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Chapter 427

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Chapter 427: 427

Before entering the elite city of B ě I, the two entrants dare not disclose any trace of their whereabouts, because if they leak out their tracks before entering the city, they will face tens of thousands of amphibious soldiers in the first time after entering the city, which will completely fall into a pa.s.sive position .

Therefore, when the two teams encounter amphibious teams, even if they are 90% sure that they can quietly eliminate each other, they will never start . All the way to hide and hide, into the fine city of B ě I . After entering the city, there are more traces of amphibious entry on the streets and on the roof of houses . Almost every block and no street has the shadow of amphibious entry . These people use their own sensory evasion means to swagger in this capital city, and no one knows that they exist .

"Eyes everywhere . " After entering the city, Li Qingshui had a slight EEG fluctuation . Liu Chang felt that when he looked at him again, he seemed to have changed .

It seems to have changed the appearance, not really changed the appearance, the eyes look clearly or Li Qingshui, but even if you watch closely, you will have a very strange feeling .

"What means is this?" The range of brain waves slowly expanded, and finally covered Liu Chang .

"Visual deception is not technical . It's just using brain interference to let people around you see you and focus on the non characteristic parts of your body . Just like a film director can control the visual eyeball when entering the screen, I control the surrounding access to the least characteristic part of my body, causing visual deception similar to Lu Jin Jia in the movie background . "Li light water explains while walking along the street," the function will not be very big, amphibious enters very intelligent, is not easy to deceive, you also need to raise vigilance to bypa.s.s the eyeliner . "

"Well, I see . " Liu Chang nodded .

In this way, the two entrances, one way, and one vigilance, came to the Jingdong District of B ěěěěěěěěěěěěěěěěěěěěěě .

"We can't sneak into the Inst.i.tute, according to this density . " Liu's eyes slowly spread around the corner .

"There are more than 300 amphibious entrances in this street alone . We can't avoid all the sight lines," he said

"Well, I can't get around it . " Li Qingshui also seems to have calculated the number of amphibious entry, "it seems to be going to fight . "

"Fight?" Liu Chang was a little surprised when he heard Li Qingshui's words, "although there are only a few hundred here, there will be more than 10000 people here in the surrounding blocks, all the way to the Research Inst.i.tute . We will fight here, trigger a sound, and there will be support in a few minutes . . . "

"Two minutes and forty-seven seconds . . . " Li Qingshui said: "it takes two minutes and forty-seven seconds to gather the amount of life-threatening to us . Then we will arrive at the destination within this time, and then take out what we want and negotiate with them . "

"Where is the thing?"

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"Nanbanqiao Hutong!" Li Qingshui finished this sentence and took out a bottle of pills from his arms . "Take it directly . In the next two minutes and forty-seven seconds, you will face a stream of thousands of fully armed people . With the strength of the present, it is impossible to think about the past and need some external help . "

From the outside to the inside, it became a monster .

"Roar!" At the moment when the two figures broke through the air, the air burst caused the attention of all amphibious entrants in the whole street . After paying attention to Liu Chang and Li Qingshui for so long, amphibious entrants were very clear about the strength of these two entrants, as well as the strength of entering the cla.s.s . At first, when they heard the series of air bursts, they immediately understood what was going on - and then they gave a piercing roar Scream, while firing a gas bomb into the air that can cause a huge sound wave to sound . Boom! Boom!!!

A series of gas explosions were heard in the whole yaokong area of Jingdong district . The sound was very loud . Most of the people on the street were deafened or even fainted at this moment . The strong air explosion made the houses tremble, but the effect was also very obvious .

Even when the red fog weakened the sound wave transmission, the series of gas explosions spread for tens of kilometers, and then received several other gas explosion responses in a minute .

Of course, in the minute of waiting for a response from a companion, amphibious entry on the street is not doing nothing - because the speed of sound in the air is 346 meters per second at 25 degrees, 340 meters per second at 15 degrees, and 300 meters per second in the cold red fog .

Before the red fog came, the fastest speed of the earth species was 110 meters per second of the peregrine falcon . However, after the red fog came, countless creatures broke through the limit speed of this creature, reaching 200 or even 300 meters per second . As the two strongest species on earth or in China, Liu Chang and Li Qingshui also reached this number .

So, if they don't get in and stop them, they'll travel faster than the sound, and then they'll get to their partners before the air burst reaches their ears, which amphibians don't want to see - so the amphibians in the street, when they hear the air explosion, fire the gas bomb and press a b.u.t.ton in their hands 。 (to be continued)

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