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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 415

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Chapter 415: 415

"Report!" A few voices of soldiers were heard outside the meeting .

"Come in . " Lao Zhang answered, knowing that it was a big thing - because if there was no big situation, the soldiers would not disturb the conference room .

"What's the matter?" After the soldiers entered the conference room, Lao Zhang looked up and asked .

"The commando you ordered yesterday to pick the fruit is back today . " The soldier said, and took out the vacuum packed plastic bag, which was tightly sealed with a fruit . "You told me that this matter is very urgent . If you pick it back, it will be sent to you as soon as possible in any case . "

"Oh . " A few steps forward to take the plastic bag, Lao Zhang nodded to the soldiers and responded, "hard, go out . Call the commando leader and I'll ask him something

"Yes, sir . " Although it was the end of the world, the basic discipline of the soldiers was still there . After a salute, the soldiers went out .

"Don't you say you won't arrive until tomorrow?" Liu Chang went to Lao Zhang and looked across the bag at the fruit of the willow tree - the red fruit, which looked very much like an apple, but was much redder than the apple, and looked more plump and juicy .

"This thing looks like you can eat * *, and the willow tree is quite able to choose the shape . " Thunder Tiger also came over, took the bag from Lao Zhang's hand, opened the sealed mouth, and smelled into it - suddenly, a unique fragrance of fruit filled the whole conference room .

"It's tempting, for the hungry . " Li Qingshui couldn't help saying .

Just as his voice fell, the guard, who had just left for less than a minute, came in with a wounded man in his arms .

"h.e.l.lo, sir . " The wounded man's face was livid . A tear wound on his thigh was simply bandaged . It was obviously bandaged on the way . He didn't have time to deal with it when he returned to the Research Inst.i.tute .

"Hurt? Is this willow? " Lao Zhang saw the wound of the commando leader and asked .

"No, they were bitten by poisonous insects on the road . There were too many dangers in the jungle . Some soldiers were killed on the road, but fortunately, they brought these things here . " The commando's voice trembled as he spoke, apparently suffering from a great pain .

"Painstaking, give me treatment myself . " Lao Zhang looked down at the festering wound of commando Zhang and asked, "but before that, I want to ask you why I have to return today for the journey that I expect to arrive tomorrow? Is it that the branches of the willow have been distributed here? "

"Yes, we looked for it according to the route map you gave before . We found that it was green before we got to the destination . Then we entered the willow forest and saw the fruit you said . Then we picked it and brought it back . On the way back, a wave of poisonous insects suddenly came out from the ground and dragged several team members away And bit me by the way

The commando leader finished the whole journey in a concise way . After listening, Lao Zhang nodded and led him out .

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"You talk first . I'll take care of his wound . It's not easy to clean up the venom of this poisonous insect . I'm afraid others can't do it well .

And it's obvious that this talking fruit was brought by the willow tree intentionally by the commandos - everything is in control .

"Oh, I'm relieved to see you're still here . " The fruit of the willow tree, without the ability to move itself, was held in the palm of Li Qingshui's hand . Therefore, the eye of the tree has never left Liu Chang's face . "Don't look at me like this, after all, we are all from Kaifeng . . . "


Before the willow fruit said this, Li Qingshui threw the apples on the ground and trampled on it . Then he raised his head and called out, "soldiers, clean up this place with fire . Don't leave any residue . "After commanding all this, Li Qingshui just looked at Liu Chang, "can't let him get more information from us . The willow has learned that you are back, and I think he will try his best to kill you next

"d.a.m.n it . He's very well informed . " Liu Chang was. .h.i.t by a willow just after he came back . If what the seaman said is right, he is definitely the willow's number one enemy . Willow may let most of the human beings go, but he and Li Qingshui are definitely spared .

"What about that?" As a super intelligent life, willow is definitely the first in the world if it is vigorous and vigorous . He will not miss a second after knowing the existence of the target . If Liu Chang sees the branches of willow outside the window 10 minutes later, or encounters tens of thousands of amphibians at his own door, he will not be surprised at all .

"Well, follow me . " Originally relatively leisurely atmosphere suddenly became urgent, Li Qingshui took off his apple shoes and directly pulled Liu Chang out of the meeting room .

"I now know what the protons did for me . " After walking to the meeting room, Li Qingshui took out the pebble that Liu Chang handed him . (to be continued)

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