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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 434

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Chapter 434: 434

"It's not necessarily safe abroad, but it's better than at home . " Thunder Tiger said, the line of sight also did not leave his own child, "at least there is no big willow that guy's existence!"

"You've just sent the child away . Don't you follow?" Liu Chang sighed and sighed at Lei tiger, a careless and strong man . He could not help feeling a little melancholy .

"What are you going to do? So many brothers here have been living and dying with me for so many years . Er, I said to go and left . Someone must take charge of the Jinan Military Region? Now willow can give people some face . If they don't take the food and wine at present, it's just because of the nuclear bomb threat from several major military regions . If everyone goes away, they don't have to mix up and die . " Thunder Tiger laughs, "no matter how to say, it's a soldier, isn't it? It would be shameless for the ancient soldiers and enemies to abandon the city and surrender . If I left now, I would be even more shameless . After all, foreigners will leave a living in the city . If the big willow enters the city, it will not even leave a piece of meat residue! "

"So, these things and those things, how can you say go away . " Thunder Tiger spoke and touched the head of the little tiger . The little tiger and the Thunder Tiger looked very similar, with a round head and a round face . Although it was only a three-year-old child, it also inherited the strength of Thunder Tiger . According to the data given by Liu Changxin's senses, the three-year-old child was several times stronger than many adults, and the life intensity reached more than 20 years old .

"Dad, didn't you say you came to us?" The little tiger heard something wrong with Thunder Tiger's words and looked up at his father .

"Well, look . When Dad blows up the willow tree, I'll come to you . " Thunder Tiger said, picked up the child, looked straight in front of his eyes and said: "son, when you arrive in the United States, you should remember what father said . You should live a painful life quickly! In recent years, you can play whatever you want, and you can pick up girls if you want to . If you get into trouble, you will be covered by Uncle Zhang . Don't be so stubborn, like Uncle Li over there . Yes, the one with . He looks very smart, but he doesn't live happily at all . Not a few years . Be happy . Good son

"Well . " The little tiger heard thunder tiger's words, and some of them nodded, and then was put down by his father and pushed to Lao Zhang .

"Take care of him . " Thunder Tiger patted Lao Zhang on the shoulder .

"Don't worry, brother for so many years, I treat him as my own son! What's the name of a saying? Your wife, I'll raise it . Don't worry about it! " Lao Zhang also slapped Thunder Tiger on the shoulder with a smile, "this time I'm a deserter . I'm sorry I'm a soldier from this t.i.tle!"

"Ha ha . . . " Thunder Tiger gave a hearty laugh . Then silence for a long time, it seems that there are a lot of words to say, but Leng for a long time to suppress a sentence, "have a good journey . "

Knowing the sadness of parting, everyone stopped talking . Liu Chang patted Thunder Tiger on the shoulder . After saying "treasure" to him, the people left the place .

Along the way, the team is still a little silent - everyone walking in the jungle, they all have a kind of feeling that the whole world has been wrapped up by big willows when they look up and they are still big willows at their feet .

All the way from Jinan to Qingdao, only the little tiger talked the most .

He not only inherited his father's strength . He also inherited his father's character . He didn't know what it meant to him to leave this time . He just instinctively found the elder, the second, the third and so on who looked like "the same age" . Then I started talking to them .

"Hey, what's your name?"

"Just call me boss . " The boss said a word with a lot of boss temperament .

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"Boss?" The little tiger said with a smile, "that's a good name . Where are you going

Wuhan, where Daliushu made his fortune, was the first metropolis he invaded four years after he retired . At that time, willows were not as smart and powerful as they are now, but they were more violent . Everything was crushed into nutrition, and all their brains were used to enrich their wisdom . Therefore, at that time, most of the people in that place were also very unlucky Less . "I see . " After a look at Li Qingshui, Liu sighed and stopped speaking .

Then, the whistle of the iceboat came out, Liu Chang and others left the coast, watched the strange s.h.i.+p carrying pa.s.sengers of all nationalities set sail, and then thought about the direction of the Western Hemisphere .

It was not only Lao Zhang who left the boat this time, but Li Feng also left here with his sister . He was friends and met in the hidden forest . Now he has worked hard to find his sister . Naturally, he wants to live a few years of peace and purity . If Liu Chang can help, he will help .

In addition to Li Feng, there was Milan . She left under the persuasion of Liu Chang . Before the iceboat set sail, Liu Chang persuaded all the relatives and friends except Li Qingshui . However, everyone was unwilling to leave for one reason or another . Only under Liu Chang's strong persuasion, did she follow Lao Zhang and others to take a boat .

A group of people left, a group of people remained, and a large number of people died .

When Liu Chang saw off his relatives, he felt that he had experienced the war . The real end of the world was never warm . Looking back on the past from Kaifeng to the present, Liu Chang only felt that it was a doc.u.mentary film with sweet pictures . As a man who had mastered the best luck and strong strength in the last world, he lived a b.u.mpy life, so he could imagine more To the hards.h.i.+ps and sorrows of ordinary people .

I don't know why . After seeing off relatives and friends, Liu Chang thought of the mushroom cloud in Beijing .

"I don't know how many people died . " He sighed . (to be continued)

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