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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 417

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Chapter 417: 417

"No more, no less . Four . " Liu Chang held the pebbles and said, "you, me, Mr . Li, the people in Beijing . " Liu Chang counted the number of stones and suddenly found a problem .

"If it's four yuan, Mr . Li, do you want to act alone?" Liu Chang turned his head and looked at Li Qingshui .

"Well, I've prepared the chips for the final negotiation with the willow tree . " Li Qingshui nodded .

"Chips? You got the nuclear code? " Liu Chang was surprised again .

"Yes, or what do you think I'm doing in Beijing for so many days?" Li Qingshui's face was calm and squinted, but before that, I was ready to get your business done . "Since you are the messenger of the rules, then some things can be seen as the real start of construction! Remember the ingredients in the red fog that can cause biological changes? No one can really absorb those ingredients . People who have been injected with red fog concentrate are dead, including me! If it wasn't for my body that willows had recreated, I would have died at the moment

Li Qingshui's body is not his own, which we all know - up to now, he can still grow willows and his blood is not red .

"So, before, no one could really swallow the red fog for artificial evolution, but now you should be able to . . . " Li Qingshui looked at Liu Chang, and his crazy thought appeared again in his eyes: "if you are really the emissary of red fog and the spokesman of the rules, how can you toss around? You should not die . Do you want to experience the pleasure of hyperevolution? What a difficult phenomenon, if atavism evolved to the level of plant microbes, what kind of species would you become! Maybe you can really compete with the willows

"Ha ha, I'm more and more like a monster now . " Hearing Li Qingshui's words, Liu Chang chuckled, "in this case, what are you waiting for? Go where I can evolve! Since you are so confident, don't tell me that you are not prepared . "

Li Qingshui always makes plans for things . Since he now says this conjecture, it is definitely not something that comes out of a single thought, but has grasped all the threads of the matter . After all, Li Qingshui may not have thought of what the Presbyterian group can think of . There are many prokaryotes, but Li Qingshui has a greater potential to feel the source of consciousness .

"Well, we're not in a hurry . What about these people?" Li Qingshui took a look at Xiaojing, and then glanced at the rest of the people .

"I'll stay in Qingdao . Don't worry . If I'm caught by willows one day, I won't be a hostage . " He Zhizhi looks at Liu Chang and makes a face of "biting tongue and committing suicide" .

"I won't drag my brother down . I'll wait for you here . " Xiao Jing looked at Liu Chang and said, "don't die . "

"Ha ha, Liu Chang and I are not close enough to be hostages . " Milan looked left and right and said, "I don't want to say sensational words . I'll be with them . One day will be less . "

"Me too . " Qingyin smiles and doesn't say much .

"That's fine . I know a friend who has a good stronghold here . No, you can go and live there first . " Liu Chang spoke and took the people to the small tribe by the sea of Qingdao . What he said was naturally the stronghold of beards .

Liu Chang and Li Qingshui arranged the rest of the people . Liu Chang left the shuttle and left with Li Qingshui .

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"Come with me . " After only two people left, Li Qingshui's feet suddenly accelerated, the speed soared to nearly sonic speed, and Liu Chang barely caught up from behind .

"Not long ago, before the willow expansion, I copied all the things I studied in Beijing and the technical achievements in Jinan, and brought them here . Because I always feel a lot of things are not safe, so it's a file backup . " When Li Qingshui talks, he leads Liu Chang to open the door and enters a "new" house . Then Liu Chang sees boxes of hard disks, doc.u.ments, weapons and potions . "You made all these things?" Not interested in hard disk and doc.u.ments, Liu Chang went to a weapon box money, took out a strange electric gun in his hand .

"Well, this is a plasma gun that can break the amphibian stealth effect . Its configuration is not mature enough and can not be ma.s.s produced at present . " Li Qingshui didn't even look at Liu Chang, but he knew what he was holding, but these were not his concerns . He slowly walked into a box containing medicine, and then took out a beautiful box from it .

"My most cutting-edge stuff, it's all here . " Opening the box, Liu Chang saw three drugs - red, yellow and black, neatly placed in the test tube .

"This thing should be regarded as the real essence of red fog, especially this black medicament, which I made after refining more than 100 tons of red fog . Originally, I wanted to keep it for myself at the critical moment . Now, it seems that you are more suitable!" Li Qingshui said and handed the exquisite small box to Liu Chang .

Liu Chang looked down at the black test tube, but he did not receive it, because he heard a different taste in Li Qingshui's mouth .

"For yourself? You want to kill yourself? " When Liu Chang spoke, his eyes were slightly red, "why?"

In theory, no one can afford a hundred tons of red fog purifier . Without the support of rules, Li Qingshui could bring about a short time, or a few minutes and seconds of strength, but he would surely die . This is the place that Liu Chang can't think of .

"It's not easy to survive . Why do you want to commit suicide?" (to be continued)

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