Glutton Berserker ~The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~

Ichinoda Ichiri - 一色一凛

Chapter 222: Hierarchical Society

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Chapter 222: Hierarchical Society

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Your status was determined before you were born.

I was shown a racial wall that no amount of effort could overcome.

Those who were born as beastmen must serve the elves. The beastmen who we pa.s.sed by along the city kneeled and hung their heads to her as if it were a matter of course.

Cecilia also walked briskly without paying attention to them. It was somewhat similar to Seyfert, the royal capital where I used to live.

Was it the same as the commoners who were afraid of the Holy Knights… No, the gap between races seemed to be deeper than that.

Why were the beastmen following the elves? I had no way to know now.

[What’s wrong?]

Cecilia, who was walking ahead, turned around with a strange look on her face.

[The elves… are pretty important figures I see.]

When I said that while looking at the prostrating beastmen, Cecilia laughed at me.

[Important huh… it might look like that. The elves are protecting them, but…]

[Protecting? From what?]

[Even if I tell you, I don't think you, a human, will understand.]

She didn’t think that I would be able to understand since I’m an outsider.

It would be nice if she could tell me. I must’ve been thinking out loud, or it showed all over my face.

Once again, Cecilia laughed at me.

[You're a strange person.]

[How come?]

[Other elves aren't interested in that, and they don't even think about it.]

[Is that normal?]

[‘Cause it's a smaller world than you think. It’s complicated.]

Saying that, she looked somewhere in the distance for a while. I felt that the point of her gaze was probably directed toward the outside of the Great Wall.

[Come on, let's move on. If we wait too long, the sun will set.]

[Even if you say so.]

The people who came and went――the beastmen were a rare sight to me, and I couldn’t help but stare. Some with cat ears, some with dog ears…all sorts of things.

What was that? He had small round ears and a muscular body.

[H~m, maybe a bear beastmen?]

[Stop gawking.]

We pa.s.sed by what appeared to be bear beastmen. He bowed his head like everyone else.

Although he looked extremely strong, he seemed to be terrified by Cecilia's appearance.

The elves must be powerful figures in this part of the world… that much I know it’s true. After all, one easily defeated the Fenrir that attacked me.

[You're slowing down again. Come quickly.]

[Okay, okay.]

[Just once is enough.]


As we kept moving ahead, the dirt road turned into stone pavement. The surrounding buildings also changed from wooden to white brick.

The beastman were nowhere to be seen among the citizens around here.

It became only those with the same long ears as Cecilia――the elves. The elf's clothes were beautifully tailored, unlike the beastman's faded clothes. As you could see, the standard of living was different. They seemed to be living a rich life.

Moreover, from the elves pa.s.sing by, I could feel that they’re br.i.m.m.i.n.g with pride.

[Hey Cecilia.]

[What is it?]

[Am I looking out of place?]

[It's okay. You look like an elf.]

With a mischievous expression, Cecilia pointed at my ear.

[Is it because I don’t have beastmen ears?]


[Isn’t that too simple? I have a bad feeling about it.]

[You're exaggerating. Even the beastmen misunderstood you as an elf.]

Just because beastmen were like that didn’t mean elves were the same.

Actually, Cecilia herself saw through that I wasn't an elf. Had she forgotten….

I’m sure there will be some who think the same.

[Hey, you… who are you!]

See, just as I thought. A tall and slim male elf tried to grab me on the shoulder.

Judging from his armed appearance, he must be in charge of security. Furthermore, the elf behind him, who seems to be his partner, was glaring at me.

If I acted poorly here, it could develop into a dispute. Even if I escaped, I would be like a mouse in a bag in a miniature garden surrounded by the Great Wall. Besides, it's difficult for me to reprimand an elf soldier with my current power.

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I reflexively tried to grasp the hilt of the broken black sword, but I immediately calmed down.

Having Cecilia’s help was actually rea.s.suring.

[Let me tell you one more thing.]

[Is there more?]

[Don’t cause trouble. You seem like the type that itches for battle.]

[…..I know.]

[I hope you hold those words to heart.]

Cecilia's face was completely different from before, and I felt something sacred. At the same time, something that had been quiet inside of me――I felt like the Gluttony skill was wriggling.

This feeling…somewhere…

[Come on, let's go. It's almost my house.]

[Finally. All this luggage is also heavy.]

My arms and shoulders were getting exhausted because I was carrying a bag of horned rabbits the whole time. With the benefits of status, would I be so exhausted?

Although it’s a fresh experience, it felt too real. This was the real me. Maybe I should train a little more.

I put the luggage back on my shoulders and chased after Cecilia.

She must be living in a huge mansion, since the guard referred to her as Cecilia-sama.

[This is my home.]


[What? What’s with the surprised look!]

It was a cozy little brick house. The garden seems to be well taken care of, and colorful flowers were blooming vigorously in the flower bed.

[Did you think I lived in a mansion or something?]

[Because they called you "Cecilia-sama" and all.]

[Ahahaha, so gullible. Look, keeping a huge mansion clean is difficult.]

[Alright, that’s fair.]

[I’m just practical. Take the luggage to the backyard]

[Alright, alright.]

[Just once is enough.]


Once again I was treated like a servant. It’s kinda nostalgic.

Because it reminded me of the past when I was working at Roxy’s mansion.

Where was she now? I tried to remember what happened in His land, but… I was. .h.i.t by a headache that felt like my head would split open again.

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