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Chapter 416

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Chapter 416: 416

"This thing Liu Chang looked at Li Qingshui again pulled out the "goose Mao stone" also reflected, "this is the interference willow information source!"

"Yes, the protonuclear elders can't count willows, but at least they can make willows count as your existence . " Li Qingshui said, then handed the pebbles to Liu Chang, "take it . "

"If you want to go, you have to go too . I am not the only target of willow . " Taking the pebbles, Liu Chang suddenly thought of the strange murals in four suits that he had seen in the depths of the sea . The last one was a man with two heads . Before he left, the mural changed its shape . One head became him, the other became Li Qingshui .

"Mr . protonuclear said that the rules chose me because the rules would automatically find the most suitable person . " And to see the existence of the source of consciousness, I am the most suitable person to complete his task . I am not the only one in the world who can feel the source of consciousness, so I think if I die, you are the next messenger of the rules . Therefore, if the willow tree wants to get rid of me, it will definitely join you to get rid of it .

”Liu Chang clenched the goose Mao stone, frowned and said, "and I think, even if you can't see the existence of the source of consciousness, the willow tree will not let you go . You are the only one who can escape after being controlled by him . You know too many secrets of him, and he won't let you go . "

"Yes, it won't let me go . " Li Qingshui lowered his head and repeated a sentence, nodded and thought for several seconds . It seemed that he was weighing the pros and cons . After a few seconds, he nodded his head and said, "OK, let's go together . Time can't be delayed!"

"Well . " Liu Chang also nodded . He had just returned from half a tour of the world . He had nothing to take with him . He went back into the room and told the people close to him to pack up their things and leave . He had no time to explain in detail . After five minutes, he forced all the people into the shuttle machine he had held . Then he said h.e.l.lo to Lao Zhang, and explained the general situation He continued to carry the heavy weight of the three or four hundred jin thing all the way back to Qingdao .

"Why are you in such a hurry?" All the turning points were too fast . Just as the meeting was still in progress, the fruit of the willow tree began to speak . Finally, Li Qingshui and Liu Chang went out for a while and took everyone away from here . All of this made everyone a little unprepared . At the moment, he Zhizhi, sitting in the c.o.c.kpit of the shuttle, looked at Li Qingshui with some fear .

"Because the willow tree has found the existence of Liu Chang, he will come over in the shortest time, and then pull out the thorn . " Li Qingshui said to a person in the c.o.c.kpit: "and you are the people who have a great deal to do with this thorn . I don't think willow can pay attention to benevolence when doing things . He wants to catch Liu Chang, but he can't catch him, and you are around the Research Inst.i.tute . I think of the consequences when I think about it . I don't need to say that everyone should know?"

"Oh, so it is . " A c.o.c.kpit person knew the cause of the matter, Qi Qi sighed, "I can't believe that willow has such a big hatred for Liu Chang . Logically speaking, to reach his high level of life, there is still hatred? Is willow so bitter? "

"Liu Chang's hatred is not for the purpose of killing Liu Chang . " Li Qingshui in the c.o.c.kpit, with Liu Chang running up and down b.u.mping up and down, "he killed Liu Chang for the purpose of not wanting to be killed by Liu Chang . "


"Kill the willow?"

"How could it be?"

"Brother Liu Chang?"

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Although the words came from Li Qingshui's mouth, all the people in the c.o.c.kpit, hearing the news, felt that the most reliable person was suddenly out of line and was "bulls.h.i.+t" . However, Li Qingshui never joked, and he never said anything casually, so this sounds especially unbelievable .

"I'm not going either!" The second one is he Zhizhi . "We're going to die together . There's something that might be better than willow . We can meet again in another world . "

"Well, I want to die in my hometown, where I am with my children . " Qingyin looks at the northwest where his two headed child died .

"I'm not going . The villain hasn't returned my beloved bird yet . " Staring at Li Qingshui every day, he still looks hostile . And the rest of the people did not say that they wanted to leave .

"It's better to die in your own country and hometown . If you can't stop the willows, what's the meaning of living in the United States for another three or five years? It's better to die cleanly . " Milan looked very open: "all the way to run, everyone is tired, every day chased with headless flies, early end, early clean heart . "

"Liu Chang, can't you kill the willow? I'm waiting to witness the miracle here

"No one's leaving, are they?" Liu Chang looked at the crowd, accepted their firm eyes, and took out the pebble . "OK, since you don't leave, you can't catch what's left behind by the willows, and I don't know how far it can be isolated

Liu Chang took the pebble, and before he finished speaking, the strange Amber Stone suddenly broke into pieces without any sign, and was divided into four parts . The section was as smooth as new, as if he could understand people's words, helping Liu Chang solve the biggest problem at present .

"Can the protonuclear elder sense the message here?" Liu Chang picked up the broken goose Mao stone, handed one to he Zhizhi and one to Li Qingshui . He took two copies and looked at the remaining one . He thought of those people who were still in Beijing . (to be continued)

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