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Flying Fish - 飞天鱼

Chapter 2446 - The Key Figure

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Chapter 2446: The Key Figure

A month ago, the superior-grade Divine Crystal of Origin appeared in the House of Enchanteurs, stirring up a thousand ripples. More than ten major forces that knew about it were shocked, and they all sent their Saint Realm core disciples over.

However, there were only five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin.

How should they be distributed? Which five forces should they give them to?

It was precisely because this matter was important and difficult to deal with that it had been delayed until now.

Although the G.o.ds did not appear personally, they had already discussed it behind the scenes. The powers that were closer had also discussed it in secret and formed alliances in secret to discuss the distribution of benefits.

It seemed like there were more than a dozen powers, but in reality, they had already formed small groups.

Those who did not join small groups would find it extremely difficult to obtain a superior-grade Divine Crystal of Origin tonight.


Tan Fei, the Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saint of the Asura, won five superior-grade divine crystals and five thousand G.o.dstones a month ago in the House of Enchanteurs. This was something that made him ecstatic.

However, after someone recognized that the five superior-grade divine crystals were of the Origin attribute, everything changed!

An innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth.

He fell from the peak of his excitement to the bottom of his fear.

He saw with his own eyes that dozens of cultivators from small forces were killed. What he didn’t see was that more cultivators would be killed.


This was a big matter that couldn’t have any mistakes!

The reason why Tan Fei was still alive was that the cultivators from more than a dozen large forces were restraining each other. Everyone wanted to keep the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin for themselves, but no one dared to take them.

Therefore, for a month, the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin had been placed on his body. And he was trapped in layers of seals, waiting to die.

Because he knew that when the distribution results came out, he would be the next person to be silenced.

Tan Fei held the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin in his hands and sat in the center of the stone platform.

Under the stone platform, many figures walked in one after another. Yan Huangtu, Luo Shengtian, Ling, Huo Xing, Guye Jing... Each represented a major force, and in groups of three to five, they looked at the Divine Crystal of Origins in Tan Fei’s hands.

The small five divine crystals were very likely to be the key to finding the Fane of Origin.

Someone laughed softly. “The Enchanteur Chamber is quite honest. They have preserved the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin very well.”

“Do they dare to be dishonest? To plot on the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin is courting death.”


Bai Qing’er was wrapped in black gauze and appeared in a corner not far from the stone platform.

No one knew what secret technique she had used, but her body was completely invisible and did not emit any aura. Lord Turtle stood beside her and carved out many Dimensional Inscriptions in the air. He was a spatial cultivator with high attainments.

“The clues of the Fane of Origin must not be leaked. I originally wanted to frame Seven-Armed Elder for everything, but now my plan has changed. I can only let Zhang Ruochen be the scapegoat.”

Whether it was the bet against Seven-Armed Elder or the pursuit of Zhang Ruochen, everything was because of the Fane of Origin.

“It’s... It’s... done...” said Lord Turtle.

Lord Turtle raised his head and stared at Bai Qing’er excitedly.

In front of him, there was a Dimensional Array with a diameter of about one meter.

Bai Qing’er said, “The seal that imprisoned Tan Fei was set up by the cultivators of the 17 major forces. Are you sure that your Dimensional Array can penetrate the 17 layers of seals?”

Lord Turtle’s eyes were filled with confidence as he nodded his head vigorously.

“Alright, let’s do it together. I have never tried to use dream to kill a Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saint,” said Bai Qing’er.

Bai Qing’er closed her eyes as her snow-white hands stretched out from the black veil.

A ball of illusory light condensed in the center of her hands.

Tan Fei, who was sitting on the stone platform, was originally in an extremely good state of mind. However, he suddenly became extremely exhausted. His eyelids seemed to weigh a thousand pounds as he slowly closed them.

No cultivator knew those blood vessels appeared in Tan Fei’s eyes under his eyelids as he fell into a terrifying dream. Most importantly, he didn’t know that he was in a dream and thought that he was still awake.

The nightmare would still come just whether you are sleeping or not.

Guye Jing sensed that something was wrong with Tan Fei. She suspected something and approached the stone platform.

Huo Xing and Ling stood together and stared at Guye Jing with an unfriendly look.

Huo Xing shouted, “Guye Jing, what are you trying to do?”

This voice alarmed all the cultivators under the stone platform.

Some took out their weapons, while others condensed their saint techniques. All of them had vicious looks in their eyes, and they were all on guard against Guye Jing, afraid that she would take the superior-grade Divine Crystal of Origin by force.

Guye Jing was about to speak...

Bai Qing’er and Lord Turtle attacked at the same time.

A Spatial Wormhole Mirror appeared in front of Tan Fei and swept all five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin into it.

“Someone used the Power of Dimensions to break through the seventeen seals and steal all the Divine Crystal of Origins,” said Guye Jing.

Guye Jing’s eyes shone brightly. She immediately turned around and looked around, looking for the cultivator who had stolen the Divine Crystals of Origin.

It wasn’t an easy task to break through the 17 layers of seals.

She was sure that the person who had attacked wasn’t only skilled in s.p.a.ce, but was also nearby.

“Zhang Ruochen, don’t even think about killing me. Die, and we’ll die together!” said Tan Fei.

Tan Fei, who was sitting on the stone platform, trembled. He roared and stood up abruptly. Powerful Asura Battle Qi erupted from his body. His Neverwither physique cracked open inch by inch, releasing a more brilliant light than the stars.

Ling’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. She shouted in shock, “Run, run, run! Tan Fei is about to self-detonate his Sainthood Source.”

If a Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saint self-detonated, the world would definitely be destroyed.

Even a Bans.h.i.+ Isshou Realm Supreme Saint could not escape if they were too close. Even a Supreme Saint of the Paramount Realm would have to pay a high price.

Ling, Huo Xing, Yan Huangtu, Luo Shengtian, and the rest were all battle-hardened figures. They smashed through the wall like lightning and rushed out of the room. They only wanted to get as far away as possible.

Guye Jing was the closest, but she didn’t run away. Instead, she formed a palm print and pushed it out.


The palm print formed a wall of light filled with demonic inscriptions.

The other two directions also had top-tier powerhouse attacking. Each of them held a weapon and activated it with all their strength. At the same time, they released their Precept Domains.

Yan Yu held a black parasol and stepped through the wall of the room, blocking the fourth direction.


Tan Fei self-detonated his Sainthood Source and formed a destructive force that crashed into the defensive wall formed by the four great powerhouses. Apart from Guye Jing and Yan Yu who did not move at all, the other two retreated continuously and the Precept Domain they released was continuously shattered.

Yan Yu raised his head to look up and secretly exclaimed, “Not good.”

They blocked the four directions from the east, south, west, and north, but the destructive force formed by Tan Fei’s self-detonation would still spread out from the top. Although the area affected wouldn’t be too wide, it would definitely engulf the entire House of Enchanteurs. Who knew how many cultivators would die because of this.


Colorful light illuminated the sky.

Bai Qing’er was dressed in white. Stepping on the colorful divine cloud, she floated down from the sky and forcefully suppressed the surging destructive power.

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The five powerhouses attacked together and blocked each side. It was as if they had sealed Tan Fei’s self-explosion energy into an invisible box.

A moment later, Bai Qing’er finished checking all of Qi Tiangao’s memories of the past month.

Qi Tiangao said, “Don’t worry, Lady Bai. No one can get close to Tan Fei. Tan Fei is not only guarded by us but there are also 17 layers of seals.”

Bai Qing’er put her hands behind her back and shook her head. She said, “You’re wrong. The Power of Dimension can penetrate 17 layers of seals.”

“Could it be Zhang Ruochen?” Qi Tiangao asked.

Bai Qing’er shook her head again, she said, “Although Zhang Ruochen’s dimensional attainments are very high, his spiritual power is only at the 65th level. He can’t do something like this under the noses of a group of powerful people. If I’m not wrong, it should be Seven-Armed Elder. I really underestimated that old guy. He might have seen through my plan.”

As Noqoilpi, how could he not be proficient in the Path of Dimension?

Bai Qing’er had discovered the source of the superior-grade Origin divine spirit through layers of a.n.a.lysis when the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin appeared in the casino of House of Enchanteurs.

It was Seven-Armed Elder, who was known as Noqoilpi.

However, Bai Qing’er did not believe that the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin were Seven-Armed Elder’s output.

One had to know that Seven-Armed Elder had never lost before.

The information network of the Enchanteur Chamber’s markets was well-developed. Very quickly, it was found that Seven-Armed Elder had spent countless G.o.dstones in the past three thousand years to buy various life-prolonging treasures. The amount of G.o.dstones was so large that it was enough to shock even the G.o.ds.

Bai Qing’er made a bold guess that Seven-Armed Elder had already spent all his wealth to prolong his life. That was why he had no choice but to take out five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin in exchange for life-prolonging elixirs from another gambler. That was why superior-grade Divine Crystal of Origins appeared in the Citadel Casino.

She set up tonight’s trap with the Rainbow Viburnum as bait to prove her theory.

First, she wanted to win a large sum of G.o.dstones from Seven-Armed Elder to see if he could pay for the G.o.dstones.

Second, Bai Qing’er suspected that Seven-Armed Elder had gone to the Fane of Origin a long time ago and brought out the superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin from the fane. Furthermore, the reason Seven-Armed Elder’s gambling abilities were so powerful was very likely due to the fact that he had obtained some treasure in the Fane of Origin that could see through the Origin.

Therefore, her second goal was to see if Seven-Armed Elder could see through the Origin.

It was proven that Seven-Armed Elder at least could see through the Origin of life. Therefore, he knew that there was a trace of life inside the Rainbow Viburnum.

Actually, Seven-Armed Elder was Bai Qing’er’s main target from the start.

As long as she caught him, she would naturally be able to find the Fane of Origin.

As for the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin, she planned to destroy them all. In this way, only she could find the Fane of Origin.

Unfortunately, Seven-Armed Elder escaped and was taken away by Zhang Ruochen into the Violet Gourd.

Therefore, she could only settle for the second-best. She took the risk and stole the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin under the name of Zhang Ruochen. At the same time, she asked the master and General Pillar to ask the Death Palace’s High Priest to get rid of Zhang Ruochen.

Unfortunately, Bai Qing’er didn’t expect Seven-Armed Elder to be cunning enough to swap the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin first, which made her lose everything.

Lord Turtle was extremely nervous and said, “My Lady, what should we do now?”

The more nervous he was, the more he didn’t stutter.

“The only thing we can do now is to find Zhang Ruochen. We can take Seven-Armed Elder and the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin before the Adjudication Division does. I hope it’s not too late.”

Bai Qing’er was determined. Anyone who stood in her way was an enemy.

Her only worry now was that the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin would fall into Zhang Ruochen’s hands and then into the Adjudication Division’s hands.

Once the Adjudication Division took the superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin for themselves, how could other forces have a chance?

As for Cang Baizi and Seven-Armed Elder, she was not that worried.

Cang Baizi knew very little.

As for Seven-Armed Elder...

As long as the five superior-grade Divine Crystals of Origin were not exposed, who would know that Seven-Armed Elder was the key to the secret of the Fane of Origin?


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