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Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

"The first match, me and Zhou Taian?!"

When Xia Ping saw this schedule, his pupils shrank a little . He felt that sooner or later he would meet Zhou Taian, but he didn't expect him to be his opponent in the first match .

The schedule of this school fighting compet.i.tion was to follow the Tianshui City high school fighting compet.i.tion system . It adopted a knockout system, and one game would determine the winner .

There were 27 cla.s.ses in the whole third year, and each cla.s.s selected ten people to compete . Among them, a dozen of them quit the compet.i.tion because of accidents and did not partic.i.p.ate . As a result, there were exactly 256 people this time . .

The first round consisted of a total of 128 matches, and those who won would advance . Then it would be 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 and the finally the match that would determine the champion .

To become the champion, you needed to win in all eight matches .

However, in the random selection of more than one hundred contestants, he happened to face Zhou Tai'an in the first match . Was this just a coincidence?

"Xia Ping will face Zhou Tai'an in the first match? Really unlucky . He will be out before it even starts . "

"It's okay to be out, but do you remember what happened last Friday? Zhou Taian made it clear that he wanted to teach Xia Ping a lesson . This is a rare opportunity . Xia Ping would definitely be miserable . "

"Isn't it? As soon as he goes up the ring, he will probably be severely injured and sent to the hospital for emergency treatment . "

"Although there are referees who can stop it in time, a delay of one second is enough . The power of a punch is enough to make Xia Ping crippled . It is not like this has never happened before . "

"But it's such a coincidence that Xia Ping and Zhou Taian met in the first game . "

"This is not a coincidence . It is said that Zhou Taian has relations with the school . It is rumored that he walked through the back door and asked the teacher who manages the back-end data to modify it slightly . Such results are normal . "

"Indeed, just changing the order of the duel in a school event is not too difficult . "

The students in Cla.s.s 6 were all talking, looking at Xia Ping with pity . This kid had offended Zhou Taian . It was really bad luck .

"Deserves it! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d deserves it!"

Gao Wan and Yang Wei looked at each other, seeing the joy in each other's eyes . d.a.m.n, someone finally took action to clean up this shameless Xia Ping . This was G.o.d's will .

G.o.d knew how badly they were bullied by Xia Ping . They were even sent to prison and their reputation was worse than s.h.i.t . When they came to school this morning, they were even thrown eggs at by the roadside aunties .

Encountering such nightmare, one could imagine how much they hated Xia Ping and dreamed all night to make him taste the humiliation they had received .

It's all right now . He was targeted at by Zhou Taian, the king of this school . Xia Ping would definitely lose a layer of skin even if he didn't die this time . Gao Wan and Yang Wei were both delighted .

They had already figured it out . Once Xia Ping was beaten and sent to the hospital, they would pretend to visit him . They would ridicule him in person, and splash him with s.h.i.t to show him how powerful they were .


When the school announced the start of the fighting compet.i.tion, huge silver boxes were brought in by black heavy trucks around the stadium and placed on the ground .

With a few clicks, a staff member pressed a b.u.t.ton, and the huge silver box immediately transformed into a small ring with a length and width of ten meters .

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Next to this small metal arena, there were even auditoriums large enough to accommodate two to three hundred spectators, and high-definition cameras were installed around them .

It seemed that most of the audience were attracted to this place . They couldn't help it . The person who would fight in this ring was Zhou Taian . He was the school idol of 95th High School . Girls adored him .

Not to mention that there was the rumor about Xia Ping and Jiang Yaru's relationship . This match was a battle between love rivals . No matter the topic or the excitement, it was not comparable to other games .

Many students wanted to come and see what was so great about this legendary sc.u.mbag who made the school flower pregnant, rode on a dozen boats, and started playing with women at the age of nine .

"Look, Zhou Taian is here!" A girl screamed, and immediately caused many other girls to cheer .

They saw a young man walking in the distance, wearing a white suit and with waxed hair . He looked very chic, just like a Prince Charming from many girl's dreams .

This person was Zhou Taian .

There were dozens of followers behind him . He gave of a vast and mighty aura . Compared with ordinary students, he was an extraordinary existence and was extremely dazzling .

"Step aside . "

Zhou Taian said coldly to the audience in front of him . With a clatter, the surrounding crowd, like an army, immediately separated and created a path .

The surrounding students admired him even more . He was worthy of being the king of the school . This domineering aura was simply not comparable to ordinary students . Many girls were screaming with adoration .

With a bang, Zhou Taian jumped, and the whole ground vibrated . There were two clearly visible footprints and the cement floor cracked . At the same time, he produced terrific sonic boom and jumped more than ten meters .

With a thud, he landed on the ring elegantly and as light as a feather, as if nothing happened just now .

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