God Level Demon


Chapter 31

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Chapter 31


Just when Xia Ping was going to the station to leave Black Moon City, suddenly a system reminder sounded in his mind: "Someone has an endless amount of hatred for the host. The host has received a thousand hate points."


Hearing this voice, Xia Ping was shocked. Someone actually had endless hatred for him. Who was it? It seemed that he didn't do anything bad as he just killed a few gangsters. Could it be because he killed the young man in white?

He immediately thought of the young man that he had just killed. Xia Ping knew at a glance that the other party was wearing rich and expensive clothes and was not an ordinary person. Now that the other party was killed by him, it would definitely cause big trouble.

But Xia Ping didn't expect that some people would feel so resentful because of this and would never let go.

"Indeed, something is really wrong."

Xia Ping cautiously walked toward the station, and when he reached an alley that was about to approach the station, he immediately noticed that there were five or six times more underworld patrols around.

He clearly saw the men in black, tall and big men wearing sungla.s.ses, walking almost everywhere around the station like soldiers. The station was heavily guarded.

All pa.s.sengers approaching the station would be intercepted by these men in black and their bodies would be searched. Only afterwards would they be allowed to board the train and leave.

Once there were any problems, they would be caught immediately and tortured.

"It seems that I really caused some big trouble. I guess the ident.i.ty of that dead young man is not simple." Xia Ping's eyes flickered, and at the same time he used Rendition of Heaven and Earth to sense the surrounding situation.

He immediately discovered that not only in the station, but there were also many hidden people in black all over the vicinity. They were all staring at every pedestrian pa.s.sing by with a serious expression, and would never let any suspicious people pa.s.s.

Soon, Xia Ping found that several people in black were chatting nearby.

"Tsk tusk, I haven't seen such a scene for a long time."

"Isn't it? I heard that Director Zheng was furious and used his highest authority to mobilize members of the entire company, and even ordered peripheral members to be used to capture the murderer. Whoever catches the murderer would be heavily rewarded."

"This is also normal. If one's only son was killed, who wouldn't be angry?!"

"Tsk tsk, the murderer is absolutely dead, but Director Zheng said that once he catches the murderer, he would immediately shatter his body and even find his ident.i.ty and destroy his nine generations."

"It's so cruel. But this is the fate of offending our black bear company."

"Yes, there is no one who dares to kill people of Black Bear Company and leaves safely!"

"Be smart, don't let the murderer run away."

"Of course, I have been watching and I will never let any suspicious person go."

Several men in black were talking, and at the same time they looked around vigilantly.

Hearing those words, Xia Ping's face suddenly became gloomy. He didn't expect the people from the Black Bear Company to be so cruel. If his true ident.i.ty were to be discovered by the other party, it would definitely cause huge trouble for his family.


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Fortunately, he was prepared in advance and change his appearance with a human skin mask The other party would not be able to discover his ident.i.ty unless he was caught.

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"The people from the Black Bear Company should have never seen me. I was very careful the previous few times."

Zheng Cheng, his subordinate Song Hui, and a few confidants were all standing in the lobby on the first floor. Their faces were very gloomy and clouded, and the atmosphere was very tense.

"What is the problem?"

Zheng Cheng stared at his subordinates, and his anger exploded: "An hour has pa.s.sed and you still can't find any clues. What is the use of you trash!"

He couldn't believe this fact. He obviously used the resources of the entire company, and tens of thousands of members were dispatched to encircle this area impenetrably. According to normal logic, even flies couldn't fly out.

But they couldn't find him. The murderer seemed to be invisible and disappeared without a trace.


Song Hui smiled bitterly: "Supervisor, we really did our best. All the men were dispatched, and we even searched every pedestrian pa.s.sing by, but nothing was found. It seems that the guy just evaporated from the world."

"I dare to guess, that guy must have an accomplice, and his power is not simple."

The others also nodded, without the help of an accomplice, it was impossible to get rid of their tracking.

"Useless trash! They are all a bunch of useless trash!"

Zheng Cheng was furious, but he also knew that Black Moon City didn't just have Black Bear Company as it's sole hegemon. There were also many gangs stronger than Black Bear Company.

If the characters of those gangs helped out, even the Black Bear Company would have no choice but to admit defeat.

Black bear company could accept such loss, but he, Zheng Cheng, absolutely could not!


Suddenly, Song Hui looked at his front in horror, stretched out his fingers and tremblingly pointed at the entrance of the hall: "Look, there is a white paper there with something written on it."

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