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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 425

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Chapter 425: 425

"No wonder . " Liu Chang listened to Li Qingshui's words and nodded his head . Amphibians hate him because no matter what, Liu's contribution to amphibian reproduction is obvious to all, and Liu, as the ancestor of amphibians, is a parent like existence for every amphibian .

They pursue Liu Chang . They are motivated in love and have great value in pursuing and killing Liu Chang . Therefore, this matter is one of the things they are most concerned about at present - none of them .

"Tens of thousands of amphibians, it looks like I'm going to be in danger!" An amphibian's combat effectiveness is dozens of times stronger than Zhao Zhuo's genetically modified monster . Even if the most powerful invisible ability is excluded, an amphibian can face thousands of fully armed non mechanized human troops .

Because amphibians are strong and intelligent, and they have the super tech weapons given by willows .

"Willow body chalky internal technology, I don't know what level it has reached . I always feel that amphibians will give me a huge obstacle in this operation .

”Liu Chang was talking to himself . Suddenly, he sensed something different coming close to him from the level of consciousness . The subtle fluctuation of air flow in the air, the feeling of strong wind in human form coming from afar can still be felt at such a distance .

"You're lucky . " Liu Chang felt something, Li Qingshui also felt it . He raised his head and looked at the direction of the West and said, "if you encounter a single person, dig something out of his head!"

After he said this, his body shot out of the chalkiness, and Liu Chang followed him up from behind and disappeared in the same place .

Amphibians are very powerful, but they are still useless in the face of the two strongest small and medium-sized creatures . Seven seconds later, a figure in the void was pulled out by a branch of a willow tree, and then a punch later broke the pure white skin armor on the refracted surface of his body and showed up in the same place .

"When I doze off, someone gives me pillows . Seriously, I like my luck more and more . " Liu Chang looks at Li Qingshui and binds his body in place with willows .

"This amphibian is bigger than I saw last time . " After tying up the amphibians, Li Qingshui and Li Qingshui looked at this one, which was two meters and five meters high . It was much bigger than the last time I saw him in Jinan, and his body was more plump and strong, and he was fast approaching the stage of adulthood .

"Although it is not as strong as the current, but the life base also reaches . . . " Liu Chang's newly acquired ability of Xiaojing is still not good . After looking at the amphibian for a moment, he said, "it's nearly 180, which is quite strong . Moreover, these things are highly intelligent, have strong cooperative combat ability, and have a good command of battlefield intelligence and situation . When I went out to war with the Haitian army, I was attacked by amphibians and had no chance to fight back, so I was defeated . "

Liu Chang said, looked at the amphibian who was blinded by a punch under his eyes and picked up some small accessories on him .

"These things are very high in technology . " Li Qingshui is also doing the same thing as Liu Chang . He squats down beside the knocked down amphibian and checks the equipment accessories of the amphibian .

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"Every amphibian has been made into an all-around soldier like a special forces soldier . " In addition to not wearing clothes, Liu Chang found countless weapons and pendants on amphibians, including long daggers for close combat, strange ejectors, heavy weapons and grenades, more small accessories and strange potions that Liu Chang had never seen before .

He only needs to have heard of the existence of this mobile phone, and can imitate and surpa.s.s it .

As long as he knows that there is this thing, this thing is still within the scope of the earth, he can completely imitate it . "What a terrible amount of micro information collection Liu Chang can't imagine what kind of world the willow world is .

"Willow's wisdom has reached another level . " Li Qingshui obviously only knew willow's terrible information processing and reconstruction ability, "he grew up again . "

"It's against the weather . " Liu sighed, thinking that his opponent is a guy 100 million times more terrible than himself, he has a deep sense of powerlessness . So to divert his mind, he turned his attention again to the amphibian below .

"Mr . Li, dig out what he knows . At least we need to know the situation in Beijing and how many amphibians there are in the city . " Of course, an amphibian is not Liu Chang's opponent, but 10000 fully armed such guys can deter him .

"Well . " After listening to Liu Chang's words, Li Qingshui put several strange things on the amphibian below him into his pocket again . Then he sat up and touched his forehead on the head of the amphibian .

Then, Liu Chang saw the willow branches on his forehead stretching into the amphibian's cerebral cortex (to be continued)

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