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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: 423

The cold wind pouring into the still warm building immediately attracted the attention and dissatisfaction of all people .

In order not to cause other people's antipathy, Li Qingshui turned back and pulled the rolling gate .

"Where are you from?" People at the door saw Liu Chang and Li Qingshui Their clothes were neat, but they were surprisingly thin . Even in the temperature below - dozens of degrees, they even showed large pieces of skin on their necks, which was somewhat puzzling .

"Where are you from? Why haven't you met? What are you doing in District 13? " Li Qingshui was asked by a middle-aged man with a thick hat . The beard on the man's face had not been taken care of for more than a year, so he coiled up on a red face and could not see his face clearly .

"We are pa.s.sers-by . We want to inquire about the situation here . " Li Qingshui said, taking some delicate food from the leather bag around his waist that these people have not seen for years, and handed it to the man with a red face and a big beard who looks like the man in charge here . "We know the rules . These are our inquiry fees!"

"That's it . A man took the food that Li Qingshui handed over, and just wanted to continue to put two cruel words to see if he could blackmail something more, he was robbed of a metal wine pot on his body by Li Qingshui's left hand, who did not want to delay time .

"Of course, we are polite and hope you can communicate better . " Li Qingshui said, he twisted the man's metal wine pot into a flower, while blocking his mouth . PATA!

After throwing the metal wine pot on the ground, Li Qingshui and Liu Chang entered the area on the first floor of the Internet bar one by one .

In the past, the so-called Internet cafes have already lost the appearance of "Internet cafes" . The traces of computers can be seen in the corner of the house, but there are no other places . The room has been emptied . In a 300 square meter area, only simple pavements and all kinds of flaming iron pipes and barrels can be seen . The fuel is generally firewood . In the corner of the room, Liu Chang saw a large number of firewood piled together .

There was no sign of willow fruit in the house .

In the public's attention, the two slowly swept the room, and then Li Qingshui squatted in front of a three-year-old child .

"Can I ask you something, little friend?" Magically, he conjures up a round ball like sugar beans from his palm . Liu Chang recognizes that this is a synthetic carbohydrate that he once ate on the road . It has a general taste and can replenish energy . The advantage is that it can be preserved for a long time .

"Well T child looked at Li qingsailor's "sugar beans", some dare not answer, finally looked at his mother's inquiry .

"Take it and have a good conversation with my uncle . " Her mother took a look at Li Qingshui . She saw the process of turning an iron wine pot into flowers with one hand, so she did not dare to refuse the man's proposal at the moment .

"Oh . " The child took the things in Li Qingshui's sailor, and then looked at the expressionless "Uncle" with a stunned eye, and pinched and didn't know what to say .

"Ask you a few questions . " Li Qingshui squatted in front of the child, thought for a while and then asked, "do you know about the red fruit in the outside world?"

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"Well . " More than three years old, equivalent to the age of kindergarten, have a little ignorant understanding of the world, but can not see the whole picture of the world .

"Everyone was scared . Some of them ran away and some didn't want to run because they didn't know where to run . Because for us people, if we lose our house, we can't run a hundred miles away, we have to freeze to death on the road . " When the woman thought of the situation that day, her body could not help shaking slightly . "When the big tree came, I was in the house . I didn't know what was going on outside, but later I heard that it was the willows that flooded from the distance like a wave . I was in the house . I didn't feel anything . I felt the ground shaking all the time . Six women were talking . The child in her arms looked at her again .

"Why don't you eat the fruit outside?" Li Qingshui asked again .

"No, although I heard that someone had eaten it and there was no toxin, I just didn't dare The woman said as it is .

"Well . " Li Qingshui nodded and stood up, "let's go . "

"Good . " In this way, Liu Chang and Li Qingshui two people, once again in the eyes of all people, opened the rolling gate and went out .

"It seems that the willow's coming this time is really much more thoughtful than when it rushed to Zhengzhou last time . " Walking outside the cold wind, Li Qingshui sighed, "adults don't eat fruit just because of fear, while children have no most intuitive fear of willows . Their fear is indirectly transmitted by adults . So if real hunger comes, everyone will choose willow fruit as food, and real hunger, in my opinion, is coming soon"Well . " Liu Chang nodded and looked around the desolate land .

"Willows do not invade the city, but take away all the nutrients suitable for plant growth in the soil around and inside the city . " Since a few days ago, it is no longer possible for humans to grow food, and almost all the species in the jungle are in the hands of willows . Under this control, it is almost impossible for humans to hunt for food . Therefore, there seems to be only one way out at present He said, "the willow tree is more attractive than the willow tree . "

"He wants to talk to us . " Liu Chang also took a deep breath . "It's very powerful . It keeps human beings in captivity and leaves fruit, but it takes away all other possibilities of survival . I didn't do everything absolutely, but the feeling that there was no place to vent my anger was more terrible than to declare war directly with human beings . It seems that he has set a time limit for us . Because of the lack of food sources, human beings can not endure longer . " (to be continued)

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