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Chapter 414

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Chapter 414: 414

Therefore, the danger level of the jungle is more dangerous for Liu Chang than for ordinary people .

"How can I get to Beijing now?" Liu Chang looked at the map . Although Jinan was not completely surrounded, the roads leading to Beijing were blocked by big willows, which was obviously intentional .

"It can only fly over, or go around from the sea . " Li Qingshui said: "but the sky is not safe, and from the sea around or a section of the jungle, this matter needs to be considered for a long time . "

Between Li Qingshui's words, the two people went to the gate of the Research Inst.i.tute . The soldiers watching the door were still there . After seeing the two people, they were released directly to pa.s.s .

"Quiet every day, are they OK?" Entering the Inst.i.tute, Liu Chang heard the familiar smell and asked casually .

"Well, it's OK . Before the willows expanded, I took them back from Qingdao . " Li Qingshui nodded, "in fact, it may be better for them to follow little Turner to the United States . " These days, I have been in contact with the top management of little Turner, and there is some relations.h.i.+p there . If the branches are willing to go, they can find a place that can ensure that they can be sent to safety . But I asked them the other day . None of them wanted to leave . "

"They should go . " Although some reluctant to part with it, Liu Chang thought, this is indeed the best way - Xiaozhi He Zhi Zhi, they are here, really worried, and now the willow tree is so strong, whether it is Li light water or the sea bottom people have no way to stop his expansion, the Chinese mainland will not be attacked by the willow trees, if not unexpected, then those people around Liu Chang will be implicated . 。

Because both amphibians and willows are concerned about Liu Chang and Li Qingshui - so the people around them may become their targets .

"I'll tell them it's too dangerous to stay here . " Liu Chang thought about it and quickly entered the Research Inst.i.tute .

The news of Liu Chang's return soon spread in the Research Inst.i.tute . After a while, those familiar people gathered again .

Gathering in the conference room, because everyone knows that Liu Chang will have important news to inform when he comes back . After all, his travel direction is the sea, which is a world that no one, including Li Qingshui, has ever set foot in . There are too many mysterious things in it .

Therefore, after all the people gathered, they all looked at Liu Chang with eager eyes .

"I'm not a good storyteller . I met a lot of things on my way to the bottom of the sea . I set out from the sea with taisher that day In the face of the ardent expectations of his relatives and friends, Liu Chang did not dampen everyone's interest . He talked about his experience in the sea for several days, from shallow sea to deep sea, from island to Australia, from human to Xilong, and finally said about the nuclear Presbyterian .

He had nothing to hide from these people, and he told all his experiences along the way

"It's really breathtaking . " After hearing Liu Chang's speech, Lao Zhang couldn't help sighing: "it's a pity that we didn't encounter Australia's top ten poisons or the silver storm or the b.l.o.o.d.y storm again, which made this story less exciting . "

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"Ha ha, I guess I can't come back . " After seeing the tiger in charge of Jinan, how did you turn to see the tiger in charge

"Yes, here comes the willow . " With the beginning of the heavy topic, the atmosphere of the meeting changed from relaxed to dignified . Following the Qingyin topic, Lao Zhang gave a table, "this is the current data statistics, which is convenient for you to watch . Liu Chang probably knows the current situation of willow expansion . According to the current speed of willow expansion, he only needs 17 days to cover the whole Then three months later, it will cross the three continents of Eurasia and Africa, and half a year later, it will completely cover all the land areas of the three continents, and become a planetary level super life .

"It sounds like we don't have to play anymore . " Thunder Tiger heard Lao Zhang's words and spread out his hands, "but now the willow has not started with human beings . I even heard that the area covered by willow branches has somehow begun to grow some edible fruits for human beings . " Few people dare to eat it now, but it is absolutely conceivable that within half a year, most areas, especially those in backward areas, will even wors.h.i.+p willow as a tree of life . ""It's just amazing . " Liu Chang heard thunder tiger's new news, can't help but praise willow's skillful means again, "this fruit still grows out?"

"Well, I've sent someone to pick it up . It should be delivered by tomorrow . " Lao Zhang nodded, "I don't know what kind of fruit it will be . "

"No matter what, I won't eat it . " Hearing this, Liu Chang shook his head . "It's no use saying anything else . Do you have any solutions to this problem?"


"No Hearing Liu Chang's question, Lei tiger and Lao Zhang shook their heads together . "What can be done? Nuclear bomb bombing more than half of China? Will the earth perish, or will conventional weapons be used against that guy? Seriously, there is no way for human beings to deal with this guy now . The only reason he gives face is that he doesn't want to die together . Fruit is the only way to show his kindness . "

"We're just ants . " Lao Zhang said, pause for a while, "at best, it's an ant with a poisonous sting . If you trample on it, you'll break your feet . So you'll confine it in a gla.s.s cover and wait for it to die . " (to be continued)

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