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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 419

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Chapter 419: 419

Standing next to Liu Chang, Li Qingshui looks at Liu Chang after swallowing three test tubes of medicament, falls to the ground and convulses . The sweat on his body is like steam, which is condensed by the cold air outside, and turns into a layer of mist like frost . .

Liu Chang rolls all over the ground . Li Qingshui stands beside him . After thinking about it, he stretches out his finger . The willow sticks out from above and binds Liu Chang to the original place to prevent him from causing more trauma and damage .

In fainting, Liu Chang's body began to twitch at the moment when Li Qingshui willow was born . His body was shaking violently on the ground like epilepsy . His hard body directly smashed the crumbling cement ground into full of gravel .

For a moment, a very fast-paced "Dong Dong" sound came out from the quiet depth of the jungle .

Seven days later .

When Liu Chang opens his eyes again, his eyeb.a.l.l.s are shriveled . The eyeball that has lost water is still functional .

"Er . . . " After opening his eyes, Liu Chang opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but his voice reached his throat and was stuck there .

"Your body is almost drained of water . You can't speak for the time being . " Li Qingshui has been guarding in front of Liu Chang . Seeing him get up, he handed over a large bucket of mixed nutrient solution . "Slowly drink it . A person's body water evaporates more than 50%, and he is not dead! There is really no other word for this except to describe it as a miracle . I feel that if you dry your body a little bit more, you will be as good as a mummy

“……” Unable to say a word, Liu Chang took the bucket of nutrient solution and sent it to his mouth . His tongue was shriveled like a premonition of drying in the sun . After touching the liquid, he was as full as a sponge absorbing water, which made Liu Chang realize a magical process .

Gudu, gudu

Slowly drink a large bucket of nutrient solution into his stomach . Liu Chang feels that his whole body has experienced the feeling of his tongue from withered to full just now, and the energy of his body is rapidly recovering . The powerful resilience of coelenterates makes him come back from the edge of life and death . He was full of energy at once .

"It's delicious . " Liu Chang heavily coughed twice, tried his voice, and found that he was able to speak, "how long has time pa.s.sed?"

"Seven days . " Li Qingshui said a number, "much faster than I thought . "

"How long do you think?" Hear the number of seven days . Liu Chang was a little surprised - he never thought about it . I'll be in a coma for that long .

"What I think is one month and 15 days . The transformation of your body is so fast that I can see everything in seven days . I can only say four words about the transformation process of your body - if G.o.d can help you . " Li Qingshui said with a smile, "as if the spiral rules in the body are connected with the various rules outside the world, everything is going to the best and best direction . It's going well beyond people's imagination . In fact, do you know what the chances of survival are if you let another person as strong as you drink them at the same time? "

"I don't know . " Liu Chang shook his head .

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"Infinity is close to zero . If you insist on a number, it is about one in thirteen trillion . " Li Qingshui said a number that shocked Liu Chang .

When sensing himself, Liu Chang feels that with his heart beating, his body's energy intensity is constantly changing from strong to weak, just like an ECG sensor . Up and down, it is not like everything outside, but a stable value .

"Probably because of the genetic instability in your body, how much atavism has evolved? The strength of arthropods should be fully mastered! Come on, give me a punch! Try your best and let me have an estimate of your ability . Don't hold back, because it will affect my judgment and cause unnecessary danger Li Qingshui said, his hands are poor to hold up, made a defensive posture, "come on, with all your strength . ""Well!" After nodding, Liu Chang bowed down and took a deep breath . After holding the posture, he pushed his hind legs forward . Subconsciously, he drank loudly and aimed at Li Qingshui's palm and smashed it in the past .


With one punch, Liu Chang's eyeball, whose dynamic vision reached the limit, saw a scene that surprised him . After the arm was swung out, his body's musculoskeletal structure suddenly changed . The degree of variation was very high . Exoskeletons grew out of the skin in an instant . The texture and modeling of muscles were completely different from human beings, just like the round and rigid structure of ant legs And his internal skeleton also has a "bang" sound, I don't know what changes have taken place in it .

Then Liu Chang saw that his fist turned into a fuzzy straight line that he couldn't see clearly . Then he compressed the air in front of it into a ball with the speed that was faster than that of the bullet . Then Liu Chang and the fist that came after him b.u.mped into Li Qingshui's arm .


When the air ma.s.s exploded, Liu Chang stopped at his feet . The reaction force made his body go downward . Hula, he slipped down more than ten meters . First, he broke the wall of the house, and then he sank deeply into the land, which was as thick as steel plate . Liu Chang stopped in the ravines out of his plough, No Don't think - if it wasn't hard enough outside, he would have been three or four meters underground .

"Miss Li, are you ok?" The reaction force of a fist is so terrible that Liu Chang can't help worrying about the current situation of Li Qingshui . .

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