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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 431

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Chapter 431: 431

Resisting the almost frozen feeling, Liu Chang continues to kill and avoid, and the amphibians obviously do not want to really kill him . In the face of this strictly sealed area, amphibians still try to catch alive . . . . br >

therefore, the air attack is no longer fierce, but the paralytic poison gas is more and more rich .

Finally, a few minutes later, the amphibians saw that Liu Chang's mobility had dropped to below the danger level, and several teams began to lay down their heavy weapons and prepare to fight him in close combat .

Knowing that it was useless to say anything more, the amphibians did not persuade Liu Chang to "put your hands on the ground" and waste time . Instead, they picked up some strange "net catching guns" and slowly approached Liu Chang .

The net gun has a peculiar structure . A large net is put into the barrel like barrel and is carried by amphibians to approach Liu Chang . The net is green and looks like willow vines . The range of the net is not as far as that of a rocket, and it does not have the terrible flying speed of rocket . If you want to hit Liu Chang, you must launch it at a short distance .

In the face of the amphibians constantly encircling from all directions, Liu Chang is helpless . He is now physically damaged . In terms of his ability to move, he is not much faster than the amphibian . In the face of such a range of capture weapons, he has no confidence to evade - as for the problem that the net can not trap him, he has no doubt - in fact, he has never There was no doubt about the quality of willow products .

In the end .

The road has come to an end - physically restrained, surrounded by amphibians, and thousands of enemy troops have completely a.s.sembled - he has no other thoughts, so Liu Chang inserts his knife into the ground - since Li Qingshui has asked him to wait here, Liu Chang knows that he should also appear at the moment .

Sure enough, but at the moment Liu Chang put his knife into the ground, a strange little earth bag rose from the bottom to the top, and then the earth bag rose rapidly . Finally, a wicker broke the ground, and Li Qingshui came out from below .

"The reason you don't get close to the lab underground is that you're not in the ground . " The place where the mound rises is where Liu Chang inserts his knife . He takes his knife again from the air . Liu Chang turns his head and looks at Li Qingshui . According to the past practice, he doesn't have to worry about the next thing .

"Oh, the two appeared together . " Li Qingshui's appearance once again raised the vigilance of amphibians around him - the sap of willow trees could not cause harm to Li Qingshui, who is also the body of willow trees . However, thousands of amphibians gathered here at the moment, and there were more companions coming . Naturally, they would not be afraid of one person, even if the person had a good eye .

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"Since they have appeared together, let's go back with us . " One of the amphibians in the shape of a leader appeared from a broken wall, making the "third man" appear again in the smoke filled battlefield .

"Those in the Inst.i.tute, you can take them with you and hand them over intact . " Amphibian leaders have stepped back again - it's clear that the crystal of genetic information is much more valuable to them than the Inst.i.tute's unrelated humans .

"Oh, it's not an equivalent deal . " Li Qingshui continued .

"Don't go too far . I know what you're here for . I'll let you do it, and you'll let us do it . Don't do anything to undermine our deal, because you can't afford to fail . " The amphibian heard that Li Qingshui still had requirements, and subconsciously took a step forward - showing an aggressive meaning .

"Yes, but don't forget that you can't afford the consequences of a deal failure . " Li Qingshui said, suddenly clenched the crystal in his hand, and the strength of his hand was constantly increasing, which made the crystal emit an unbearable "creaking" sound . "Yes, the negotiation has failed . We are only taking in a few lives, but you are also subject to the willow tree forever . In other words, which of you thinks that you can have as good luck as your ancestors, just to have a strong mutation again and complete the leap from mudskipper to amphibian? Come on, you are an incomplete race . If willows want to control you, they will not give you the ability to reproduce . Only the first natural reproduction of your amphibian race is complete . Other people except the stream are under age, so naturally they don't have this thing in their hands . Therefore, what I control is unique in the world . It is worthless to other races, but to you, it is a priceless thing to the door of Z ì y ó U . therefore, I don't think it is a good deal to exchange a few lives with such precious things . "

"Well . . . " Hearing Li Qingshui's words, there was a commotion in the air from all directions . Even the well disciplined amphibians were restless for the first time in the face of the shackles of their slave status . Thousands of amphibians hiding in the streets on the corner and roof of the wall were in a commotion at the same time . One person in a team could make a voice, even before and after There was a huge "buzz" that made the amphibian leader frown . .

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