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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: 424

"What shall we do?" Liu Chang thought of the purpose of the willow tree and frowned, "do you really want to talk to him?"

"No Li Qingshui said .

"But after a while, when all the ordinary people have eaten the fruit of willow, it will be out of control . I don't believe that there is nothing fishy in those fruits . " Liu Chang frowned deeply .

"Then let them all die . " Li Qingshui finished this sentence and quickened his pace .

A word of indifference and ruthlessness, but just like a slap in the head, let Liu Chang instant cold sweat DC up .

After a long silence, he followed the steps of the teacher in front of him again . This sentence really sobered him up .

"Ha ha, I am still confused by my own emotions, attached to a variety of missions ah!" Liu Chang said, self mockery of a sentence, "even really when their own savior . "

"Well, along the way, you've had a good emotional control . " Li Qingshui did not belittle Liu Chang or elevate him . He said truthfully: "it is not easy for you to control your mood in a peaceful area all the way from an ordinary high school student to now . After all, the more powerful and intelligent creatures, the more likely they are to overestimate themselves, not to mention the "nouveau riche" individuals who suddenly become powerful . So, you did a very, very good job . "

"But if there is no teacher's body shape, I don't think I can control my emotions . " Liu Chang sighed as he walked, "after all, so many people have said that it is unique, so we really treat ourselves as dishes . If we go to the willow tree now, we'll probably die of nothing left, right? It's ridiculous to want to save other people's lives . "

"Don't laugh at yourself . Don't underestimate yourself while not overestimating yourself . We, especially you, will have a face-to-face dialogue with the big willow, but it is definitely not now . Now we are not ready for anything . The more urgent he forces us to be, the more calm we need to be . If we want to have a dialogue with him, we must be well prepared . We can only have a glimmer of vitality if we have the right time, the right place and the right people . " Li Qingshui said: "but fortunately, when you have the real day, you can't do many things if you have luck . "

Li Qingshui said that walking, two people soon left Cangzhou City, once again into the willow forest - the entrance of the jungle is still full of fruit, fragrance .

I don't know if the route of coming and going is different . Liu Chang counted them . When she left the city this time, more and more fruit picking women were seen in the surrounding area . One by one, they took a basket, bent over, and bent their back to pick the fruits from the branches into their own baskets .

After entering the jungle, the two men one after another to catch up on a section of the road, Li Qingshui see Liu Chang mood is still not high, said: "before we see the willows, these people will not necessarily die . Only when you hold it in your hand can you call it a chip . He may have expected that we would not go, but it was some emotional pressure . He knows the truth of emotional pressure, so don't take it to heart . "

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"Well . " Liu Chang nodded and then took a look at Li Qingshui . "If I could be as calm as you are, it would be nice for me to keep calm at any time . "

And came to the core of the fight, two people can not help but stop . There is only one reason:

, "amphibians should have a lot of eyeliner in the north and around Beijing . " Li Qingshui said: "although you have Mi Lao's jammer, which can s.h.i.+eld willow's senses and calculations, you can't confuse his basic judgment on logic . As long as you are not a fool, you or I will definitely come to beimi Jing . "

"Well, amphibians can be invisible and can isolate the smell . It's not difficult to get into beimi capital .

”At the moment, only one amphibious man can be found in the city, even if he can't imagine that all the amphibians can survive in the city .

"How can amphibians attach so much importance to convection?" Liu Chang was puzzled, "no matter how deep the feelings are, no matter how much you pay for amphibians, you should not take the clan out to find an enemy, right? After all, they are not chivalrous swordsmen . Do you know what other purposes they have?

"well, this consciousness should be pa.s.sed down by the stream . That guy is not a fool . He has to leave a way for himself when he goes to willow . It's just that the willow is more ruthless and let him die in your hands . Now another reason why amphibians are looking for flow or dying to find you is that the flow leaves some kind of information, which is useful to them (to be continued)

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