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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 435

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Chapter 435: 435

The expansion of willows continues, and time goes by .

It seems that everyone who is hostile to the willow tree is waiting for an opportunity, but it is not coming .

"What's the biggest limiting factor for a giant organism?" Li Qingshui asked a biological researcher .

"It's nerve conduction velocity . The nerve conduction velocity of human beings, even if it's A-fiber coming out of the body with myelin sheath, it's 130 meters per second at most . The thicker the nerve fiber is, the faster the conduction velocity is . But there should be an extreme value . " The researchers said .

"Well, you said that the body of Daliu has already crossed three continents in Asia, Europe and Africa, and its body length should be measured in thousands of kilometers . Therefore, it will take quite a long time for his brain instructions to be transmitted to his body . So, his current body looks like a little bloated Even if there are multiple command sources, it is a time-consuming thing to coordinate them separately . No wonder many biologists have said before that when * * reaches the extreme, it is bound to change to pure energy form . After reaching the willow level, the physical hindrance will become too burdensome Standing between the Bering Strait in the Pacific Ocean, Li Qingshui looks at the ground under his feet .

In the blink of an eye, it has been four years since Qingdao left, another four years .

In the first four years, the willow kept a low profile and grasped the gap between the first four years . From a willow that only devoured other people's memory, it became a super life with its own imagination .

Then, after the second four years, he had almost regarded the earth as a small potted plant of his own, and he had become a giant planetary life moving towards the sky . No one knows what his next plan is, to take the earth as his own "s.p.a.ce vehicle" to explore the depths of the universe, or to continue to use his wisdom to go to the extreme of life .

No one knows .

But as an ordinary human being, what Liu Chang sees is that human living s.p.a.ce is being squeezed again and again . Willow trees turn the earth into potted plants, and human beings are ants on cannibals . Small and humble .

The ocean is the territory of undersea people and many marine creatures, and the Pacific Ocean is also the territory of protonuclear elders . Willow trees have crossed the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa . If they want to extend their branches across the sea to North America, the shortest distance is naturally from the Bering Strait . But I want to get through here . Naturally, we have to ask the owners here whether they agree or not .

As the allies of protonuclear, Li Qingshui and Liu Chang traveled all the way from Qingdao to j.a.pan, then to Australia, and finally settled down in the Bering Strait . Because of the change of mentality in four years, everyone thinks that willow is big enough . If they want to expand further, they must end up with nerve conduction .

In order to solve the problem of nerve conduction, it is necessary to have a transformation of life essence from * * to energy life . **Or the nerve conduction velocity of plants, however fast, also has a limit speed, and this speed has been unable to meet the willow volume .

Moreover, according to the protonuclear Presbyterian group, not only the nerve transmission speed, but also * * can't carry it even after the wisdom reaches a certain extreme value - because they are trying to do this - when the brain waves of 500 brain region mutants with intelligence equivalent to Li Qingshui level are fused together . The ordinary brain simply can't bear it . It needs a pure energy carrier, or simply polymerizes itself into a pure energy form of polymer, but many attempts by prokaryotes have failed .

"But willows should be successful . " The people of the protonuclear Presbyterian group appeared on the ice of Bering Strait and came to Liu Chang's side .

"Pure energy life, I think this should be G.o.d?" Liu Chang looks at the other side of the Bering Strait, which is completely surrounded by willows .

"It should be G.o.d, pure energy thinking . Pure energy body . " There was an envious tone in the words of the Presbyterian group .

"First quantify the nerve conduction energy, then condense the thinking polymer completely, and finally get rid of the body to achieve the true G.o.d . This should go to another level of life . " The prokaryote is also looking on the other side of the Bering Strait . "And what we have to wait for is this moment . The big willow will eventually change, and the time of transformation is our only chance . Energy transformation of the body is a complex process, just like a snake molting its skin and giving birth to a tiger . I think there will be an opportunity to take advantage of it, and then you will aim at his source of consciousness and give him a fatal blow . "

"How to attack the source of consciousness?" Liu Chang asked .

"I don't know . I don't even know what the source of consciousness looks like, but you just have to get close and believe that your luck will help you solve all this . " The elder of the nuclear power said something, and he showed a smile to Liu Chang, "in your Chinese words, G.o.d will teach you how to do it . "

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The old man's smile was ugly and incomparable . His face was like a plagioderm, which made Liu Chang feel uncomfortable .

North America .

Intelligent biology alliance, United States of America .

The little tiger has grown into a strong child as tall as thunder tiger's chest . If people who don't know see his height and strong body, they will not know that he is only a child of seven years old .

At the moment, the little tiger is not as happy as he was when he left China . At the age of seven, he has experienced the change of leaving his hometown . He has been living in North America for several times and has established the most basic world outlook .

"Little tiger, what do you think?" Milan appeared next to the tiger and touched his head .

"Miss my dad, miss him . " The little tiger grinned at her . "I don't know how my father is now . "

"He should be doing well . " Milan thought about it, looked at the strange city and said, "it should be good in China . "

"Listen to Uncle Zhang, there seems to be a big problem . "

"Well, it's time for something big, in the history of human beings or the history of life on earth . "

"The biggest thing . "

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