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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 412

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Chapter 412: 412

With a face of doubt, Liu Chang in the surrounding small Turner's wonderful eyes, holding the underwater shuttle to the stronghold of the beard, found his old friend .

"Hey, man!" Blocking a shuttle the size of a car at the gate of the mustache stronghold, Liu Chang enters the house and finds the old friend .

"Long time no see . Where is this?" Hearing the familiar voice, just ready to go out, saw a figure drilling in .

Listen to the voice know it is Liu Chang, but when big beard saw Liu Chang's shape at the moment, he was still surprised, "the clothes are good!"

Up and down a lot of Liu Chang's close fitting diving suit, beard half jokingly said .

"Well, if you leave this dress in the past, you'll get at least a n.o.bel prize or something . " Liu Chang laughed and said, "it's rare that you are joking . Why, are you in a good mood recently?"

"It's not good . It's just that the things in my heart have been put down . I feel relaxed a lot . " Big beard said and sighed, and Liu Chang also thought of the reason .

"It's joy and sorrow!" Liu Chang didn't say any words of comfort . He didn't smell the old man's smell before entering the door . When he was a child, he guessed that anyone could die in the end of the world, while the grandmother with a big beard was so old that she could live for five years in the end of the world . If there was no accident, she should have died of old age, which was absolutely happy and sad .

"Well, maybe after the end of the world, my grandmother is the first person to die of old age . I have nothing to think about . " Big beard gave a smile, and his voice was filled with feelings: "grandma has been so kind to me since childhood . I am very proud to be able to give her a peaceful old age in such a chaotic situation . "

"Well, it's rare . " Liu Chang nodded .

"Well, stop talking about it . What's the matter with me? Now the war is in chaos . Don't you go with your family? I remember you have a lot of friends and family .

”Big beard and up and down a large number of Liu Chang's clothes, doubt asked: "did you go to the sea? It looks like it's just come back! "

"Well, from the bottom of the sea . " After Liu Chang said this, he did not wait for the expression of surprise on his big beard's face to show . He quickly continued: "it seems that something has happened outside . I've been busy at the bottom of the sea for half a month . What happened during this period?"

Liu Chang also looked at the inner room, a group of thirty or forty bearded people . At present, there are only a few left .

"You should know about the big willow tree . Listening to the news from the people at the bottom of the sea, the horrible willow tree in the Central Plains has started to expand again . It is very fast and can extend hundreds of miles in every direction . I think it will cover Qingdao in a few days . It may be within a month The branches of China will be all over China

When beard spoke, he had a frightening expression on his face . He had inquired about all these news from the sea people, and I don't know how credible they are . But it is true that Qingdao people, who have just stabilized recently, are in a state of panic .

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"Is it true?" Liu Chang sighed deeply when he heard the big beard . Before he came here, the elder of p.r.o.nuclear had said that the big willow had been recuperating for such a long time . In addition to the acc.u.mulation of several hundred thousand level brain region evolutors sent by amphibians and little Turner, they have already had a solid capital .

"Good word for you!" He called out to the outside, and bearded said goodbye to this friend who had only a few friends - or a friend .

Go out and lift up his shuttle again . This thing is the product of the "frontier nuclear family" . It has a very high scientific and technological content . In addition, he is now in a state of chaos . Although he claims to shoulder the mission of "savior", he does not have a savior's heart .

The slogan can be louder, but the back road should be prepared at any time . As long as the shuttle is kept, Liu Chang feels that at least he has a way back . If China and even Eurasia are completely occupied by then, he will certainly take Xiao Jing Li Qingshui and others into the shuttle and drive him to the United States or other places to escape Yes . If the expansion of willows can't be stopped, there will be only one more day, until the willows cover the whole earth, or be squeezed to the ashes by the rules .

Thinking about the future, Liu Chang held the shuttle machine as light as nothing in his hands . He ran out of Qingdao, then stepped on the frozen forest and ran all the way to Jinan .

People who have run long-distance buses always feel that a short distance of one or two hundred kilometers is just around the corner . Liu Chang, who has traveled to the sea, does not pay much attention to this distance .

From Qingdao to Jinan, he only felt that he had not run long before he arrived at the destination and met the familiar people .

"Back . " Before Liu Chang came back, Li Qingshui waited for Liu Chang at the entrance of Jinan City . Seeing him back, he took the heavy load in his hands a few steps forward . "I'm tired all the way . "

"Well, it's hard . It's much more dangerous under the sea than in the jungle, but it's a good thing that we've had no danger . " No matter how long Liu Chang and Li Qingshui haven't seen each other for a long time, they won't feel a bit strange . After meeting, they even don't even bother to say polite words . After handing the shuttle to sailor Li Qingshui, Liu Changzhong enters his chest and finds a yellow amber stone from the crack of his diving suit . (to be continued)

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