

The students can sense here an atmosphere that is completely different from that of a steel city, a primeval atmosphere. There are no signs of human habitation. Even if they scream for help, no one will take notice.

“Let’s go.”

The first to leave was a team composed of students from 88th High School led by Chu Rong. She broke away from the rest of the group and set off towards the northeast, towards the depths of the jungle.

Because this trial by fire is a compet.i.tion, it is impossible for all students to stay together. They must separate. Otherwise, if so many people stay together, who will hunt savage beasts?!

Upon seeing this, the people from other schools separated, as well. They consciously chose different directions to avoid b.u.mping into one another.

“Let’s go, too.” Jiang Yaru said to Xia Ping and them.

Xiong Batian retorted, “Forget it, I don’t want to stay with this guy.” He glared at Xia Ping, and then turned and left. Sixteen or seventeen people followed him, including Gao Sheng, Tao Yun, and Hong Yu.

They seem to have discussed it beforehand and planned to act together. They don’t want to stay with Xia Ping. The only people left were Xia Ping, Jiang Yaru, and Zhu Erqin.

“It appears that we are being isolated.”

Xia Ping sighed: “The world is really dark. This is what they call bullying.”

“Bullying my a.s.s. It’s what you get for stirring up trouble wherever you go.” Jiang Yaru glared at Xia Ping angrily, “Besides, I have to correct you. You’re being isolated, not us.”

Xia Ping looked at Zhu Erqin and asked, “You aren’t going with them?”

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“I already formed a team with Yaru. Besides, I’m not someone who likes to move about in a large group. Two or three people is just right.” Zhu Erqin replied indifferently, not minding the other people leaving.

Xia Ping, who has been releasing his spiritual force all along to observe the surrounding environment, suddenly discovered a change and sensed a fearsome momentum coming from the front.


In an instant, trees started vibrating as if subjected to a storm. There are four or five coyotes rushing this way from the front. Each coyote looks st.u.r.dy, is covered in rippling muscles, has sharp claws that leave marks in the ground, and emits a bloodthirsty and cruel aura.

“Be careful, these are coyotes.”

Jiang Yaru warned: “It is said that they are one of the overlords on Savage Beast Island. They are many in number, fast, and strong. They can even tear rocks apart with their claws.”

“If their numbers are large enough, even Martial Pract.i.tioner realm powerhouses will be torn to pieces.”

“But even a single coyote cannot be underestimated, since they will attack fearlessly. And they will call their friends. If we don’t kill them quickly, we will be surrounded by coyotes.”

Her expression became one of caution.

Xia Ping doesn’t care. Although these coyotes are indeed impressive, but they are only equivalent to 5th layer Martial Apprentice realm powerhouses. They pose no threat to him.

Just as he was bout to kill the five coyotes, the people from Zhengde High School, who have been following the from behind, suddenly moved and quickly rushed to in front of Xia Ping’s group.

In an instant, five people came forward, unsheathed their swords, and unleashed exquisite swordsmanship. Cold rays streaked past, and the swords accurately stabbed the five coyotes in the heart.

Without being able to mount any resistance, the five coyotes fell to the ground with a thump and lost their breath of life.


Jiang Yaru and Zhu Erqin were surprised, unable to understand why the people from Zhengde High School would do such a thing. The other party unexpectedly helped them kill the savage beasts.

But haven’t they offended the other party? Could it be that these guys are actually good at heart and repay good for bad?!

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