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Chapter 422

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Chapter 422: 422

"Well . " It is true that Liu Chang's eyesight has been greatly improved after this drug catalysis . Through the cracks in the tree, he can see that there are indeed several people - several women, aged between 40 and 50 years old - more than 100 meters away .

"It looks like rural women in the suburbs . " Li Qingshui observes more carefully . A person's temperament can reveal his personality and origin, especially in front of Li Qingshui, a person with a strong ability to collect and a.n.a.lyze trace information, you can see the situation in the first 20 years at a glance .

"Well . " Liu Chang listened to Li Qingshui's words and nodded his head . The women in front of them are indeed rural women with low education level in the suburbs . After the end of the world, most of them still retain the knowledge and cognitive concepts before the end of the world .

After all, schools almost no longer exist after the end of the world, and things such as Internet, computer, television and other communication with the outside world do not exist . Therefore, what people usually look like before the end of the world, and they are still like that after the end of the world, there is no change .

As they approached, Liu Chang and Li Qingshui both focused on this group of ordinary women, who were supposed to be very common and should not attract their attention, but they still stayed here for a long time .

Because of what these women do .

"They are picking the willows . " Standing 20 meters away from several women, Liu Chang and Li Qingshui stopped at the same place . Along the way, they did not see the bright red apple like fruits that the commandos in Jinan picked last time . Liu Chang originally thought that this fruit is a trap of willow for human beings, so it should grow around the city .

Now it is . They saw large areas of bright red fruits around Cangzhou City .

"It's only a few days ago that someone has begun to eat the fruit of the willow tree!" In the near future, Liu would like to have a lot of fruits in the city, but he would like to get a lot of fruits in the future!

"No, when the willow comes, there should be a lot of noise . These people should be scared to death . I can't imagine that it will take less than a month . Some people began to stop worrying about the branches of these willows, and began to eat the willows This situation reminds Liu Chang of going to the countryside to catch small animals when he was a child . As long as the animals are really hungry, he will not care whether they are dangerous or not, and will eat what you scatter .

I can't imagine that people are the same .

"In their values, it's good to be able to live, and there's nothing wrong with not thinking about things so far away . " Li Qingshui looked at several women picking fruit and shook his head . "What's more, these willow fruits are not dangerous to them for the time being . Let's go . Let's go to the city to see how popular the fruit is and what's going on underground

"Well, there is no gra.s.s on the other side, which is different from the situation in Shandong . " Liu Chang nodded . When they entered the willow forest from the ordinary jungle in Shandong, although there was a clear dividing line between the tree species, the other side of the willow forest was not barren .

"There are willow roots under the city, but there are no branches . " Li Qingshui walked out of the jungle and trampled on the "desolate" land rarely seen after the end of the world, and said: "I want to grow branches again . It only takes minutes, and then in the blink of an eye, the whole city can be destroyed

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Talking, they walked out of the jungle to the "sunny" place outside, and then walked hundreds of meters "dividing line" into the outskirts of Cangzhou .

When Liu Chang went to Qingdao for the first time, he could only find a small tribe with only a few hundred people after walking several blocks, and the scattered people were even missing . But now in Cangzhou, not only can you see idle people on the streets, but also a lot of small communities .

After all, after all, after the end of the world, the living environment on the seaside was ten times worse than that in the inland . In addition, when Liu Chang arrived in Qingdao a few months ago, it almost became an empty city . Cangzhou, even if willows had been covered, should still have hundreds of thousands of people in stock .

"Go in and have a look . " Li Qingshui said that he took the lead in walking towards the prototype of the Internet cafe building at the end of the fountain square .

The prototype building is divided into three floors, and there should be an underground floor . According to the reason, the weather is cold now, and the bas.e.m.e.nt should be the most popular existence . However, Liu Chang and Liu Chang found that most of the people here lived in the Internet cafes on the first and second floors of the building .

The community living in the Internet cafe does not have a guard handle outside - in fact, in the weather of minus 60 or 70 degrees outside, if an ordinary person's hand is outside for more than two hours, it must be frozen . Therefore, few people can see the "guard" on the outside of the building except the army .

Therefore, in the face of the no guard rolling gate, Liu Chang and Li Qingshui easily opened it, pushed the door and walked in .

The cold wind poured into the warm building, and Liu Chang saw the groups of people who were warming up in iron barrels .

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